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Acidophilus - JP 
When is the best(specifically) to take acidophilus or kefir to make it the MOST effective in the body? What quantities do you recommend?

Re:Acidophilus - Timothy Long -
Between meals is the best time to take probiotics, though you can take them with meals. I have the best results with Delpro. It also has Del-Immune V in it, which is very helpful. I carry another excellent probiotic called Thera-Zyme SmI a multi-strain stable powder and it works very well. It also has enzymes to destroy the bad bacteria and yeast. Taking probiotics is very important for your digestion and immune system. This is very important for everyone to do periodically, especially if you have ever taken antibiotics, weren’t breast fed or have any of the conditions mentioned below. It is something simple and foundational that helps almost every health problem as well as prevents illness before it happens. Specific problems include: Anemia, stress, sinus problems, ear aches, all stomach and intestinal problems, colds, flu, all immune and auto-immune problems (also use Del-Immune V, not a probiotic), irritable bowel, colon problems, parasites, constipation, sore throats, ulcers, candida, yeast problems, all allergy problems, food poisoning, diarrhea, and the list goes on and on.

Re:Acidophilus - Kathy 
Hello. You can go to it is a health and medical search engine. Look up the keyword "acidophilus" you will find 62 links. You should find some useful information there. Let me know if you find what you were looking for.

Re:Acidophilus - Narjai - UK
The adult human intestine contains approximately 3.5 – 4.5lbs (1.6 – 2.0Kg) of bacteria, i have taken antibiotics for 4 years how long does it take the body to replenish flora in the body, i.e naturally produced in the body ???? plz can answer this question,thank you

Re:Acidophilus - Narjai - uk
does freindly bacteria (acidophilus) multiply in the intestines,and at what approx rate,my point is how soon can the body recover to a normal level of flora in the body. reply much appreciated,

Re:Acidophilus - Timothy Long -
Since I wrote the above post I have added another great probiotic to my catalog...Premier Probiotic Caps. It has 12 strains and comes in caps that do not need refrigeration. Also Premier Colostrum-IgG is excellent for building your intestinal flora and maintaining your immune system. How long it takes to recover to a normal level of flora is very individual and depends on so many factors. Though 1-3 months would be a general answer. It is wise to keep in the diet some probiotic, colostrum and/or cultured foods. Kefir is very good if fresh, and to a lessor degree yogurt, though it must be very fresh, homemade. I take probiotics periodically to keep my system healthy. If you ever have the flu, food poisoning or have to take antibiotics, definitely replenish your flora with probiotics. Keeping up your flora is one of the wisest ways to keep up your health and immune system.


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