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Acid Reflux Ruining My Life

Acid Reflux is ruining my life

Acid Reflux is ruining my life - Don - CA
About 10 weeks ago, I felt some pain/discomfort in my throat and ventured to the doctor's. After wasting time with antibiotics for what they thought was a throat infection, it looks as if I have reflux. I have been given 20mg of Aciphex daily but I seem to get pain in the front of my throat, below my Adam's apple after EVERY meal! There are no heartburn symtpoms, only lower throat discomfort. I have been watching what I eat but it doesn't seem to matter. In the morning, I can eat yogurt and then set my watch and wait for that discomfort to return. I think the acid is aspirating into my trachea and that is why the pain is at the very front of my neck. Has anyone had this experience? I'm really getting quite frustrated. This seemed to come about all of the sudden. No warning, day here or day there. It's like somebody turned on the faucet and here I am. I am looking for someone with a similar situation or some advice. Do any herbs or other supplements seem to help? I am a 32 year old otherwise very healthy male and just don't understand how something like this can just appear out of the blue. This is driving me crazy!!!

Re:Acid Reflux is ruining my life - -
try digestive enzymes whenever you eat a meal, it helped me a lot.

Re:Acid Reflux is ruining my life - Val - Calgary, Canada
A few years ago (15 approx.) I was having the same symptoms. I was sent for tests where they had me drink a chalk-like beverage and then took x-rays to see what the problem was. I was diagnosed with a hyatis hernia (not sure if the spelling is correct). When asked what could be done, the doctor said " some severe cases we can operate, but basically you will have to take an antacid after every meal." What a hyatis hernia is (acid re-flux was never heard of back then), is the "band" just above your esophagus, slips down around your stomach, so that when you eat, the acids move back up into the esophigus giving you burning in the throat area. I got my total cure from a very unexpected source. Shortly after the tests, I started going to a chiropractor for my back. This chiropractor did not deal with just the spine, she did "muscle testing", helped with stress etc. After just 2-3 weeks of going to her, my "acid reflux" was totally gone and has not returned for some 15 years!. My suggestion is find a qualified chiropractor. It could just mean your stomach needs an adjustment.

Re:Acid Reflux is ruining my life - LaVerne - Kauai Hawaii
I just sent an email to you at your hotmail addy. I pray this reaches you. I have all of the above.

Re:Acid Reflux is ruining my life - Karen - Waxahachie Texas
I have diagnosed with "acid reflux" I feel like something is "stuck" in my throat often and there is pain in my upper chest. I feel a "burning sensation" in my throat and stomach if I eat anything with any acid content whatsoever. I suffer most of the day from this.

Re:Acid Reflux is ruining my life - judith - mass
do you know any one that could send me a booklet of acid reflux what i can`t eat and what i can do you know what yoqurt i can eat.

Re:Acid Reflux is ruining my life - susan
All of the above applies to me I went to hospital thinking I was having a heart attack cause I had pain in the upper chest a burning sensation it goes from the base of my throat to to the upper part of my chest so I too am interested to know why some people get this and some don't I am wondering if it is caused by over eating as I have done that during my life you know the way it is called comfort eating share if this is the case with you Wishing everyone on this a full recovery

Re:Acid Reflux is ruining my life - Cindy - Vancouver
I have suffered from GERD for the past 8 years. I also had the barium test and it showed a deoduedal ulcer and a hyatus hernia. I have been taking Pariet each day and without that medication I am like the rest and am in daily pain. Pariet lesses the production of acid manufactured in the stomach. Just had a gastroscopy done and my ulcer is gone and the hernia is still there. Specialist indicated I will be taking meds for life. My suggestion is to have your doctor send you to a Gastroendroligist as he/she knows all the answers and they do a scope to look for more advanced symptoms such as Baretts sydrome. This is a secondary thing caused by GERD. Hope this helps. Anyone with more information can email me at the above address. C.C.

Re:Acid Reflux is ruining my life - Carlie - Bournemouth
Hi everyone! I am feeling all of your pains too... I have only suffered with gerd for the last year,but it is ruiening my life! Does any one else get panick attacks because the pain is so bad you think its a heart attack? I also get pain in my arms [mainly left] down my back and neck and all over my chest! I cant even go to the cinema anymore I had to leave the film i was watching as the vibrations of the loud music hurt my chest immensly! I would love to know what I can and cant eat as I get all my symptoms just drinking a glass of water... is there any hope? :( carlie x x

Re:Acid Reflux is ruining my life - cj - NC
every one of you needs to go to the chiropractor. i went for my first visit 2 days ago and my acid reflux is 100 times better. before, if i didnt take my prevacid for just one day, it would burn my stomach and throat so bad it was unbearable, but now after the chiropractor, i haven't took my pills in 2 days and there is just a very mild burning, but im sure after a few more visits when my back is fully aligned i will be ok. i have had acid reflux for 7 years and i cant believe it was just because of a kink in my back/neck.

Re:Acid Reflux is ruining my life - Timothy Long -
Acid Reflux can sometimes be resolved through chiropractic adjustment, though more times than not digestive support is being called for. The most helpful supplements to take are digestive plant enzymes. To be certain which formula would help the most, purchase the Loomis 24 hr Urinalysis. Enzyme Formulations and Thera-Zymes, also known as Chirozymes, are the leading enzyme formulas. Dr Loomis was the first to create enzyme formulas and is still the leader. Some people also would benefit by cleansing and supporting their liver, though to do this you want to work closely with a qualified health practitioner. In short, it is possible to heal acid refux through such naturopathic medicine.


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