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Rainshow'r Replacement Shower Filter

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Product Description

The Rainshow'r Replacement Shower Filter from Premier Research Labs is meant to replace used shower filters in the Rainshow'r Filter. Shower Filters can offer surprising health and cosmetic benefits by filtering out chlorine and other toxic chemicals from shower water.

Key Benefits:

  • Stop showering in chlorine!
  • Installs in minutes - no special tools or professional help required
  • Fits all shower heads - even hand-helds
  • Pop-In, Replaceable cartridges last 6-12 months
  • Converts chlorine into harmless soluble chloride
  • Crystalline quartz for energy enhanced shower feel and better lathering
  • Healthier, younger looking skin; anti-aging
  • Softer, more manageable hair
  • Reduces fading of color treated hair
  • Relief from dry skin and scalp
  • Removes 90% or more of free chlorine

Additional Information:

  • It has been shown that we take in 7-10 times more chlorine & other chemicals from showering than from drinking water. A recent study published in the American Journal of Public Health documented the link between chlorine and breast, colon and bladder cancer and stated that "2/3s of the harmful exposure is from showering...". And when chlorine vaporizes it combines with other airborne particles and forms chloroform gas, a known cause and contributor to asthma and other respiratory problems.
  • Even more noticeable, and probably more popular, are the surprising cosmetic and anti-aging benefits of shower filters. By removing chlorine and other chemicals from shower water, you notice softer skin and hair almost immediately. Anyone who has ever swam in a chlorinated pool can relate to the harsh effects that chlorine has on skin and hair. Showering in filtered water allows skin and hair to better retain moisture for a younger, healthier look and feel.
  • Adding this simple, inexpensive filter to your shower is one of the easiest ways to prevent illness and increase your health, and the health of your entire family.
  • Replace filter cartridge every 6-12 months

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