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Canola Oil - Rape Seed Oil

Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil

Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Eve 
I happened onto this website while browsing for information regarding rape seed oil, or what a person referred to me as Lorenzo's oil for the treatment of MS and other diseases that effect the myelin sheath. The article written by John Thomas completely threw me for a loop, since I have read so many articles in which Canola oil is praised and touted as one of the better oils to use in a healthy diet. I was not aware that rape seed and Canola were one in the same. I started to research this because my daughter was diagnosed with MS a year ago, and I have since been keeping my eyes and ears open for any little thing that might help her. I am now concerned for my health and those I have been trying to help eat healthier by recommending this oil and also soy products. Can you tell me who this John Thomas is and what his background is? I would like to know a lot more about these things that I am putting in my body in the name of health. Since I have been studying nutrients and how they effect the body, late 60's early 70's, I found that much of the information about the same subject swung far left or far right, and I learned that for myself and my family that to take a middle point of view and we were healthier because of it. Now that the "health" food and supplement industry is so large and competative, truly an article like Mr. Thomas' is quite alarming. Can you help? Thank you. Eve Jordal

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Timothy Long 
I appreciate what you are saying. It is very confusing. Unfortunately there is a lot of corruption in today's health and medical information, research, advertising, etc. It is very difficult to know what is true and what isnt anymore. That is the main reason I created this site. I wanted to bring to the public information in laymans terms, so that people interested in good health could have the information they need right at their fingertips. The person I trust most on the subject of oils and fats, as well as women's hormones, and thyroid is Dr. Raymond Peat. In the next few days I will be adding an article written by him to my library that speaks about Canola oil -- I think it will help you.

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Steve - USA
Reading information about the dangers of Canola Oil on the web has been informing and disturbing, and from personal experience when I ate something with Canola Oil I found myself feeling quite sluggish. I stay away from Canola Oil. What is quite fascinating from a supermarket viewpoint is looking at the shelves lately. I have noticed that the cheapest oil has been Canola Oil. All other oils have been selling at regular prices. This hasn't been going on for a few days, it has been going on for a few weeks. What does this tell me? Hmm... I've also heard that products that contain Soy is also harmful, but much less dangerous than Canola Oil. In one report Soy has the same compounds as Canola, but Canola has 50 times more than what Soy has. What I want to ask you is this: isn't it safe to say that if you ingest something like Soy in moderation or in low to very low increments balanced out with a healthy lifestyle and good exercise regimen and low to almost stress-free work environment your chances of being affected by something like Soy is minimal to non-threatening because your body's metabolism is so high that what you put into your body goes out, while on the other hand if you're leading a sedentary lifestyle that whatever you do ingest could be trapped in your body because of poor metabolism? Just wanted to get your feedback, because I am sick and tired of so called "experts" telling us that we should do this and do that or don't do this or that. I'm also sick of one report telling us we shouldn't eat that while another report tells us that that same thing is fine to eat. Just getting something off my chest, and venting my feelings, yet still would love to hear your feedback.

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Joanna - California
I intuitively feel canola oil is harmful, but can't find any info. to support this. Can you give me some facts?

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Cassandra Lee - San Francisco, CA.
After my Aunt was given a copy of "Canola Oil (Rapeseed oil) Toxic to Humans" dated 02/26/99, by her chiropractor, I initially got very upset and then did some research. has very interesting information. "Truth & Myths about Canola" and "Examples of False Claims" refutes every claim in the "Toxic" article and makes perfect common sense. I invite you to read it. I do not believe the false internet scam about Canola Oil that uses half-truths and lies to prey on our fears. It's very easy to get emotionally caught up in these outrageous claims.

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Curt S. - North Dakota
My question to you is: why would anyone single out canola, and bring up all these facts if they were fabricating it? If it were me, and I were making something up, I'd also make up some "facts" to back me up. I've recently discovered some incredible health symptoms that I believe are being caused by DAILY use of a canola product in both my wife and I. After this initial withdrawl period, I'll post some information to let you know. DON'T underestimate the negative effects of anything on the human body, especially something new.

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Chris Palda - Toronto
Who's John Thomas? Nobody knows, but if you do a search on, you'll get plenty of sites using this "article" in some form. Actually, it seems this article is the only source of the growing "camp" of Thomasiens, dishing Canola Oil. Hey, it even made it to the list of

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Chris Palda - Toronto

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - ted malkowski - []
send me more on canola oil for MS

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - karn mabon - scotland
I recently had inhaled large quantities of rape seed pollen. Couldnt breathe right for several days.Was sick and had severe flu symptoms and shakes. Is this normal and is there long lasting effects?

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - B Smith - San Diego
Hmmm. Canola/Rape Seed Oil is a newcomer to the food oil market. Think any of the other oil producing clubs might not want the competition? Since nobody knows who John Thomas is, his credentials or his sources, I would take this with a grain of salt (or a teaspoon of canola).

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - carol8444 - North Carolina
On October 4, 2003, I ate some processed potatoes that I didn't know had canola oil in it. I had an allergic reaction. It caused severe pains in my left side. I have had this problem before and knew I was allergic to canola oil, but didn't realize that canola oil had been added to one of the ingredients in the potatoes. I describe the reaction as a shut-down of my digestive system. I had to take a laxative which only worked a little and 2 days later had to take another one. It was 9 days before I was able to have an unassisted bowl movement and to be able to have somewhat normal functions of my entire digestive system. I know the dangers of canola oil in my body and hope that others will learn before its to late. My first attack came when I fried okra in canola oil back in the 1980s

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - George W. Sloan - San Diego
Dec 23 2003 Who is John Thomas? The cost of processing Conola is emmense compared to lard, butter and coconut oil. Ref: "Knows your oils" by Mary Enig a LOng time researcher and Phd who has been fighting the good fight makes the most consistent acedemic sense. The remarkable cast for the processing of a worthless product of conola and cottenseed oils are instructive. If you eat any baked product with Hydrogenated processing you will be subjecting your self to trans fats which are not fats, but displace the saturated fats that process mineral and viatmins and minerals that build and repair the body The lowest cost and most worthless products are processed now. Simply because the commerical bakers are in competetion with eack other. They are very largest businesses and economies of scale do not allow them to use butter, coconut oil and lard.

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Ray & L:aura - Canada
Anybody who thinks that the governmental bodies, such as the Health Protection(???) Branch, of Health(??) Canada, are in for a huge surprise, when the truth comes out.

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - jsatterfiekd - California
After eating even the smallest amount of canola oil I have a sever allergic reaction. I have difficulty breathing and start coughing within 10 minutes of ingestion. I now carry an epi-pen because of this reaction. I am finding restaurants have a difficult time with the labeling of canola oil. Some are labled as vegetable oil when if fact they are partially canola oil. I am very concerned because my reaction is so strong. Anyone else having such reactions?

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Sunni 
First of all Lorenzo's Oil was Olive Oil, which of course is high in essential fatty acids. Other Omega oils (not used in cooking) are Fish Oil, Flax Seed Oil, and Evening Primrose oil. Whether or not Canola is harmful is still a great debate. However, I would say that is important to eat a variety of foods in moderation and therefore you minimize the effects of any potentially harmful ingredients. Vary your cooking oils with Sunflower, Safflower, and Soy. Canola is a plant and for that reason can still cause an allergic reaction just like any other plant. The worst part for jsatterfiekd is that Canola is used so broadly in manufactured foods it will be hard to avoid and makes dining out nearly impossible.

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Rick Ciauri - Murrieta, CA
Think about this. For thousands of years, the only fats available for us to consume have been naturally ocurring in foods such as beef, poultry, fish, nuts and seeds, olives, milk, etc. Even though we live in this modern age, our bodies still crave the foods of our ancestors and our ancestors consumed NO vegetable oils, except the oil that was still IN the vegetable, in minute quantities and unseparated. Only relatively recently in our history have we invented the machinery to extract lots of oil from soybeans, cotton seeds, sunflowers, corn, and rape seeds. Our own God given good sense should tell us that we are not meant to ingest the quantities of these oils that is only made possible by machinery.

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - clare - Leeds England
Rape seed is in bloom now May time.. My husband went for a walk with my 13 month old son this morning and has had a really bad allergic reaction to the rape seed pollen. So bad that I had to return from work as he could not see out of both his running eyes and has areally bad stuffy nose. Has any one any remedy ideas they can mail me. we have tried many antihistamines and eye drops! no solution! I am a holistic therapist and anything which has an effect like this cannot be good for you. the rape seed has been panted all around where we live fields and fields of the stuff. if some one has a remedy please help!! thanxs

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Gary - California
About three years ago, I started suffering from symptoms similar to IBS or Crohn's disease. I periodically had excruciating adominal pain, diarrhea, horrendous gas, blurred vision, and aching joints. The problem was not constant but would last for 7-14 days after the symptoms first appeared. The doctors were stumped and I was scheduled for a colonoscopy. I suspected that the problem might be related to diet so I started eliminating items one by one. It took a while, but the culprit turned out to be canola oil. Within about 15 minutes of injesting even a small amount (a handful of nuts roasted with canola oil for example), I would start to experienc what are typical flu-like symptoms (for me at least): the membranes around my eyes would swell and become painful, blurring my mision, my joints, particularly shoulders and knees would start to ache, and I would develop terrible adominal pains within about 90 minutes. The only thing that can partially head off the symptoms or reduce their duration is taking a large dose of Pepto Bismol 2-4 times/day for about 3 days. I've mentioned this to several doctors and they all think I'm nuts. However, the problem has accurred again and again, usually when I fail to read the label on something that I don't expect to have canola (like a packaged frozen dessert or a granola bar.) I've had to become incredibly vigilant at the supermarket and in restaurants. The stuff is showing up everywhere in increasing amounts. I have to ask in every restaurant if they use it, and avoid most salad dressings, mayonaise, potato chips, french fries, etc. Has anybody else experienced anything like this?

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Nicole - California
Every single time my husband eats anything with a drop of canola in it he gets very ill. He also experiences burning eyes, his head feels very hot, his stomach cramps and his joints ache. He is 33 now, when he was in his 20's his mother would make "stir fry" dishes and use canola oil in them. He would have reactions every time he ate them. As time went on he figured it out and as the time goes on his reactions are worse and they come on much faster. Something as small as a TSP. of "secret sauce" at some of the fast food restaurants can set off his severe reaction. We try to read the labels of everything at the store before we buy it and ask before we order at a restaurant. I am afraid that his reactions are going to get worse and worse as time goes on. Is there anything that can be done for these reactions. I read that Canola can deplete your bodies Vitamin E drastically, has anyone tried taking Vitamin E to counteract the allergic reations?

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Darcy'smom
I have started to notice at work whenever I have a salad with a balsalmic dressing using canola oil I get upset stomach and diarrhea. Does this make sense?

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Sarah - California
My husband also seems to be allergic to canola oil. Whenever he has any, he has symptoms ranging from slight tightness in his chest, if it's a small amount, to vomiting and painful breathing if, for example, a restaurant that has never used canola before suddenly switches without us realizing it. It's extremely frustrating to find food he can eat, especially now that so many restaurants are switching to it as a "healthy" food. It seems to be a pretty rare allergy, and this is actually the website that seems to have the most people with this sensitivity/allergy. It would be great if we could start some sort of site with, perhaps, lists of canola/non-canola foods, maybe by region, and see how many people are out there who actually have this problem.

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Renee - Florida
Last night for dinner my husband fried some casadeas in canola oil. As I was eating them I started having a hard time breathing. I did not think it was the casedeas causing it so I kept eating. By the time I had finished I was so sick I could hardly walk. My stomach was hurting, it was very hard to breathe, I broke out in a sweat and my body got very hot. I also had symptoms of a panic attack. It was terrible, I thought I was about to have a heart attack because my heart was racing. My husband wanted to call an ambulance but before he did I started throwing up and afterwards I felt a little better. Today I feel weak and am having some stomach discomfort but I just thank God its not like it was last night. I have had casadeas cooked in veg. oil and had no problems, so Im sure it was the canola oil. Has anyone experienced severe reactions like this?

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Sarah - California
My husband doesn't have the racing heart, but everything else sounds exactly like his reaction to canola oil. Sometimes his reactions aren't as bad as that, but if he eats something fried in it, like you did, he would definitely be feeling at least that bad.

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Richard - Australia
We suspect my 5-year old son has an issue with Canola oil. If he eats fried food - fish and chips, fried rice - from a takeaway outlet then he throws up early the next morning. Nasty bilious vomit. We use olive oil at home but last night we had oven chips containing canola and this morning, bingo.

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Jaime - USA
I have those reactions too. Thanks for the help.

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Valerie - USA
It is reassuring to read that I'm not alone in my reaction to Canola oil! After even a small amount I have cramps and a dull ache in the lower intestine. This discomfort can last for days.A hot water bottle on the area helps to ease the pain. I try to check all lables and no longer eat any processed foods or packaged foods.I eat at restaurants where I know I haven't had a reasction but sometimes there's a change in the kitchen and suddenly a reaction to something I've eaten dozens of times. That happened last night. I called the restaurant today and discovered that the oil they use is a mixture of soybean, canola and "vegetable"....

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Sarah - California
It's frustrating to have to read every label now, but restaurants are definitely the worst. My husband barely enjoys going out to eat anymore, and on vacation, we're stuck either asking around at new restaurants until we find one that actually makes a good effort in avoiding use of canola (which still doesn't mean they won't accidentally use it), or going to a chain restaurant that we know to be safe. And, of course, even worse in when a restaurant you know to be safe suddenly changes. That happened to my husband a month or so ago, which means there's just one less chain restaurant that's safe for him to eat at. A rare thing happened, though, recently, where a restaurant we had written off finally posted their ingredient list online, so now my husband can go back there again. That's probably a first, though. It's far more common to stop going to restaurants than start going again.

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - rcarre
I'm curious. Are there any studies on the Canola oil and Allergies? I get esophageal pain, coughing and a shut down of my breathing if I consume anything with Canola/rapeseed oil. I'm also allergic to Golden rod and rag weed. Close cousins to the rapeseed plant. I'm looking for documentation to prove my allergy to this product. My family thinks these reactions are psychosomatic.

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Sarah - California
I haven't been able to find any studies at all. The most comprehensive information on the allergy seems to be on this page. It would be great if someone could do some actual, clinical research on it, but at this time, it almost seems like the only people who even know it exists are the dozen or so people who have posted here.

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Val - Manitoba
I am waiting to see an allergist as I get very ill within minutes of ingesting anything with canola oil in it. As a Canadian living in Canada, finding a food that doesn't contain canola oil is becoming very difficult. Most people don't realize that vegetable oil means oil from a plant, which means I must also avoid anything that contains a vegetable oil that does not reveal the source of the plant. Based on the research I've done, it is the protein that slips through to the oil that is the problem, not the oil itself. I need to get a report from an allergist before I can go to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to have canola individually listed as an ingredient. Currently only peanut oil and soybean oil must be specified. I often wonder how many people with Inflammatory Bowl Disease (IBD) are actually intolerant or allergic to canola. It took me a month of writing down every food and drink item I swallowed to find out what the problem was. I was lucky that it was a sudden onset problem, rather than one that developed over time. Otherwise, I might never have figured out what was causing me to become so ill every time I ate!

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Al - DC
For a LONG time I thought I had IBS (irritable bowel sydrome) and then one day at work when I was having a reaction (as usual) and was complaining about it, my coworker suggested that maybe it was the oil the fries I was eating were cooked in. I paid attention to the few other fried foods I ate at work and they all gave me the same reaction so I stopped eating them. Then I noticed it also happened when I ate particular chips and saw they had canola oil in the ingredients. Then I ate frozen fries that I made at home and had the same reaction, checked the label and right on the front it said made with 100% canola oil. I stopped eating those things but still had not made a pattern of checking the label of every single thing I eat and asking at every restaurant. Then everytime I had any reaction I looked at the label and there it was every SINGLE time: CANOLA OIL or on occasion they call it rapeseed oil. I usually get a hot face and sometimes my body too, sweaty, chills, major bloating, discomfort in my stomach and constipation lasting between 10-30 hours. Even if it's just a tiny amount like one bite of a granola bar I get a reaction, the chills and "hot flashes"(I'm only 23 yrs old so it's not menopause) only happen when I ate stuff fried in it. I tried to take Maalox, tums and other stomach meds (extra strength) and nothing worked. Hopefully they will do some studies and it would be nice if they would require it to be labeled and put what type of oil they use in anything in restaurants on the menu. Half the time people don't give me the right answer in restaurants. They will just tell me they don't use it and then I have a reaction or they will say we use vegetable oil and I have to explain that it's a type of vegetable oil and they have to go back and check. Last week, in a very nice restarant I asked the waiter to check and he came back and said no we don't use canola oil in anything we cook everything in RAPESEED OIL. I am worried I won't be able to eat much soon since I'm a vegetarian and a lot of places are replacing their transfat oils with canola. I've also looked everywhere and can't find much info except for tests done on feeding pigs rapeseed which doesnt do me any good. Val, please let me know what happens with the CFIA.

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Ray & Laura
I have written before, but I want us all to go back in history, to circa 1920, in fact. Up to that time, there was approximately 1 death out of 22,000 person(s). During this time period, we, that is, the mainstream population, began utilizing vegetable oils, for cooking. During the past 80 years, or so, the death rate has climed, exponentially, with the consumption of these vegetable oils, until, today, the death rate stands at about 4 out of 10. The story is not complete, without the understanding of what became of whole wheat flour, around the 1880's, when "they" took the whole wheat out of the flour, and made it WHITE! There is no food value in white flour. It is a non-food. You can kill ants with white flour! Then, the other "culprit", turned up, circa 1936, when homogenization of milk, "happened". One is told by his doctor, or dietitian, to drink milk, for the daily requirement of calcium. Folks, one CANNOT ingest the calcium form homogenized milk, because the milk is homogeneous, it will not separate. Therefore, one must either drink whole milk, or supplement with calcium. Canola, or rapeseed oil, was the cheapest oil available to "experiment" with, to "find" a product which would make the most money, for the "discoverer" of Canola Oil. Monsanto, is very upset that Europe will not "join" with the rest of the world, and accept a ONE WORLD policy on Canola. Why is this? Could it be because Europe got rid of Mad Cow disease, circa, 1991?

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Ray & Laura 
I have written before, but I want us all to go back in history, to circa 1920, in fact. Up to that time, there was approximately 1 death out of 22,000 person(s). During this time period, we, that is, the mainstream population, began utilizing vegetable oils, for cooking. During the past 80 years, or so, the death rate has climed, exponentially, with the consumption of these vegetable oils, until, today, the death rate stands at about 4 out of 10. The story is not complete, without the understanding of what became of whole wheat flour, around the 1880's, when "they" took the whole wheat out of the flour, and made it WHITE! There is no food value in white flour. It is a non-food. You can kill ants with white flour! Then, the other "culprit", turned up, circa 1936, when homogenization of milk, "happened". One is told by his doctor, or dietitian, to drink milk, for the daily requirement of calcium. Folks, one CANNOT ingest the calcium form homogenized milk, because the milk is homogeneous, it will not separate. Therefore, one must either drink whole milk, or supplement with calcium. Canola, or rapeseed oil, was the cheapest oil available to "experiment" with, to "find" a product which would make the most money, for the "discoverer" of Canola Oil. Monsanto, is very upset that Europe will not "join" with the rest of the world, and accept a ONE WORLD policy on Canola. Why is this? Could it be because Europe got rid of Mad Cow disease, circa, 1991?

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Linda Blossom - Takoma Park MD
I too have had problems with canola. It has taken over years to unravel this problem but I have finally isolated it. The symptoms are consistent: I first get congested, then I get hiccups, then I get bloated and feel so bad i can only lay down. I also have had a problem iwth ibs since the early 80's. I only just figured it out so now I am checking labels and restaurants. What I was told at a restaurant was that all restaurants use a blend that contains rape, canaola, and other vegetable oils. I recently went to a local restaurant and asked and yes, everything is cooked in canola but they were willing to stir up some spinach in olive oil to go with the sandwich I had brought from the local health food co-op which was cooked with oliven oil. Canola is everywhere and if only for the reason that eating the same thing every day over and over creates an intolerance, that would be bad enough. Maybe everyone could report their experiences on a variety of websites whose owners would be interested such as There is an interesting article on Dr Mercola's website that is from Nexus magazine, I believe, that gives the history of canola and the problems with it.

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Tina - UK
I'm so glad to have found these comments. I thought I was going crazy! I finally isolated the product causing me chronic IBS,flu-like symptoms, itching/burning skin (especially on the face & lips), stuffy nose, scratchy throat etc. It's rapeseed oil. Why are we not told?

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Jeannie - USA
What a relief to find this place! No one else I know has ever heard of anyone being allergic to canola so I felt like some kind of freak of nature. Now I know I'm not the only one. :) I don't know if what I have is a full blown allergy or just an intolerance but when I eat canola oil, I get hot and prickly and nauseous with sharp stomach pains. I have never eaten a large amount of it or had anything fried in it so I am not sure what would happen to me if I had more than just a small amount. I don't really want to find out but I'm afraid I will one day since canola is sneaked into food everywhere. Restaurants are not safe even if you make your server aware of the allergy. I was recently at a very high dollar seafood restaurant in Vegas and the waiter gave me a snooty look and informed me that everything on the menu was cooked in canola but he would see what he could do. He was quite rude about it. So I didn't really trust him and I ordered crab legs since those are steamed. Should have been safe, right? Nope. I was halfway done when I started to feel the symptoms of canola in my system. Then I looked more closely at my crab legs and saw that there was a fine beading of oil coating the shells. I was more angry than I can tell you. Fortunately, my reaction goes away in a couple of hours. It's far from a pleasant couple of hours but at least it's not days or weeks like I see some of you have to suffer through. That's so awful! I worry that this problem I have with it will grow worse and worse the more I am exposed to it as some allergies do. You know how you can eat a food once and then get mildly sick, but the next time you have it it's a trip to the hospital as your body has become more intolerant to whatever caused the reaction? That's what happened with penicillin for me and with Kahlua (the alcohol) and a couple of other things. I am now deathly allergic to those things. This is scary stuff! It doesn't solve anything really but I am so glad to have found this site so I don't feel so alone anymore. My husband likes to eat in restaurants and it's just not fun for me anymore because I'm so afraid I'll ingest canola! Be safe, everyone. Jeannie

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Sarah - California is now up and running! It's still very, very much under construction, but we're hoping it can be a source of information for people with canola allergies, and a place to raise awareness of the allergy. Go check it out! We'll be doing more work on it soon, but right now, it has some FAQs and some restaurant/food info.

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Diana - Georgia
I can't believe that I might have finally found the answer. I have been a vegetarian for 30 years and in the last 5 years have been having symptoms of IBS. I recently underwent testing for gluten-intolerance which came back negative. I have avoided everything with wheat with the hopes that perhaps the test was false only to continue having symptoms. After years of trying to figure out what is ailing me I have finally come down to the fact that it must be the oil. The other day I made potatoes and added some Earth Balance natural buttery spread, made from a combination of soy and canola oil and experienced stomach pains, bloating, gas, diarrhea, joint pain, irritable bowel symptoms. Symptoms that last 24-48 hours. Life changing. Horrible stuff! I have just checked my refrigerator and pantry only to find that the majority of the foods that I purchase thinking that I am making a healthier choice have canola as an ingredient. I hope that this is the answer. I can't believe that there are so many others out there experiencing the same symptoms.

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Jenelle
I would like to re-affirm that allergies do need to be addressed. Any allergy is an immune issue, where the correction of digestion is key to limiting the reaction the body has to foods/environmental factors. I would urge everyone to consider a Urinalysis with free evaluation. We have helped many of our clients overcome and stabilize their digestion and reactions to certain foods/stimulus.

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Tanie - Alberta
I have discovered through trial and error that I am allergic to Canola oil. When I eat Canola oil I turn into an evil evil spontanious woman. I get so very angry at anyone around me and I yell and get violent. It is really really aweful, this also happens when I eat MSG. They are the only two things that I eat that affect me emotionally that I am aware of. Has anyone else ever heard of this type of reaction?

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Gary - London
I have suspected for some time that i am alergic to rapeseed oil. I used to get really bad asthma as a teenager living in the country , around the time of year when the farmers fields started producing crops of large yellow flowers which I now know to be rapeseed. I moved away from the country to london a few years ago and I now dont suffer from hayfever or asthma at all. However I do periodically experience terrible reactions (Feeling Sick then Wind , Bloating and Utimately terrible Diarrhea all wrapped up with Hot Itchy Face)when i ingest rapeseed oil in food products. I realised this was probably the issue a couple of years ago and now have to go through the habit of checking the ingredients of everything I buy from the supermarket. But every now and then typically when eating out I get the same old reaction. As restruants use the cheaper oils to boost their profits there is less and less places i can eat out in. For me rapeseed oil has become the anticrist of all oils it is satan in a bottle avoid it at al cost stick and to good old unrefined olive oil after all the spanish have been using it for years!

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Suzanne - Switzerland
Many thanks to all of your who have written about your allergic reactions to rapeseed oil. I've been suffering for over 2 years and am thankful for this site. Has anyone found any offical study information on rapeseed oil allergies?

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Suzanne - Switzerland
Many thanks to all of your who have written about your allergic reactions to rapeseed oil. I've been suffering for over 2 years and am thankful for this site. Has anyone found any offical study information on rapeseed oil allergies?

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - carole - canada
Glad to learn I am not the only one with this allergy.I have experienced most of the symptoms described above. There is no official study on the subject and there is a strong lobbying in favor of canola oil. (canada seems to be the world's biggest producer of canola oil) This product is everywhere. It made me very sick and I believe it is highly toxic. I wish some studies were conducted to establish a link between the consumption of canola oil and different health problems described above.

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Khuram Malik - Sheffield, UK
Have any of you tried the cold pressed variety of rapeseed oil? I just bought some cold pressed oil, but have still noticed some slight nausea and mildly sharp pains in random places in my body. This is since changing from olive oil to rapeseed

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Dean - California
Within 30 minutes of eating a salad today in a restaurant I got the rumblings in my stomach and gut and made a bee-line for home. I cannot believe how quickly the whole salad was rushed through my system. I've had it happen before, and only in restaurants that use canola oil. I wish they'd always mention in the menu when they use canola, and then I could avoid it altogether. I never have this problem at home, where I use only olive oil.

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Cindy - Texas
For years I suffered with what I thought was IBS and carried extra clothing with me just in case. For two years I journaled every time I had an attack and would call restaurant and ask how they prepared my food. Every time the common thread was canola oil. After eating fried chicken one day (was told it was cooked in soy oil) my husband found me on the floor writhing with stomach pains and uncontrollable diarrhea. He called restaurant and it actually was canola. I unfortunately started bleeding so I went to the doctor the next morning and had a colonoscopy the next day. They found colitis and when I told the doctor I had found the culprit he was relieved because most of the time no one can figure what triggers the colitis. I always ask or call ahead before eating out and I get mad every time I even see canola oil in the aisle at the grocery store. My friend said it is an active ingredient in her pesticide! What can we do?

Re:Canola Oil-Rape Seed Oil - Melanie - Oregon
It's amazing to see that people have the same or similar symptoms as I do when they eat foods containing canola oil. I've had this problem for over a year but only figured out what was causing it last October. I now check online for ingredients, ask to see the ingredient labels on nearly everything I can't find online, and occasionally find myself talking to managers. the website Sarah posted, has been helpful, but always double check before you eat anything. Last week when I went to camp I brought much of my own food and read labels before every meal. Always check bread, although that gives me a more mild reaction. At this point I'm not sure there's anything we can do except make companies and the public more aware of the fact that canola can be a big problem for some of us. It's always good to know we're not alone!