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Comparison of Progesterone and Estrogen


by Raymond Peat, PhD

Avoid excess estrogen in the body and balance hormones with natural progesterone Progest E and these additional products!

Relieve symptoms such as hot flashes, cramping, PMS, ovarian cysts and more
Support healthy menstrual cycles and menopause in younger and older women
Naturally detox dangerous xeno-estrogenic compounds from whole body

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 Women's Health & Hormone Specific Formulations

(Thyroid has similar effects)

* Decreases bleeding, prevents PMS

* Anti-tumor, anti-aging hormone. Shrinks fibroids of breast & uterus, cystic ovaries; effective in some types of cancers, such as cervical & breast cancers & estrogen-induced tumors.

* Inhibits prolactin (which stimulates breast milk production).

* Increases body supply of oxygen, prevents hypoxia

* Cardioprotective

* Improves circulation, brain structure and function, including memory

* Mimics estrogen if needed or inhibits excess estrogen

* Helps regulate edema

* Increases intelligence of fetus by 35 points, protects against hypoglycemia by normalizing blood sugar

* Sedative in large doses; stops seizures, regardless of the cause

* Protects fetus from aborting (probably by keeping blood sugar up) and helps prevent toxemia of pregnancy

* Decreases fat storage (oxidizes fat)

* Anti-aging to skin. Makes aged, atrophied skin thicker, more regular. Increases pigment cell size and branching, but doesn't cause young healthy skin to thicken. Thus, offsets darnage of catabolic hormones and replaces deficient hormones.

* Helps prevent and reverse bone loss, even in women on ERT

* Inhibits fibrocystic breast disease by inhibiting estrogen or balancing estrogen/progesterone ratio.

(Insulin has similar effects)

* Excess estrogen (and decreased thyroid function) causes PMS (edema, excess bleeding, bloating,etc.)

* Excess estrogen (and decreased thyroid hormone) linked with breast/cervical cancer, tripled rate of gallbladder disease.

* Promotes production of prolactin (like cortisone). Thus, both, acting thru pituitary (increased prolactin) may promote osteoporosis, in spite of what you have been told or sold.

* Causes oxygen deprivation (hypoxia)

* Cardiotoxic, due to causing increased calcium deposition, Increased hypoxia and increased blood clotting

* Excess inhibits memory, causes migraines

* Increases during stress and aging in both females and males

* Causes edema

* Must be balanced by progesterone to prevent toxic effects of hypoxia

* Causes hot flashes, may cause cyclic seizures (during menses) when in excess relative to progesterone.

* Excess estrogen can cause abortion of fetus at ninth week., thus is abortifacient

* Increases fat storage

* Causes aging of skin, makes skin thinner (skin atrophy) extending to pigment cells, decreases cell size and eliminates dendritic branches. Also true of cortisone.

* Promotes osteoporosis by causing increased soft tissue deposition of calcium

* Promotes breast cysts even in young children who eat meat, poultry and dairy products from animals treated with a synthetic estrogen.