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"Our bodies and all aspects of our lives should be honored as whole and sacred."

leaf-icon.pngOur Story and about Timothy Long

In 1997, Timothy Long founded Long Natural Health, a company that has become the culmination of over 25 years of Timothy's passion for health and wellness.

Timothy's devotion to the field of alternative health began in his early twenties, when his mother passed away following a battle with cancer. It was during this time that he spent countless hours researching how to help his mom, both at the medical library in New York City and in alternative health literature. He was astounded by the incredible disconnect between the research, mainstream beliefs and medical practices concerning health. It was then that he made a passionate decision: he would learn everything he could and offer his knowledge to anyone interested in preventing illness and obtaining optimal health naturally.

Timothy is a dedicated naturopathic practitioner and psychotherapist with vast knowledge and a desire to bring only the highest quality supplements and health solutions to his clients. As a company, we believe the answer to good health is not in a single pill or a handful of vitamins. Rather, the answer begins with knowing how to eat right by educating ourselves in proper nutrition, along with caring for ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

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leaf-icon.pngWe Help Simplify It For You

It is important to realize in today's industrial, chemical, and stressed out world, the need for professional quality nutrients is higher than ever. Often due to many years of a poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress, drugs, alcohol, toxins, and other environmental factors, people's bodies need extra nutritional supplementation in order to build and maintain good health.

We understand that many people do not have the time to research health products and natural remedies themselves, and therefore wind-up relying on advertising and often questionable marketing, and using herbs and vitamins that may be of low-quality or poorly suited to their needs.

At Long Natural Health, we hope to clear up some of the confusion. Please consult our professional staff who are available to help you choose the very best products that will meet your current needs.