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ADHD - Jim - PGH []
Besides the mainstream medication for children and adults with attention problems, myself and now my youngest child have problems with attention. Growing up I have been tested and identified as having dyslexia and ADHD but my family didn’t want to use medication so I continue to work hard and learned to deal with it. Now my youngest child is having problems and I would prefer not to put him threw what I had to deal with, and would like to help him but would prefer a nature alternative. Are there any nature alternatives for children and adults? Thanks

Re:ADHD - tom - dallas []
Avoid blunting the childs drive with drugs. Withhold sugar, pray for patience,and use your common sense trusting your natural parental instincts. I wish I knew a natural remedy-I'll hafta leave that to others. I believe the argumentative component of ADHD is a natural thing seen in adults described as "keenly competetive"!

Re:ADHD - Ruth - Fl
My youngest son was diagnosed adhd. They wanted to give him drugs. Instead I gave him B vitamins. It really worked. There was a special formula in a book I had read - now lost. Perhaps someone knows what they were. In the meantime you could try one of the popular B formulas.

Re:ADHD - Tina - NY []
I have a 13yr old son, he is on celexa for anxiety and Aderal XR for ADHD. He's been on them for 4yrs now,they do seem to help but I really want him off all this medication, he already struggles with having no friends and school work. Is there anything Natural I can give him?

Re:ADHD - Jennifer - []
Some studies have actually shown that sugar metabolism problems can cause mental disturbances such as insomnia, nightmares, mood swings, irritability, anger, violent behavior, ADD, manic depression (bipolar disorder), schizophrenia, and panic/anxiety attacks.

A The 24 Hr Urinalysis Test is a very good way to go about correcting digestive problems and other nutritional imbalances. Sugar and carbohydrate digestive problems can then be easily-remedied.

Another possible cause could be a buildup of lead. Unfortunately, lead exposure is more common than people think. Symptoms can range from ADD/ADHD to cardiovascular health issues, memory problems, hypertension, decreased reaction time, and weakness in the fingers, wrists, and ankles.

Oral Chelation is the process of using supplements to remove (chelate) heavy metal buildup from the body. It also increases blood flow and cleanses arterial walls of calcium plaque and other debris. It takes a number of months to do, but it is by far one of the best detoxes one can do for the body. Even common culprits such as cigarette smoke, drinking water, seafood, pesticides, antiperspirants, some medications, aluminum foil, dental fillings, skin-tightening creams, antiseptics, and many many more can cause unhealthy heavy metal buildup in a person.

For more information, see Extended Health Oral Chelation/Longevity Plus II

While these remedies are not necessarily the cure-all for every case, they are worth looking into.


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