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Am I Tesgesterone Dominant

Am I tesgesterone dominate?

Am I tesgesterone dominate? - Katie - Texas
How can a woman tell if she is tesgesterone dominate? I am getting breakouts on my face like I am a teenager for the last 5 months and I have stopped having my periods for the last 4 years.I take no hormone replacements at all except my thyroid medications.And I am through with menopause at age 54. Would being tesgesterone dominate make my face breakout like I am a teen again. My estrogen levels are low and I do take thyroid replacement, and my thyroid levels are very good. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have. As I want to take something natural to get my hormones leveled out, if at all possible. Thank you Katie

Re:Am I tesgesterone dominate? - Timothy Long - []
I have many questions to ask you first. What kind of thyroid replacement are you taking? How do you know your levels are good? How was it determined that your estrogen is low? Low relative to what? What about your progesterone levels? Why dont you get tested for testosterone? My guess is the problem relates to your thryoid/estrogen/liver/progesterone. I am interested in helping you resolve the problem naturally. After you leave your answers here, please email them to me directly at