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Alopetia - Hugh - London []
My daughter (1 and only) was born in 1987 and about 1 year later my hair started falling out in large clumps until it got so bad that I shaved my head. I had this for three years and showed no sign of letting up until my mother went to Greece to see some friends and brought back a bottle with a tiny ammount of esscense that was made some forty years ago by a mountain herbalist for my mothers friend when he was a young boy. to cut to the chase I used it as instructed and it worked. the herbalist was an old lady at the time and has now been dead for almost twenty years she has no known relatives and kept no notes all there is is what I have in this tiny bottle. I want to have a chemical analysis done to find out what it is and to put the findings out over the internet so that no-one can copyright it and that it will be free for all, I have tried to get people to help me but all they seem intrested in is for me to send them the esscense and they will contact me later! this I will not do my condition is that it is to stay with me throughout until the fidings are made public and free.

Re:Alopetia - Emma Viktor - South Africa []
My middle daughter suffered from stress related alopetia when my youngest daughter was born. Being the thrid child the birth was VERY quick and I think the stress of having Mommy wisked off to the hospital in such a rush was too much for the poor thing too handle. I took her to a dermatologist and was given a steriod cream to apply to her bald spots, and her hair grew back very well. The only problem I know have is since this problem,her hair is TERRIBLY dry, and breaks off if you look at it too long. My mother is a hair dresser and we have tried conditioning masks and leave in conditioners and nothing really seems to help... has anyone else suffered similar side effects and have you any suggestions?? please e-mail any suggestions to Thanks

Re:Alopetia - Eva Zivkovic - Croatia []
hy..i have a dog died a month ago and i lost my hair on one says it is there anything i can do so it grows up again? thanx..

Re:Alopetia - Michaela Vydrová - Czech republic []
Hi all...A had a alopetia. And now I´m ok. It was before 3 years.

Re:Alopetia - georgi stoyanov - bulgaria []
hi..i have alopetia too - it is my seventh it normal that my hair grows and falls periodicly.but it does not already bothers me at all.and i do not shave it as often as my case good mood, sometimes little marijuana and positive thinking ++++++++ :-)helps alot..but it falls after that i do have succes and i do belive that this is internal problem and is not connected with the hair quality.i have been made hair analysis which prooved that my hais is just as it is described in the medical literature - i mean healthy :-) . the only problem is that it dissapears on some far as i can unedstand the meaning of the process of hair loos it is like that: in a random moment our immune system trigers a chain chemical "mechanism" that destroys our hair above the root(hair folicul) and it falls.sometimes the areas look like the hair is cut and it falls after a short periode.the process of growing in the scalp is somehow interrupted.but the hair folicul is not harmed - it just cant grow into normal hair.somethimes the new hair is white - total lack of hair pigment(melanine) that gives its colour.i do not have any hair on my body except on the "special places" :-) this is ok i thing.and feel.but have u ever thinked that all the people that suffer that more cosmetic than medical problem are some kind of evolutionary improved.take a look on our ancient ancestors.they do have hair not only on the scalp but also all over the body. do u the hair lose an evolutionaly innevitable or...? have a smoke and think positive:)))++++ peace to all of u

Re:Alopetia - coleen Sagil - florida []
Mi don of just 3 years old, has lost a circle patch of hair on his scalp. Doctor first thought it was ring worm. Went to derm, he believes it is alopetia. Any thoughts?

Re:Alopetia - kim - brooklyn ny []
please send me some natural cures for alopecia. Thank You Kim

Re:Alopetia - JOHN - []
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Re:Alopetia - Keisha Slad3 - Georgia []
Hello, I have Lupus and I am experience alopetia. Does anyone know what I can do?