Adrenal Dysfunction

Adrenal Dysfunction

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Adrenal Dysfunction - Anita -

Timothy Long, You have helped me so much with information on this board, and I have been able to start treating my hypothyroidism and my digestive problems. One new thing has come up. It may be viral , but I am wondering how to treat the adrenals if they are low (I haven't been tested). I have swollen, sore glands that seem to move from the back of the left side of my head to my throat areas. I cannot seem to kick it and have had it now for three weeks. How do you treat the adrenals naturally? COuld this be my problem? I take natural thyroid (Armour) 1 1/2 grains per day + Vit B Complex with B6, Zinc, Vit C (1000 mg), And use digestive enzymes + Betaine. Do I need more salt in my diet? I have also had very painful menstrual cycles that last only two days and are very heavy. I'm 34 years old. Thanks


Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Timothy Long - []
Dear Anita, There are many variables when treating yourself for low thyroid or adrenal problems. It would be wise in this case to work with someone who has a lot of experience in these matters. Diet has a lot to do with it. Generally, low thyroid people need more protein (animal works best) more salt (real sea salt) more magnesium (drink the water after steaming dark green vegetables), and vitamin A, not betacarotene. A low thyroid can pull down your adrenals, and vice a versa. Pregnenolone can also help a lot. And of course cutting down on simple sugars and junk food. And importantly eliminating polyunsaturated oils. See Premier AdrenaVen, Premier ThyroVen, Loomis Adr, Premier Pregnenolone, Premier ThyroVen and other thyroid support supplements, and for magnesium see Premier or Pure Encapsulations Magnesium or the Bio Nativus Mineral Concentrate

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Timothy Long - []
Interested in a great all-natural supplement to support and rejuvenate your adrenal glands? Check out Premier AdrenaVen found in my online store.  Your adrenals help regulate your hormones, especially important for women. Stress and anxiety problems are often caused by weak adrenals, or cause the adrenals to become weakened. The adrenals also regulate water in the bowels. So people with sluggish or constipated bowels often need to support and feed their adrenals with a good supplement like those mentioned above. I should also mention vitamin C. I use Premier Vitamin C which is a whole food herbal source of vitamin C. Premier Adaptogen-R3 is also very helpful for adaptogenic support herbs. See these products and all our Adrenal Support products at Long Natural Health.

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Anita -
Have you ever heard of people having swollen glands from adrenal problems?

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Timothy Long - []
Dear Anita, Yes, and due to thyroid gland problems as well. Many thyroid problems begin with stressed out adrenals. It is usually important to support both your adrenals and thyroid. Adaptogenic herbs are very helpful. Do not underestimate emotional stress as a major cause of both thyroid and adrenal issues. Though it is very important to improve diet and nutrition, emotional counseling is often called for as well. 

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Anita -
Dr Long, I am on the way to my doctor tomorrow after having no luck in releiving my swollen glands. Odd thing is--they hurt worse in the evening. Can you say more about how the thyroid is related to swollen and painful glands? I have not been able to find any information connecting the two, and when I spoke to my doctor's nurse about my swollen glands, she told me it is unrelated. My doctor is VERY open to recieving any information I bring in and share with him. As far as the diet goes- I thought when you have an infection (which I am assuming I must if my glands are swollen and sore and i have a slight fever of 99.9)you are supposed to avoid protien?

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Anita -
I saw my doctor yesterday about the swollen glands, and he said although he had never heard of a problem related to thyroid- he finds it interesting that my mother also had sore and swollen breasts after starting on thyroid meds-breasts are glands. SO, he is saying he believes it may be a viral infection, BUT he is not eliminating the possibility that it is related to thyroid. He gave me an injection of a vitamin mixture and recommended hot baths to sweat and see what happens. I am also VERY thirsty all of the time but I test negative for diabetes (very neg) and negative for hypoglycemia. When I first started on Armour- my symptoms of fatigue and sore muscles went away, but now while fighting this infection, I almost feel like I did in the beginning (except I still have far more energy). I was told I would feel energetic after receiving the shot, but instead I was tired, head achey, and sore. I went to bed after arriving home and stayed there! We'll see what happens.

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Timothy Long - []
Dear Anita, First let me say, I cannot counsel you in-depth here. I am being asked to answer questions when I do not have all the information I need. Generally I will say this, when people have low thyroid their bodies are prone to virus, bacteria, parasites, fungus, etc. Supporting the thyroid and raising the temp of the body will help tremendously in relieving the body of these viruses, etc. The little history you shared, shows this might be the case with you. Vitamin shots, or pills, are not the answer. You need to get your thyroid addressed properly, it does not sound like that is being done. I suggest finding a health practitioner to work with who understands these issues.

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - hyland - long beach, CA
I have taken Dessicated Adrenal supplement by Standard Process Laboratories which you can usually only obtain from a health professional (MD, nutritionis, etc) altho' some healthfood stores and pharmacies may carry their products. The Dessicated Adrenal worked wonders for my low energy. I have never taken Standard Process's thyroid supplement, but after reading Dr. Long's info I'm going to try it. I, too, get sore throats and swollen glands. Also, as Dr. Long says, stay away from sweets and junk foods. Sweets really seem to "drain" the adrenals.

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - graham - houston, Tx
I just happened to stumble upon this page and was ecstatic to find that I was not the only person who chronicly suffers from swollen glands of unknown cause. I have been suffering from this for years(8) ever since I was diagnosed with mono many years ago. It's an off and on again thing always immediately responding with pain and soreness in glands during even a minor cold etc. As well immediately responding(within ten minutes) of walking into a cold room or sitting under a cold vent. But the one that really drives me crazy is that my glands get swollen and hurt alot if if go for a short run, do an intense karate class, work had out in the yard etc.. And I develope these symptoms many times even before I conclude the exercise. Naturally, I've complained to my doctor but all my labs comming back "within normal limits." And I have specifically had him check my thyroid and it too comes back "within normal limits." I've personally come to the following conclusions: First, I think I might be getting screwed by the "normal limits" excuse. What's normal for five billion other females may not be my norm. Secondly, I don't think a general practitioner is neccessarily properly trained to address this problem which he swears no one else in the world has accept me and I would like to find the right doctor but don't know what kind I should see. Lastly, if this undiagnosed illness should lead me to an untimely death I just want to say that I did complain for almost ten years to no avail. Any help?

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Halo - Los Alamos, NM
Standard Process also has something called Drenamin, which is the less agressive of the two adrenal supplements. I am the daughter of a chiropractor (who sells Standard Process). I have been dealing with a serious lack of energy (sleeping 9-10 hours a night but waking up exhausted). I have recently had a miscarriage, which occured within days of my adrenal glands hurting. I had inadvertently stopped taking the Drenamin for about a week when I found out I was pregnant. My list of symptoms goes on and on, but my doctor looks at me strangely when I push the issue with her. She says, I don't get too many people complaining that their adrenal glands hurt. A this point I am irritated because if she had followed up when I told her I was exhausted after sleeping 9 hours this problem might have already been taken care of and I wouldn't have lost this pregnancy. I am about as fed up with the medical community as one person can get. Even the mention of a chiropractor sends most doctors running for cover. Theo ne skill my dad has that most doctors lack these days: the ability to diagnos problems based upon the symptoms and the ability to actually listed to his patients. Most doctors start by not listening and asking questions and finish it all off by trying to cover up (or treat) the symptoms alone without finding the cause. Sorry to vent, but I'm feeling particularly ripped off and ignored.

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - kapila - Canada
Please name two FOODS that drain glands. Thanks

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - kapila - Canada
Please name two FOODS that drain adrenal glands. Thanks

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - lynn - hawaii
Anyone out there got any information of orthastatic hypotension as per adrenal insufficiency and potential therapits. Would coral calcium be useful for these conditions. I have tried naturopathic and western treatments without success!! Thanks a million

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - margaret - United Kingdom
My 27 year old daughter is practically crippled with excruciating knees. She's had an arthroscopy (sp) but it has made no difference. She is chronically fatigued, her periods are non existent. Her doctor is unhelpful. How can we find out if this is to do with adrenal glands?

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - karen - Maine
I had symptoms like all of you posting on this site...had them for YEARS...come to find out I had LYME DISEASE and that was the cause of my fatigue, knee pain, etc. I thought my adrenals were dead too! Wasn't was Lyme. Try getting a Western Blot Lyme test and see if you too have Lyme Disease. I never knew I had been bitten by a tick! Good luck everyone!

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Marie - Houston
I have been sick for 4 months now and nobody can seem to figure out what is wrong with me. I have hypothyroid and take levoxyl and cytomel. My levels are normal and have been checked 3 times in the past 4 months. It started with fever, chills, rash, joint pain and blood in urine. After a month on 3 different kinds of antibiotics the blood and fever are gone. I am suffering from migratory joint pain in my feet, ankles, hand, wrist and knee. I have a low body temp and the chills alot. I have noticed an outbreak of acne on my back and dark hairs growing on my chin. I am tired all the time, my hair is dry, my disgestive system is basically not working the way it should. My abdominal area feel full and swollen alot and I have a dulled pain deep on my left lower to mid back. Does any of this sound familiar. I tested negative for lupus, cbc's are normal...can you help?

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - MIchelle - New Hampshire
I have been diagnosed with exhausted adrenals. I am taking the supplaments and implamenting the lifestyle changes. I have also found I am allergic to bunches of foods, and am on a strict anti yeast diet. I am at a loss on how to eat to help my adrenals. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - -
what tests did your doctor do for your adrenals? thanks

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Barbara - PA
Ever since I had a cortisone (40mg Depo Medrol) shot for my arm in February, I have fluctuating high blood pressure, anxiety and depression. Could this be related.

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - elaine - palm springs
my roommate insists that hot baths deplete the adrenal glands. is there any science to this supposition? I can't find anything anywhere on this and it makes no sense to me. thank you.

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Timothy Long - []
Too many hot baths for too long of time do deplete the body of minerals and vitamin C. So yes, this does deplete the adrenals. A long bath, over 20 min can lead to you soaking back into your body undesirable toxins from the water. Furthermore, you need to consider the chlorine and fluoride you are taking into your body usually found in tap water. It is wiser to take a shower with water that passes through a shower filter. And not to take showers in very hot water nor for too long of period. Of course, every now and then a good long shower or bath is just what we need to relieve stress or for pure enjoyment! If interested in a shower filter that removes chlorine we carry a very good in our e-store.


Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Jo - Iowa
I am consistently tired with a low body temperature. I have spoke to my doctors and they are not concerned about the low body temperature (although normally my body temp was normal. In the last three months I have had lots of abdominal pain, unconsistent menstrual cycles, urinary tract infections, blood in urine. I have spent over $1,000 to have my doctor shake his head and tell me I don't know what is wrong with you. I mentioned to my chiro that I was tired and achy with a low body temperature and immediately he tells me I have Wilson's thyroid disease. 

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Chris - Berkshire, UK

Are there any grounds for believing that adrenal dysfuntion can be the cause of panic attacks?

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Julie - Largo, FL
I was diagnosed with mono four months ago. My glands have been swollen along with bumps on my tounge, also have achy knees. I can't seem to get any better and my doctor is at her wits end. Could this have something to do with adrenal dysfunction?

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Sam G - California
Look into fungal infections. Some damage the hypothalamus, adrenal glands and thyroid. I think this is the source of all of these problems. I started out with sore throats that look like tonsilitus. Then sinus problems and pain in my lung that was diagnosed as pleurisy because I smoke. I developed swolen saliva glands. I am now having sinus and tooth problems again. I can't get off the Diflucan without severe headaches, general fatigue, dizziness, confusion, etc... Aspergillus looks like a possibility for all of you.

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Malissa - Santa Fe, NM
I went off HRT about 4 yrs. ago and began having hot flashes again--I'm 64. They continue altho I take DHEA 30 mg. and progesterone 100mg. My sleep is disturbed numerous times at night whereas I used to sleep straight through 8+ hrs. I've had saliva tests and have these meds made through Womens' International Pharmacy according to my dr.s' prescription. Hot flashes seemed to be subsiding somewhat a few months ago when I was on 5 mg. of each of the above. After the testing, however, the dosage was changed. Could my adrenals be at fault and, if so, what do you recommend. I've also done an adrenal saliva test and am taking corisal per my dr. PLEASE HELP!

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Sarah - New Zealand
I hope I can join in this. I recently lost my baby at 13 weeks. I was tested for thyroid dysfunction. They appear to be normal. After care has required me to keep track of my blood pressure and body temperature. I was alerted when they are all well beneath the scales that I was given. Average blood pressure 100/50-65 and body temperature between 34 and 35.5. Do you think it warrants further investigation? I want to have another baby - this is my third miscarriage. Could we be missing something. Would value your advice.

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Anne - England
Weak function of thryoid and adrenals, manifesting as hypo function. Cannot deal with stress, have had chronic fatigue for a long time, had a saliva test 5 years ago showed very tired adrenals. Whats the consensus about the best way to nourish and get back normal function of these two glands. Also does anyone look further into Energy medicine for this here? What products are considered very helpful, and safe for most people please. thank you ANNE

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - nancy - nc  i dont really know whats wrong with me. my hair use to grow thick and shoulder length, but now it is only 1 inch long. it all started 5 years ago when i had 2 babies in 1 year ,1 in jan. and 1 in dec.98 the first one died ,and from then on it all went down hill. my doctor has checked my thyroid, diabetes, and all is ok. but I KNOW,something is wrong with me ,but what? please help me. thank you for your time

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Chez - South Africa
Dear Dr, I am a type 2 diabetic, have POCS, high anti bodies against my thyroid and a multi nodular goiter. Lately I have been suffering with slight high fevers, no energy, dizziness, confusion and slightly high blood pressure. I have been under extreme stress for many yrs and have lost 5 babies. 4 before 3 months and 1 at 6 1/2 months. I am really desparate to get myself well. I have given up the hectic corporate world to try and gain sanity. Could this be why my body is reacting. Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for your time

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Katie - California
Dear Dr., I have been dealing with this symptom of "brainfog", confusion, and extreme fatigue for months now and my homeopath thinks I have adrenal fatigue. The most bothersome part of it is that I have gained alot of extra weight around my waist and I feel as if no matter how much I diet, count calories obsessively, and exercise, it will not come off. She is giving me phosphorous 1M after having many relapses with the 200C potency. I am actually starting to feel better but I am scared the weight will not come off soon!!! Do you think the phoshorous will boost my metabolism? Any other suggestions?

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction -
I took predisone for a skin disease for 3 months 30 mil. a day. My Doctor took me off to fast and I ended up in the hospital with stage four adrenal failure. I have been trying to boost my adrenals since it has gotten my body in all areas completely off course. I need advice on what to do and what to take and what not to do. My endo Doctor hasn't given me anything to do which I find totally harmful.

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - debbie -
advice for swollen glands due to hrt imbalance

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - lainey - uk
Can anyone help me with my saliva test results. Have no idea what they mean. Thanks

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Christina - West Virginia
My daugher gets a sore throat with white patches and swollen glands a week before her period, for years now.And when she had not started her period she would still get them. But now we are able to tell when she gets it because its right before her period. I hope you can help me figure this out?

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Dwen - Cape Town, South Africa
in had my tonsols removed a week ago today, but am still aching with pain. i cant even eat or drink anything! any advise on how to get better quicker?!

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Liz - Sydney Australia
I have just started dessicated thyroid and glandulars. I have a lump under my chin. Does anyone know what is causing this? I was hoping for treatment not my problems.

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Lindsey - Texas
Where are the adrenal glands located; on a map of human being woman? I get pain about two inches under my boobs inside... I have done some reading and I have figured it's my adrenal glands... when I excrete a sexual fluid it hurts there. That is ways away from my genitalia. I am going to stop taking my birth control pills and see if this stops... Any information about the location would be good. I am hesitant to see my doctors. this is a weird post.

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Kris - houston
does someone know a good doctor in houston regarding adrenal fatigue?

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Petrus- Lagrange ny
everyone needs to get some kind of energy machine. You have a bump here, a hurting gland there, fat around the waist, fevers etc... Physical stuff begins in the auric world and not visa versa. Jesus said the spirit gives life and the flesh is of no avail. I use the Advanced BioPhoton Analyzer. It has helped me slowly but surely out of my physical hole. Fix the aura, fix the problem. There are lots of machines out there--experiment.

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Margie - Sydney
This is for Marie - Houston. You may want to talk to your doctor about being tested for "Rheumatoid Arthritis". This may be related to your hypothyroid problem. My daughter has Hashimoto’s thyroiditis which is an autoimmune disorder that can trigger other autoimmune disorders such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. Rheumatoid Arthritis is when your white cells attack your joints and cause you to swell and be in alot of pain. It also gives you chills and fever.

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Deener - Abbotsford
Does anyone know how long it takes for Adrenal glands to repair? My husband has been treating for almost 6 months. He still has pain in them, especially in the morning. Our naturopath is treating him for thyroid as well...Anyone know?

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Kari - St. Louis, MO
I have read most of the threads on here and must say that most of you should find a local Chiropractor that deals with acupunture, chinese herbs and Standard Process. I work for a chiropractor who deals with it all and if it wasn't for her I would still be having daily panic attacks. But I have alot of the same symptoms you have and have so to say some what been cured. I also am a representive for another product called Juice Plus. It is a product that is all natural 17 fruits and vegetables in a capsule. When you order Juice Plus you get a 4 month supply. In that supply you have two different bottles, one is Garden Blend (veggies) and one is Orchard Blend (fruits). It has been said that we need 7-13 servings of fruits and veggies a day. This is 17 servings a day for the price of $1.33 a day. Tell me how many fruits and veggies you can buy a day with $1.33. Maybe an apple and that is it. If you would like to know more about Juice Plus, please contact me. Or go to But please we strive ourselves on no advertisment, so please any questions please direct my way. My supervisor told me that she was sckeptic when she first started taking it. Her allergies were horrible and so was her family's. She put the whole family on Juice Plus not even thinking about it once and they are all off of their allergy meds. But she reminds me everytime she tells me that story that even though her family no longer has allergies does not mean that it will happen for you or even me. Let the product do the talking she tells me and I have. Please remember any questions contact me at the provided email address. Thank you, Kari

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Nadia - Brownsville, TX
i was diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency since i was a baby, now im an adult and my husband and i are thinking of having a baby, i would like to know if there is any risk for me or the baby. i would also like to know of anyone that has had adrenal insufficiency and has been pregnant, did you have any high risk during your pregnancy and labor. please advice, Thank you, Nadia

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Beth - Oregon
NADIA--I recently was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and have probably had this condition for years, but it was exacerbated by having 3 babies in 3 years, the last of which I severely hemorrhaged with, losing about 40% of my blood volume. I encourage you to see a naturopathic doctor and work to build your adrenal system before you enter into a pregnancy---that's what I'm doing now, because we want to have more children, but without risking my life or the baby's in the process. God bless.--Beth

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Ariana - Denver
I have been dealing with adrenal fatigue and thyroid problems as well and in my experience, allopathic medicine or doctors who practice Western medicine are not helpful when treating chronic issues such as thyroid disorders. I say this mainly because their primary modality of treatment is pharmacuticals and our bodies are so complicatd, impacted by so many different factors, that we need alternative forms of treatments. The naturopathic doctor I have seen has proven to be more helpful. Also, I recently heard about, and I heard this in passing so I don't knwo the details, but of a doctor who has been lecturing on thyroid disorders where the test results were "within normal limits." Apparently this doctor had a thyroid disorder for years and was never given treatment because his blood tests were all normal until he finally started taking thyroid medicine on his own and it has changed his health and brought him back to normal. I'll find out his name and post...

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - BH - CA
There is no doubt in my mind that everyones Thyroid and Adrenal glands both work together. If you lose your Thyroid your Adrenal Glands suffer. If your Adrenals Glands quit working your Thyroid does not work properly. It is my strong belief your Thyroid and Adrenal glands need support if either is not working well. For the Lady who wats a baby and has Adrenal problems aslong as you suport your Adrenal glands, your baby will be fine after abot 4 months your babies adreanla glands will help you out also. But please do not quit supporting your own Adrenal glands. I have a baby and he is just fine and he had no Adrenal problems ever. For some strange reason though 3 years after I had my son at the age of 35, at the age of 38 my Adrenal problems stopped and they took me off meds but after 8 years or so my Thyroid went haywire. I am now Hypo after having my Thyroid removed. I think I still have Adrenal problems and always will. These 2 Glands support each other. Never forget that, watch them Both all your Life! Maybe Dr. Long can advise or enlighten us all more on what to support both these glands with, either and maybe both Adreanals and Thyroid supplements. I know this, Pregnenlone helps some with both Adrenal and Thyroid problems, although I am no expert. Listen to knowledgeable people. My Best To All

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction -
I have a question regarding the adrenals - I too am hypo but, I thinks its dues to my body being unable to deal with stress very well and my adrenals have been completely burnt out twice already - so, needless to say my adrenals are still low. My question is this - is it safe to take the Standard Process Drenamin which being pregnant?? Thank you so much.

Re:Adrenal Dysfunction - Robert - Ft. Worth,Tx.
Say Doc- hOW ARE YOU? Say, I have been checked by every doctor you can think of...."litterially"?...but i'm worried about my swollen throat nodules (throat),I had cancer of my lower lip [ lost 42% ] of lower lip, but had the top three best doctorsin the state of Texas.Dr.Yadro Ducic M.D.( FROM BOSNIA)...Any way, went to emergency room in last 3 months 3 times they couldn't find anything wrong what so ever,4 weeks ago went to ear,nose throat specialist,but guess what ??he treated me for reflux. i don't have reflux even tho i'm 49 years old.checked for brain tumor,nothing...checked for sinusis infection...nothing, also for any way; on, on, and ect... never stoped. It all started my pain is what i'm complaining 1/2/'09 til now 4/17/2009 came to find out 1 problem was top left wisdom tooth,4 week's later bottom left wisdom tooth, in Michigan in 2002 had 2 molor extractions, and then some here and there, i'm bi-polor A.D.D. And i'm well medicated ( meaning very level and balanced out evenly.phyic meds are Depakote,Seroquel,Wellbrutrin, zoloft. then lisinapril,zocor,lasix's. Nexium,Vistril,Vicodin, only 2 per day ever since Jan.2,2009 for teeth and stomach,Again went to my cancer doc. DUCIC... After my surgery for my lip in April 0f 2007 went back checked up 6 months later...nothing then again 4 months later....nothing then wanted me to go again last oct. of 2008 but didn't go.couldn't afford to this time insurance wouldn't pay said for the year...went over my limit.So what could be the reason why my throat,tonsils, nodules, what ever---"what is the cause of my pain and swollen throat????????

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