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Asthma - K. Dahlin -
Hi, Our 4 year old son suffers from attacks of asthma (we think). I've done some research on the internet, but can't find what I am looking for. Everyone wants to put him on THEIR product to treat his attacks. What causes asthma and how can we cure it? Thanks, K. Dahlin

Re:Asthma - Lisa -
I hear that colostrum or transfer factor is great for asthma, allergies, ear infection, and just about everything. But I do not know how long one should take them, I have heard many say forever.I do not know. But I have heard many say it helps children and people with bad immune systems to take colostrum or transfer factor. Maybe Dr.Long knows the correct answer here.

Re:Asthma - Timothy Long - []
Asthma can be caused by different factors. Chlorine should be eliminated from drinking water as well as bath water. This is often a cause of asthma, especially in children. Another common factor is excess carbohydrates and sugars. This is becoming a very common problem. The answer is to cut down on them and to take a digestive enzyme like Thera-Zyme Pan or Premier Digestase SP. I have seen many cases of asthma go away by cut out junk food and excess carbs and sugar and improving the digestion by using plant enzymes and probiotics. Of course you need to be sure there is not excessive exposure to airborne allergens. Carpets are often a problem. Be careful you are not using harmful cleaning chemicals or other toxic chemicals around the house. Poor nutrition can also be a factor. Probiotics are often needed as well, see Premier Probiotic Caps and Delpro. If you cannot figure it out on your own, you are welcome to make an appointment with me. I do not throw products at health problems. I first try to locate the individuals problem. I do not participate in the popular 'one product fits all' brand of medicine - be it pharmecuetical or natural medicine. Also, see Premier Colostrum-IgG.

Re:Asthma - Linda - LaSalle,Ont
My 3 yr old son has been treated by a N.D. in Cambridge. He is a severe asthmatic child, and for 4 mos. we had him on nebulizers, Flovent& Salbutimol.I found the only thing this did was pump him up full of medicine and he would go from one antibiotic to another to cure his bronchiole infections due to his asthmatic attacks & allergenic reactions, with no result. My N.D. has put him on Genestra Products (Lung Tissue vitamins& herbs as well as Sulfur to cleanse his system. We give him Histaminum for his allergies(natural anti-histamine). He still has difficulty but has not been to the hospital for 2 mos now. He seems to be doing better & I can control his reactions much more effectively. I have a question `We were contemplating taking him to Florida, but I know there will be carpeting in hotels. Is it possible to keep him under control by increasing his Histaminum to combat the effects of the allergens.

Re:Asthma - hyland - long beach, CA
Linda: I have been doing a lot of readin on the Asian mushrooms for immune stimulation. Cordyceps mushroom is what has been traditionally recommended for asthma and bronchitis. I believe it's rather expensive, but look it up on the internet and see if it makes sense and if so try it. It might be worth it.

Re:Asthma - Rex - TN
Yes, it is me again. You might want to check out This is a website by Dr. Lon Jones, who is a D.O. from just outside Plainview, TX. He has discovered some radical affects of the use of xylitol in nasal sprays. In this website, you will discover that xylitol is already produced in your body daily, it is safe for diabetics, and it is in many of the fruits and vegatables you eat...there are clear cases from around the country where this natural use of this particular sugar have had dramatic affects on such aspects as asthma. Remember...when reading any kind of literature or watching any kind of commercial...when the words "relief of symptoms" is used, then that particular product does not take away the 'cause' of your just masks it...I would be interested to know if anyone has researched this or used it...what are your thoughts?

Re:Asthma - judy - foot
is colostrium helpful to boos the immune system? and help clear the planters wart?

Re:Asthma - -
what causes asthma is essentially unknown, but it is related to an imbalance in the bodies immune system, overexpressing allergies. the primary keys to limiting asthma (if allergic, as usual), are to remove the offending factors, and treat the inflammation. an excellent place to start is with dust mite covers for the bed and pillows of the child's room, as dust mite allergy is quite common, and your child spends 8 hours per night with his/her head buried in these offenders. additionally, there are interesting studies supporting using probiotics (particularly lactobacillus GG) to help correct the immune imbalance. I would suggest looking into these two. there are a plethora of herbs and remedies to treat the symptoms, but nothing is as effective as removing the allergens and treating the problem.

Re:Asthma - -
how to treat

Re:Asthma - Michael - London
I have noticed that when some body suffers from Asthma, then there is always someone else in their family that suffers from Depression, Scizophrenia, Chrones disease (inflamatory bowel), eczema, stomach ulcers, uticaria, hives, or other inflamatory illnesses. Either a brother, sister, cousin or Uncle and Aunty, or a Grandparent. They all seem to have raised levels of 'histamine'. Can anybody out there spot the connection in their family? Please reply if you do as it will prove the theory is strong and has the statistics to prove it. I believe this is due to an hereditary innefective digestive and immune system which is causing a 'Delayed IgG Food Allergy. This means you get a reaction several hours or up to three days after eating the suspect food. Usually wheat, milk, eggs, prawns & seafood, tomatoes, strawberries, and certain other highly allergenis foods (do some more research). Find a lab that does an Elisa or F.A.C.T food intollerance test. I would have both tests done at seperate clinics. If you can't afford it then you can just experiment by eliminating certain foods from the diet. Try cutting out wheat and cows milk for one month. No toast or wheat cereals, biscuits, pasta ect, and change to rice milk. No yogurts or ice cream ect. How many people out there have children with these problems that were not breastfed for more than 6 months? Usually because the mother was ill and on medication after their birth. It would be interesting to find out.

Re:Asthma - Gary -
I have had chronic asthma since I was a child, and have expereinced many interesting pharmacutical approaches. I agree so far that the best treatment is removing the sources (i.e. no carpets, down duvets, and an elimination diet to detect these sources (some allergy testing has provided me with very dubious results (RAST testing especially). Elimination diets are difficult with a child but there are many great resources these days. I was raised on goat milk (reactions to soy and cow). Now, I use a drug called Simbicort during the diffucult times of the year (when I am indoors more), and monitor pulimonary health with a peak flow meter. When I live outdoors for long periods I have no asthma symptoms, but when I come home some times they return. It could be numerous things in a house (mold in the walls, dust in the carpets or furnaces). To K. Dahlin I would say get your child outdoors in clean air and build cardio-pulmonary health through consistent exercise. I have heard that HEPA filters can be effective in sleeping areas.

Re:Asthma - kandy - Missouri
I had asthma from the time I was small until I was about 14 years old. At the age of 14, my life changed. As I look back over my life now as an adult, I really believe I had what I term "situational asthma" meaning everytime I got in a situation that I was uncomfortable with I had an "asthma attack." I'm not suggesting that a physiological problem could not be the underlying reason, but I would just like to give you something to ponder. Keep a journal of when he has the attacks and see if it could be this type of situation. Good luck!

Re:Asthma - vani - baroda
i need help for my younger sister. she is scizophrenic. kindly send me home remedies for the same and other valuable adcice

Re:Asthma - Gail - Alberta Canada
I have a planters wart and was told that Cellfood would help it to go away

Re:Asthma - kim - brooklyn ny
please send some info on natural cures for asthma

Re:Asthma - tamara -
I have serious asthma and am looking for some kind of relief, I am on inhalers and steroids but still have trouble breathing,