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Antibiotic Abuse????

Antibiotic Abuse????

Antibiotic Abuse???? - Shelli O'Connell - Illinois []
I am not going to go into great detail. I have posted on to many sites to type it all over again, that and the fact that I just sent an e-mail to your site and I found out it was sent to the news letter generator. :-/ Long story short. I have been given antibiotics and antidepressants for the past 14 years. I am not Dr. friendly any more. everything that I said was wrong with me was, and they just kept pushing the pills and proclaiming that I was much too young. Well after 12 years of complaining then Finally DEMANDING. I had my Gall Bladder out. (No stones only inflamaion and scar tissue) A year later I had a total Hysto and Apendectomy(after being told that I was only having a partial hysto. ha ha ) Anyway. I am now having other problems and I am tired of being tired and sick. I am being treated for Bruxing and I have a lump in my pallet and my muscles on the right side of my face, jaw, neck, and head. I have a lump behind my ear that I believe is a lymphnode that is trying to finght infection, that no one can seem to find. I am not asking for medical advise. I am asking "How can I take back my body?" after I was given an aggressive antibiotic treatment, I developed a graphic rash that stayed with me for about 6 months before my Hysto and about 6 months after. It is gone now, but I have no energy, I can't loss weight, and I have not felt healthy for 14 years. I need to rebuild my immune system and so far all I am doing is taking 'Life Essence" green food multi. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I like I said have posted on many sites to no avail. Thank you in Advance... Shelli (miserable with the energy of a tortus!!!) I am 35

Re:Antibiotic Abuse???? - Shelli O'Connell - Illinois []
OOPS! I had a lot of typo's, but I need to correct one thing. I didn't have lumps in my muscles on the right side of my face, jaw, neck, and head. They were inflamed. Maxifacial thinks it is caused my clinching. Which I am sure that after 14 years of fighting with Dr's that I was not stressed, that about 10 years in I truly was. (wouldn't you be???)

Re:Antibiotic Abuse???? - Timothy Long - []
Dear Shelli, Over the past 20 plus years I have listened to the details of numerous people's experiences with their health and medical histories. To make a long story short, I have never met an impossible case and most cases are uncomplicated. Or at least what we need to do to get you very well is uncomplicated. What is complicated are some people's minds with all the wrong information and medical non-sense they have been fed and suffered. If you want to get well, and it sounds like you are ready to do just that, call me at 1-888-337-0511. That will allow me to help you. I look forward to guiding you back to health. I will keep in uncomplicated and inexpensive. I will teach you and empower you to be and stay healthy. That is your birthright, claim it! Sincerely, Timothy Long