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Adult Acne

Adult Acne

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Cleanse the liver and colon to remove impurities from the body
Resolve hormonal issues that contribute to acne
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Adult Acne - Kaye 
I would like to know if you think that adult acne is caused by diet. I am 27 and have had acne for 7 years or more and been on accutane twice. I do have a family history of the problem. I still do not have total improvement in my skin, and have been prescribed more drugs. A friend recommended cutting out all processed foods and Nutrasweet, as an alternative to the medication. So I decided to give that a try, and have been doing it for about a month. I have gone from 4 diet Coke's a day to 0, and now only eat the things you mention--no more "non-foods". I was surprised to realize how much of that I used to eat. I felt a little tired at first, but now I feel great. I vow never to go back to the processed foods, regardless of whether it helps my skin. I never felt that my diet was bad, as I have always eaten lots of vegetables and I run 30 miles a week. However, now I see that Lean Cuisine, pretzels, lunch meat, frozen yogurt, etc. were too much a part of my diet. Do you think that I could be allergic to the chemicals in processed foods? By the way, one month is too short of a time to measure, but I have not had a single break-out. Could this be the solution?

Re:Adult Acne - Timothy Long -
You are on the right track! Of course all that junk food, chemical cuisine, synthetic, artificial stuff, etc. poisons your body and contributes to all health problems especially skin problems. Doesn't it feel great to feel alive again eating natural foods?! Your liver is directly involved as it has to filter all this junk out of your blood. You would be wise to cleanse your liver. Our Extended Health Liver Support Formula is very good. I would follow 2-3 bottles of it with the Premier Master Liver/Gallbladder Flush. This will help greatly. Also, your thyroid may be suppressed. It is likely. 

Re:Adult Acne - hyland - long beach, CA
I have found that digestive enzymes help. A lipotropic formula which helps clean out the liver and break down the fats is very beneficial. I used one by a company called Great Earth Vitamins that worked very well. Of course, eliminate the fatty junk food: hamburgers, fries, chocolate bars.

Re:Adult Acne - joy - illinois
i am 28 years old and have never had a problem with acne. i had a baby 8 months ago and about 6 months ago i began breaking out all over my face. i am a nursing mother. i wash my face with an acne medicated wash, use oxy pads, nothing works, i do not drink any caffeine, and do not eat junk food. HELP ME PLEASE

Re:Adult Acne - Narjai - uk
for all those complaining about adult acne check your diet 99% of the time your acne is yeast related i.e too much sugar in diet, you need to practice exercise after eating your food for a few days and start a sugar free diet which should show signs of improvement in 2 days , foods to eliminate anything you can taste that is sweet any form of sugar and also milk and wheat try eating boiled veg and chicken or meat for 2 days and just that,it will help confirm if you have yeast related acne...good health to all ciaobella's and bello's, au revoir my fellow bro's and sis's

Re:Adult Acne - Reena - Philadelphia
Ok, I need help with a diet makeover. I'm 29 and have been suffering from acne all my life. I've been on Accutane twice, it helped for a while and then came back after a year or two. I get severe keloids and cysts everywhere. Yes, I eat frozen foods, deli meat, etc. HELP!! I know I do have a hormone imbalance also. Any suggestions, tips, diet help, email me! Thanks! Thanks!

Re:Adult Acne - lois raynor - hawaii
i'm a vegan, exercise regularly,and i'm being plagued by menopausal acne, now trying azaleic acid. Anybody tried it?

Re:Adult Acne - Bradley - Fort Collins, CO
I am not sure if all acne is the same or not, but the acne that I once suffered from from caused by my own horrible diet. I joined the military in 1997, and in basic training (3 months long), I was forced to adhere to 3 square, balanced meals a day. No cake, candy or other unhealthy snacks. Needless to say, I got plenty of exercise and consumed a tons of water. My skin was completely clear within 6 weeks. After basic training was over, I went back to my old eating habits... and much to my dismay, my acne also returned. I quickly decided that eating healthy was the way to go. I placed myself on a full detox diet for several weeks, and I have never looked back since. I think the reason why some people can eat tons of junk food and stay blemish-free is tolerance. I think that everyone is born with a different toxin threshhold. That would also explain why some people can smoke unfiltered cigarettes for 99 years without any health problems... while others can smoke for 6 months and get lung cancer. Best of health to all. Remember to eat your veggies.

Re:Adult Acne - rick -
hey diet coke users,what does that stuff really do to are bodies,I cant lose any weight

Re:Adult Acne - AMY - FLORIDA


Re:Adult Acne -
The miracle for acne is acidophilus. Acne is caused by too much yeast. The yeast is caused by carbohydrates, sugars, etc. Drs would give an antibiotic for acne... and the antibiotic kills all the good bacteria.. which ultimately makes the situation worse. Just take acidophilus.. 2 tablets 3 times a day. Take the one with the most strains in it.. Take a good kind.. it works!

Re:Adult Acne - Gubi - Israel
Do a web search for pantothenic acid + acne

Re:Adult Acne - Rhonda - Canada
I have 1/2 a grapefruit every morning could this being causing my breakouts? Also, does a little lemon in your water help clear acne?

Re:Adult Acne - -
If you are smoking drinking booze eating fatty foods partially hydro oils and not drinking enough water 8oz a day YOUR FACE WILL LOOK HORRIBLE. Try to detox your body and take vitamins and see the difference.

Re:Adult Acne 
just eat natural foods, keep away from heat, keep face clean and keep away from grease n bad sugars. eat brown bread and plenty of vitamins

Re:Adult Acne - Jason,16,m - Scotland,Loch Lomond
Hey All Just To Say I Used To Get Acne And Now I Eat Sardanes Everyday For Breakfast And In General Have Lots Of Health Food And It Had Cleared Right Up A Message To Anyone With Acne Try And Give It Time At Least 20 Days Because Your Skin Changes Every 20 Days Talk To Me If You Have Any Other Problems

Re:Adult Acne - Gary - Wiltshire
I had suffered from adult acne for nine years. Doctors and friends had given me every cream, pill, diet suggestion under the sun. It got to a point where I had to take matters into my own hands. I radically changed my diet. cutting out sugar, bad fats, deep fried food, drinking, smoking etc...I now exercise lots, take steam baths and suanas on a regular basis eat lean organic meat, wholegrains, berries, seeds, loads of veg and fruit, red wine, fish and olive skin has never felt better!!!

Re:Adult Acne - Cathy - Canada
I never had acne in my teens but I had anorexia for 12 years and it started in my teens - my under eating. Anyways I am sure that I have a hormonal imbalance because I lost my cycle for many months, have very low blood pressure and developed late - in my twenties. Now in my thirties I still have acneic skin that has gotten worse because I went through trauma twice, got off 2 medications and my menstrual cycle is really messed up now. I was reading about acidophilus. I used to take it and my skin looked pretty good - but not ever totally clear. Dermatologist lotions or creams just really dry out my skin - no total cure at all. I also have milk, wheat and corn allergies. How do I know what's best for clearing up my skin and how can I find out if its my hormones?

Re:Adult Acne - julie - illinois
the problem is dairy products. there is a certain amount of puss in every glass you drink. the milk sold in the us would be illegal to sell in europe. try almond breeze vanilla flavor. it's wonderful.

Re:Adult Acne - Mandy - Missouri
I agree fully with Julie. Try giving up cow's milk and keeping other dairy products to a minimum--the hormones produced by the cow as well as hormones given to the animal end up in the milk. Also, cow's milk contains a large amount of casein--the same stuff glue is made from (that's why Elmer's Glue has a cow on the label). Goat's milk or kefir is a much healthier choice.

Re:Adult Acne - sladana - Canada
I have bad acne for years, is it from yogurt????, when i eat it i break out!

Re:Adult Acne - Rox - New York
Balance is the key...I have had acne as well. I found that when I cut out red meats, as well as dairy products, while increasing a whole lot of vegetables and fruits, my skin clears up. When I became pregnant, I began to consume those products in fear of losing necessary nutrients for my baby. Results: My acne worsened...Vegetables, fruits, and eating enough to feel good, not over full is a way to start. You can still eat the other foods from time to time as long as you make sure you eat the others more. It cleans out the body. Then gentle cleansing of skin is another step...the harsh scrubs are to be kept to a minimum. Finally, I would say to try to relax from day to day...stress can really hurt your body no matter what you do. Your mind is very powerful, so try to ease it from time to time.

Re:Adult Acne - daniel - seattle, wa
probiotis and raw goat milk really work for acne i also drink kombucha tea which also contains healthy bacteria eliminating junk food and learning about proper food combining will make a huge differnce in your health i really like epiclear for topical treatment use it once a day at night and a good moisturizer during the day just dont overdo the exfoliation which can make things worse whatever you do just be sure to get your healthy bacteria in your diet daily and think positive stessing and over worrying about your skin will make it worse one last thing take care of your adrenal glands they play an important part to your energy levels and your ability to handle stress which is another major contibuting factor to acne breakouts

Re:Adult Acne - danielle - santa barbara
please help i have adult not sure if its hormonal when im on my period my skin clears then after it breaks out again really bad until my next period then i clear up fpr about 5 days then it goes back. what can i do ?i think it my hormones how can i find out?

Re:Adult Acne - A. 
Liver cleanse, colon cleanse, Candida cleanse! They all help - I promise!

Try these products to improve adult acne and improve your skin!

Cleanse liver and colon to remove impurites from body
Resolve hormonal issues that contribute to acne
Improve acne, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis


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Re:Adult Acne - jlkite
Hi everyone, I work in the skin care industry & I have seen people who are on all-natural organic diets & still have acne. There is no specific cause of acne, so everyone's treatment will be different. My suggestions (FYI: this is from professional & personal experience) - do not use over-the-counter products or anything like ProActive. OTC products generally have a very high pH, meaning they strip the natural acid mantle/oil barrier of your skin. Acne bacteria is alkaline so when the acid mantle is stripped, you've just created an ideal environment for acne to thrive in. In addition, your skin will react by quickly producing more oil, worsening your problem. ProActive is based on the active ingredient Benzoyl Peroxide, which is great for acne - especially adolescent acne - however, the problem strips the moisture from your skin without replenishing it, leaving you dry and damaging your skin. Best choice: find a reputable aesthetician to help you choose what products to use. My two favorite lines: Jan Marini Skin Research (more treatment based & utilizes lots of AHAs) & Eminence Organic Skincare (all-natural line utilizes lots of herbs & plants). Second, taking acidophilus will generally help with the acne present on the apple of the cheek. This acne is generally indicative of stomach problems & the supplement can improve the condition within 2 weeks of regular use. Also, many acne sufferers are low in B12 so taking a B12 supplement as well can help. I personally think eliminating dairy from your diet is a must - dairy is problem the most processed thing consumed and it truly disgusts me. :( One thing I do want to say - greasy foods do NOT cause acne unless you're rubbing it on your skin (which I'm assuming no one does). However, a diet that does not fulfill your nutritional needs is detrimental to all of your body systems & organs, your skin included. Start with one or two things mentioned above & see what works for you. If you try everything at once, you won't necessarily know what's working & what's not.

Re:Adult Acne - Jennifer 
I've cleaned up my diet for a couple months now so my acne would get better, but it's getting worse! Is it normal for it to get worse before it gets better?

Re:Adult Acne - sandy
I'm 32. I've had acne all my life...nothing worked.

Re:Adult Acne - Timothy Long -
I want to refer everyone back to my first post on acne. Please read it. I also want to emphasize the following factors that need to be considered: thyroid, hormones, digestion, liver, colon, diet (it is directly and indirectly related to all causes of acne and similar skin problems), oils and fats (avoid polyunsaturated oils). Also, I agree that commercial dairy should be avoided. Raw goat milk and raw goat milk products are usually excellent for everyone. There are many excellent products on this web site that will help you. I would highly recommend beginning with liver cleansing using Extended Health Liver Support Formula.

Re:Adult Acne - jojo - nj
Help!!!!! i had acne nothin helps!!!

Re:Adult Acne - Timothy Long -
It can be difficult sometimes to figure out health problems because everyone is an individual. Consider having a health consult. See our health consultations.

Re:Adult Acne - Stephanie - Houston
I have dealt with adult acne for quite some time until I recently started seeing an aesthetician who completely turned this around. The acne I had was generally in the area around my nose and cheeks. She said this was related to digestion and recommended I change my diet to eliminate yeast (including baked goods, beer and wine), sugar, dairy products (derived from COWS only-goats' milk and cheese are OK), and carbonated drinks (she says it is the bubbles). This was difficult at first but I have seen a dramatic change. My skin hasn't looked this good in YEARS. And I've lost weight. Try changing your diet and see if you notice a difference...I sure have!

Re:Adult Acne - truman - fort collins
Has anyone heard of Monavie? Acai berry complex blend of 19 power fruits featuring the acai berry from the Amazon that is known for it's high content of phytonutrients and antioxidants that has helped people all over the world with many health issues like diabetes, cancer, and many others including ACNE

Re:Adult Acne - Stephanie - Vancouver, BC
Recently as an adult (27years), I had a major outbreak of acne. It was overwhelming and I understand everyone's pain. I found that as I got more desperate, I started to try everything. I went from prescription creams to antibiotics. I started using harsh soaps and exfoliants. This only made it worse, much worse. These all break down the skin’s protective barrier and allow it to be exposed to the environment. I found moving away from these harsh alternatives, has really helped my skin. While, I can't promise that this will work for you, and you would have to be patient, this regimen has worked very well for me. Keep in mind, while skin is resilient, it will take at least a year for any natural remedy to improve your skin. Especially, if you have abused it like I had. Avoid all antibiotics (this gave me a yeast infection on my face and made my acne worse), avoid coffee, alcohol (especially beer and wine), tobacco, and sugar. Yes, this seems like it takes the fun out of life. Just like any diet, you can have splurge days. You will find what your skin can handle and what it can’t. Eat whole foods, lean meats, and at least a cup of lightly cooked veggies a day. Drink water to flush out toxins. Cut out milk products. Try to take Milk Thistle to help cleanse the liver. Additionally, I found and now swear by Evening Primrose oil. It was recommended to me by the woman I buy my facial products from. It regulates hormones and also provides healthy fatty acids for your skin. Try to use an all natural facial cleanser, toner (like rosewater or similar), and moisturizer. Try to buy items without parabens or other harmful chemicals found in many facial products (even many natural ones.) Wash your pillow case with a non abrasive, non scented detergent (don’t use any fabric softener) every second day. If you have long hair, braid it at night. Don’t wear makeup every day. Give your skin a rest. If you have to wear make up, CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES. The bacteria in the brushes or any applicator will cause you to break out. Get at least seven hours of sleep a night. If you find something great, stick with it. Don't jump from product to product. Its a vicious cycle that I am positive everyone battling acne has been through. As a final thought, I have friends that could bury their face in a pool of bacteria and go out all night, drink, smoke and all still have great skin. I like to think of myself as lucky, at least my body is telling me that something is wrong, before it’s too late.

Re:Adult Acne - Kate - USA
Aspartame in diet soda,and in anything else causes pimples. It is a neurotoxin that sometimes mimicks symptoms of MS and Parkinsons. The pimples show up in a rash at the temples. Further, coca itself is "heating" to digestion and creates a digestive deficit, expressing through the skin, creating pimples on the rest of the face, esp. chin and Rosacea areas. I know vitamins help a great deal, B complex, Pantothenic Acid (!!!read up on this!!), Omegas. Ayurvedic and Whole Food traditions are amazing!! Digestive "heat" causes acne. Eat "cooling" foods according to your dosha. You should eat no sugar, corn, nuts, coca, oils, dairy, hydrogenated poison oil, wheat .... eat fresh whole foods, How is your water quality? How is it affecting your digestive acid levels and good bacteria levels in your stomach? This is a wholistic response. It works. I am in the middle of discovery. Cystic acne on my chin is remedied by the aforementioned. It was great. Then? I ate something with hidden corn syrup in it. BAM. 24 hrs later, like clockwork. Now, Obagi cleanser, Proactive gentle cleanser on spots, followed by Proactive mask dot on each volcanoe... It is already working, lots of water and vitas. Also, try soaking your acne with apple cider vinegar. It will sting a bit, but it takes the muscle out of them. It is digestive.... this problem. Good luck.

Re:Adult Acne - Amy - WI, USA
I like many, are dealing (or should I say - trying) to deal with adult acne. I started getting it at about 20yrs, and i'm now almost 26. I'm actually from New Zealand, now living in the USA since december. My acne has got a lot worse since i've been over here, which I have decided to put down to the dry winter air. My skin is really not used to this. I am a culprite when it comes to not drinking enough water, i know i need to and this might help. I, like many, have tried everything, and have been on the antibiotic doxycycline for over a year now. I'm worried that it's really affecting my system internally, and i want to stop taking it but i'm so scared that it will get a lot worse. I have lost all confidence in myself, hate going out in public and hate what i look like, i feel like a totally different person, like not me! I've tried many natural supplements, but it's hard to know what helps and what doesn't. Currently i'm taking a zinc for acne supplement, from Puritan's pride website, which seems to make my skin feel a bit smoother, but no improvement yet, that is after 1 month or so. I also smoke, about 6 per day, so wondering if anyone else out there gave up and whether this made a difference too. I'm looking at perhaps taking a pro-biotic to counter-act the effect of the anti biotic on my body, as i have been getting minor constant yeast infections too. I have also been told that liver cleansers help? Is it best to do the short-term concentrated ones, or a long-term liver herbal supplement? There are just so many answers out there and i want to try the health-based option now after no luck with anything else, but i just don't know where to start! I'm pretty sure my acne is hormonal, its all on my chin, little ones pop up on my cheeks sometimes, between my eyebrows, and one or two big blind pimples per month. Anyone have any ideas or inspirations?

Re:Adult Acne - Deana - Nettleton, Mississippi
My entire family is taking Acidophilus and we love it! All of us have seen an improvement in our skin. It helps prevent fever blisters, IBS, digestion, itching, and mono. Try it.

Re:Adult Acne - Lisa
I had lyme disease so I was on heavy duty antibiotics for 3 months. My acne has progressively gotten worse over 1 year after the antibiotics. I've been to several doctors complaining of symptoms of yeast infections - but they say I don't have it- my acne itches and my scalp and skin. My boyfriend told me acne shouldn't itch and that brought me to do a little research and I think my acne is being caused from yeast. I'm taking probiotics containing acidofolus, garlic, pau d' arco and capryl and using a tea tree oil wash. I've only been doing this for 3 days so I shall see, but I would really like to talk to someone regarding what i'm taking since i have no knowledge other than what i've found on the web. Can I take milk thistle to clean my liver? I've been using zinc oxide with sulfur and its really been drying up my acne and its tinted - so I've been wearing it instead of makeup - a little stinky but i'll deal with it. It doesn't bleach my cloths like benzoyl peroxide. Thanks for your posts, i'll be trying out adding b12 and the evening primrose down the road.

Re:Adult Acne - Francine - Oregon
Get tested for foods you may be intolerant to. It is amazing the difference it makes avoiding those foods, in every aspect of health and well being. The most effective test is the Dr. Carroll Food Intolerance Test. In the meantime, drink lots of water to keep your system flushed, eat fresh greens and other vegetables, stay away from junk food, soda pop.

Re:Adult Acne - Stan - Gilbert, AZ
You are right, it is the processed foods. Don't listen to the dermatologists. They will tell you that what you eat and acne are not related. My 19 yr old one morning looked like he had the measles. I ask him, Jeff, how many Hershey Nuggets have you been eating. He said about 3 or 4 a day. I told him, that's too much. He stopped eating them. All his pimples were gone in about 3 weeks. It's not just what we think of as processed food. It's even common bread with too much shortening in it. Most breads have the shortening. We bought some from a local bakery that really tasted good and fresh, but Jeff started breaking out. The bread was way high in shortening, so we changed breads and now about 5 weeks later Jeff is pimple free again. The bread is called Market Pantry White Panini bread. It doesn't have any oils and it tastes great. You can get it at Target stores. Refined food is even fruit juice, not so healthy. The high concentration of sugar in grape juice is like eating 3 or 4 grape pods, but you don't get the pulp, you get way too much sugar. This drives up the insulin level, the extra insulin drives up the hormone, testosterone. The high testosterone secretes sebum on the skin (oil). The sebum blocks the pores that cause bacteria to grow, thus triggering the inflammation causing the pimples. Milk is the worst with it's grease and hormones that cause baby calves to gain weight very fast. Humans weren't made to grow so fast. There is a lot more I'd like to tell you and I will. I need a favor from you folks out there in cyber space. If you are real broken out, please email me some good close up digital pictures of your Acne that I can use in a book I'm writing on how to cure Acne. I will be glad to send you a free copy of the book as soon as I finish with the final draft I'm working on. I promise to send you all kinds of information you need right now so the Acne won't be able to come back and cause you scaring when you decide to eat something new that you didn't expect would cause a breakout. There are ways to improve you digestion to make you less sensitive to fats and a lot more. Please, from you I just need your pictures, before and after your Acne is all gone. In one to three months in most cases you Acne will be completely gone. Diets are complicated. We just do it and don't think about what we eat very much. I will be glad to explain to you why in Paraguay and New Guinea out of 1315 people observed not even the smallest pimple was found. Please email me with several before pictures and I will rush you all the information you need immediately to cure your acne and I promise to follow up with answering your questions if you have any problems. Then when your Acne is all gone you will be proud to send me the after pictures. Soon after that I will complete my book and gladly email you a copy. Sincerely, Stan

Re:Adult Acne - Stan - Gilbert, AZ
Vitamins can get you out of balance. Natural food has everything you need if you can only utilize enough of it. There is plenty of nutrition in human waste. Why don't we use it up? We don't know how to combine the foods. I came across something that works and I wanted to share it with all of you. I read where a champion weight lifter uses it. It's called Food Combining. I've done it for 3 days now and I can say it actually works. I eat protein with vegetables, grains with vegetables, and fruit I eat alone. Now I find myself eating a lot more of anything without any problems. I I'm getting more muscle tone and looking better. Don't get sleepy after eating and can eat a lot more cauliflower, a lot more protein, a lot more broccoli, etc. I think my wife will try it soon. This diet solves many digestive problems, and acne too. Most people can lose extra weight and gain more muscle with food combining. If you have experience with this let me know. Sherry gives you 4 free recipes and if you like them you can buy her recipe book with 100 recipes or more. I think I will get it because it works. My wife has Acid Reflux. I think it will cure that. Combining makes for a lot more available acids or alkaline to digest the food combinations. When we eat meat with bread the acid used for meat will cancel out the alkaline used for bread, so more acid has to be produced. Here's the things it can cure and it works in just two or three days: As you know, digestive disorders can make your life miserable. Words like Acid Reflux, Gastritis, Diverticulitis, Diverticulosis, Colitis, Crohn's (IBD), IBS, Ulcer and Hiatal Hernia strikes fear in the hearts of many. And the associated heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating and the drugs and surgery makes the living hell complete. Stan

Re:Adult Acne - noon - ca
I have a very good diet (eating a mixture of whole grains, organic veggies, organic meats, etc.) I use natural products on my face and I live a relatively stress free life. I don't eat dairy, smoke cigarettes or eat greasy/spicy foods. I believe that my acne is from a hormonal imbalance and nothing else. I am learning to embrace my skin condition and take great care of myself. One day, my hormones will regulate themselves and I will be acne free. I'm just glad that I made it through high school and college with no acne!

Re:Adult Acne - Victoria - Cape Town, South Africa
yeah, just like Sandy, I am 32 and have had acne since I was a teenager. Nothing has helped...I'm feeling so fed up, but I'm giving the cut of sugar, bread & dairy a go as of tomorrow and will report back here if it proved successful! Good luck to everyone with this problem! Try everything until you find what works for you!

Try these products to improve adult acne and improve your skin!

Cleanse liver and colon to remove impurites from body
Resolve hormonal issues that contribute to acne
Improve acne, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis
Start with Thera-zyme SmI if yeast overgrowth is contributing to your acne


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