Adrenal Glands, Adrenal Fatigue, Reducing Anxiety & Stress

Nourish adrenal glands and promote optimal adrenal health during times of stress!

Ideal for anyone suffering with chronic stress and exhaustion
Increased energy, more restful sleep and enhanced mood and memory
Increased absorption and effectiveness of other nutrients


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Your ability to respond to stress effectively is directly affected by how well your adrenal glands are functioning. This important organ system directly affects your level of muscular strength, blood sugar levels, energy levels and overall sense of well being.

When we are stressed, our adrenal glands produce a stress hormone known as cortisol. With prolonged stress, the adrenal glands become overworked and can no longer respond appropriately to stress. Instead, the adrenal glands produce too much cortisol, which often induces a feeling of being both “wired and tired.” In this case you may feel tired at the end of your day, but too wired to relax or sleep. Other symptoms and health problems that indicate adrenal support may be needed are low energy, exhaustion, trauma, mood disorders, sugar imbalances, high anxiety, panic attacks, hormonal imbalances, increased menopausal discomfort (the body begins to rely on the adrenals for estrogen) and thyroid problems. Everyone supporting their thyroid should also consider supporting their adrenal glands.

There are many products marketed that claim to help the adrenal glands; however, it is important to note most companies derive their supplements from synthetic sources and glandular products that can be over-stimulating. I recommend well-researched, high quality natural supplements that work well to support the adrenal glands and combat many related symptoms. Premier Research Labs, founded by Dr Bob Marshall, Ph.D., creates its supplements from grade 10 organic whole food and herb sources, and do not use any synthetic or chemical nutrients or additives in production or in the final product. Additionally, these formulas contain plant enzymes to increase the body's ability to absorb the nutrients.

For restoring adrenal glands to optimal health, I recommend the following basic supplements. Dosages listed here are suggested general recommendations; it is important to decide dosage according to individual need. Because these Premier supplements are whole-food, they can be taken with or without meals. If budget is an issue, the products listed below are in order of importance.

In addition, one needs to eat a healthy, thyroid-adrenal supportive diet. If extra protein is needed (as is often the case), a high quality protein powder like Premier Whey Peptein is necessary. We carry many other high quality protein powders, vegan choices and more, view here

Premier Greens will round-out the nutrition needed along with the following supplements:

1. Premier AdrenaVen

Two to six capsules in the morning (beginning with higher doses and reducing over time as needed) Higher doses split morning and noon, though not later than 1 pm is best.

2. Premier Adaptogen-R3

Adaptogens are substances that help the body better deal with stress. Premier Adaptogen contains highly effective adaptogens and other ingredients that make it a superior adaptogenic formula for adrenal, endocrine and anti-aging health.

One to Three capsules in the morning. One to Three capsules at lunchtime.

3. Premier Max B-ND

Vitamin B is extremely important to all of body’s functions, and will help your body deal with stress. Premier Research Laboratory’s liquid vitamin B complex is derived from 100% food sources, and is highly absorbable and effective.

Take a half to one teaspoon in water in morning. Sip slowly. (This can be repeated at lunch time.)

Vitamin B12 is also very important for stress and anxiety. Be sure you are taking the active, methylated form. We carry Premier B12 and Pure Encapsulations B12.

4. Premier Vitamin C

Whole Food Herbal Vitamin C from nature. No synthetic, manufactured ascorbic acid, nor any excipients or artificial anything added or used in PRL supplements. Natural vitamin C is essential for adrenal health and numerous functions of the human body. It is easily depleted with stress and from toxic environmental factors. It is essential to take a natural food form vitamin C daily for health and immunity.

Two to three capsules in the morning. Two to three capsules in the evening (more as needed).

1-3 caps morning, and 1-3 caps night

We also carry many other high quality magnesium supplements. I suggest using either tauate, malate or glycinate forms. Citrate is okay as well. See all our magnesium and mineral supplements

5. Premier Pregnenolone

Pregnenolone is very helpful in supporting the adrenal glands, supporting over-all hormonal balances, anxiety, panic attacks, brain, memory, capillaries and much more.

We also carry Pure Encapsulations Pregnenolone in various smaller doses. 

Additional Information:

1. Avoid excess sugar, simple carbohydrates, caffeine, alcohol, MSG and all artificial sweeteners.

2. Real Stevia is good (Avoid new manufactured sugars claiming to be stevia, such as as Truvia and PureVia, and those containing erythritol)

3. Avoid ordinary table salt, as it is just sodium chloride. However, use whole natural salt in cooking and on food, as it contains important minerals. Whole real salt is very important for your adrenal and thyroid health, digestion, and the health of your entire body. Avoid high sodium in foods, but do use whole salt in your diet. The best salt is Celtic Salt from the Grain & Salt Society. You can find it in health food stores and on the internet. Be careful with ‘sea salt,” because much of it is stripped down whole salt with just a fraction of the minerals remaining. Therefore, it is nearly like table salt, which is pure sodium minus all the minerals inherent is real whole natural salt as found in the ocean. People with weak adrenals and weak thyroids usually need a lot more real whole salt in their diet.

4. Use more salt when feeling stressed and fatigued from exercise, hot weather and sweating.  (Mediterranean Pink Sea Salt by Premier Research Labs)

5. Drinking adequate water is very important for adrenal health. Many people are dehydrated and could benefit from drinking more water, especially drinking water or herbal teas instead sugar-sweetened beverages like soda, concentrated fruit juices and other soft drinks. If you are drinking coffee, soft drinks or alcohol, these are dehydrating and you will need to drink more water. However, many people drink too much and follow the myth that everyone needs eight glasses a day. Our body gets liquids from many types of liquids and food, not just pure water. Your body will let you know you are thirsty and need to drink water. However, many people are very busy, or are not aware of their body signals, so another very noticeable indicator is your urine. If you don’t urinate enough or if your urine is very dark yellow, you likely need to drink more water. The exception to this is if your urine is darker due to intake of some type of vitamin or medication, or perhaps a certain food. It is wisest to follow your own individual needs, which depend on your activity, the weather, and other individual biological and dietary factors. Drinking far too little water can be a contributing factor in disease, though drinking far too much is also unhealthy, stressing the kidneys and washing away vital minerals. Most tap water contains chlorine and fluoride which are toxic. 

Drink room temperature or warm water, liquids, etc. Cold water and especially ice water and ice drinks are very unhealthy and cause digestive, urinary and other health problems. Do not over drink liquids at meal time.

6. Ground yourself to the earth as often as possible, by lying on it or walking barefoot. See past newsletters for more information and other ways to ground yourself.

7. Emotions/Trauma: Nearly all people with stressed and depressed adrenals have had or suffer from a deep emotional shock or chronic emotional stress and trauma. Along with the naturopathic recommendations made here, it is highly advisable to seek some counseling and healing with a therapist who is qualified to help you clear the debilitating effects of emotional trauma and long-term stress from your nervous system. Combining therapy with adrenal-supportive supplements can give you back your life, energy, health and peace of mind. See 

8. Adequate sleep is very important in rebuilding and maintaining healthy adrenal glands. One must have at least five hours of uninterrupted sleep. If you awaken prior to completing five hours of sleep, it is best to continue lying down (without raising head from pillow or above the body) until you reach five hours. Resolving insomnia or sleep issues is very important concerning all health issues. You can find more information about sleep and supplements that will be helpful to you in past issues of my newsletter. You can find these by doing a “Site” search on my website.

9. Meditation and deep relaxation is perhaps the greatest daily thing you can do to heal your adrenals, clear stress from your body and prevent or heal disease, as well as to know true happiness. I highly encourage not only a daily meditation practice, but more importantly learning to live with your mind quiet and aware of the stillness within you. To fully understand this key to life and your greatest source of health and healing, I highly recommend that you read (or reread) ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. I also teach meditation and relaxation techniques as a very important part of my counseling and healing practice.

10. Long Natural Health offers a number of adrenal health testing options: see Sanesco. The Sanesco program also offers natural solutions to neurotransmitter imbalances that are often related to adrenal problems, anxiety, stress disorders, depression, mood swings, SAD, insomnia, OCD, panic attacks, eating disorders, weight issues, chronic fatigue, and other emotional issues.

Timothy Long, Psychotherapist and Naturopathic Health Consultant. Owner/Founder of Long Natural Health &