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Can't Seem to Sleep Well

Can't Seem to Sleep Well

Can't Seem to Sleep Well - Les 
Can you help me with a sleep problem. I can't seem to get enough sleep. When I do go to bed I am tired. I fall a sleep for about 1 or 2 hours and then wake up. I toss, turn and eventually get up and stay up. I don't feel that I have any more or any less stress in my life than the average joe on the street. I walk about an hour every day. I eat relativley healty foods. I don't drink great amounts of coffee maybe 2 or 3 cups a day. I don't drink great amounts of alcohol..maybe 4 to 5 beer a week. I do smoke. I take vitamin c..1000mg..time release. 400iu of vit E garlic and st. johns wart. Les

Re:Can't Seem to Sleep Well - Timothy Long -
There can be many reasons for your insomnia. Caffeine, certainly 2-3 cups a day can definitely be part of the problem. One black tea will keep some people from sleeping. I also hope you will give up smoking, I doubt I need to explain all the ill health issues caused by smoking. I suggest looking into any stress you are carrying and discover ways to lessen it. Many people get help from Premier Melantonin-ND, though I would first stop drinking coffee, clean up your diet, and find ways to lower your stress levels.

Re:Can't Seem to Sleep Well - Betsy
You might look at any emotional causes for your insomnia.

Re:Can't Seem to Sleep Well - Lucinda
Chocolate and some asprin products have caffein in them. Also do not eat after 6pm as your digestive track is still working. Maybe take your walk in the evening before bed to get the fresh air. Also you may be low on Melatonin. You can take this suppliment. Also to relax you there is always Passion Flower and Valerian Root to that work well. There are herbal sleep aids out there that have both these and others combined that work well. Like anything don't get dependant on them and try to resolve why you can't sleep. Do you wake up because of bladder needs or worrys about work or life and just need to move. Can you go back to sleep once you wake? Good luck

Re:Can't Seem to Sleep Well - Barbra - Fairfield
when counting sheep doesn't work, talk to the SHEPHERD

Re:Can't Seem to Sleep Well - VT
What time of the day do you consume your last cup of coffee? I hope you aren't taking ANY of those vitamins anywhere NEAR your drinking the coffee. Vit C is water soluble (as are the B vits). Be careful... you may be under the impression that these vitamins are working in your favor. If they aren't absorbed, there is no benefit!

Re:Can't Seem to Sleep Well - Jerome- Riyadh, KSA
im taking some diet pills named hydroxycut from muscle tech. co., even other dieting pills give me desame effect not sleeping well specially in the evening. is it bec. of the caffeine included on that pills. i dont drink coffee at all by the way. i hope u could give me some advice on this matter.

Re:Can't Seem to Sleep Well - Alan - Ireland
Have two beers before going to bed to relax(Bud is not a beer). One good sleep seems to get me back in a good sleeping pattern after that im fine happens to me alot. also went cold turkey on coffee.

Re:Can't Seem to Sleep Well - Dani - Michigan
I have had trouble w/ anxiety and havent slept right for years, finally went to therapy and my therapist suggested to read something extremely boring, make sure u focus on what ur reading so ur mind doesnt wander somewhere else to keep u up. She suggested the dictionary! And by god I didnt get past the fist page and I was out!!! Good luck to u insomniacs!

Re:Can't Seem to Sleep Well - KY
definately MELATONIN- get it in the herbal remedies section at walmart- it is awesome awesome awesome! I suffer from anxiety and depression and this has helped me immensely.

Re:Can't Seem to Sleep Well - LYNN 
had hrt now stoped looking for something to help with hot flushes

Re:Can't Seem to Sleep Well - Stu - Michigan
I've found that for me I sleep better if I take Hylands Homeopathic Insomnia formula. Rite-Aid stores have it as do many other pharmacy type stores.

Re:Can't Seem to Sleep Well - Eric - Mn
You could also try the blood type diet. I can sleep better now and feel better in many ways.

Re:Can't Seem to Sleep Well - Cathy 
why-if one of the symptoms of hyperthyoidism is insomnia-isn't the thyroid output of a person questioned or mentioned. My husband has this problem and it is blamed on sleep apnea. But couldn't it be more than that? Going to use ThyroSoothe shortly and will let you know if he finally is able to sleep at night.

Re:Can't Seem to Sleep Well - Timothy Long -
Low thyroid is often involved in insomnia. Low Thyroid is not easily diagnosed with blood tests. There can be so many reasons a person is not sleeping well. It is wisest to discuss the problem with a health practitioner to focus on the real cause. For those of you using melatonin, be sure not to buy melatonin just anywhere. Most all of it is synthetic junk. We sell a natural, liquid melatonin. Check out Premier Melatonin-ND

Re:Can't Seem to Sleep Well- Timothy Long -
A woman called me and she had not slept more than 2 hours a night for over 10 years. She was on sleeping pills and anti-depressants and wanted to buy my melatonin. I told her, why buy melatonin when we could have a few sessions of EFT and clear the insomnia problem? She took me up on it. A few weeks after only one session she told me she had slept like a baby every night since the session and never took another sleeping pill or anti-depressant. I am not interested in selling products. I am interested in people regaining their health and well-being. Many health problems are rooted in the mind and emotions and would best be addressed there, not with supplements or medications. When a supplement is needed, use only truly natural ones. Most supplements being sold are synthetic. Others are natural but produced in ways that destroy their healing properites or have toxins added to them. Be certain to use high quality products. I have done years of research, and I love Premier Research Labs, check out their products here.

Re:Can't Seem to Sleep Well - Aimee - Washington State
Try 5-HTP...I have tried everything natural under the sun and nothing worked. Finally, I read a book by a doctor who has Fibromyalgia and he said that he uses 5-HTP for insomnia. I have been on it ever since. I take 100mg 1 hr. before sleep and I sleep all night. If I feel a bit depressed, I take 50 mg twice a day (in addition to my 100mg before bedtime) because 5-HTP raises serotonin. Best brands of 5-HTP are Natrol (I spoke with the CEO on the phone) and Pure Encapsulations (only sold by licensed practitioners and students).