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Best Diet for Hypoglycemia

Best Diet for Hypoglycemia

Best Diet for Hypoglycemia - Mandy - Missouri []
I was curious if anyone had any suggestions to help beat hypoglycemia and the fatigue that comes with it? What is a good overall meal plan/diet to help keep blood sugar stable and energy up? I try to eat several small meals a day and eat raw foods/vegetables as often as possible--but still crave fruit and grains. Should I eat a source of protein at every meal? When and how much fruit should a person consume? Besides avoiding processed foods and other "junk"--if anyone has any tips or suggestions--all would be appreciated. Mandy Jo :) 

Re:Best Diet for Hypoglycemia - Timothy Long - []
Dear Mandy, There are a number of posts on this board that will help you with this issue. If you are not getting enough healthy proteins and fats in your diet you will crave more carbs and sugars. And if you are not digesting your food well, you will again crave carbs and sugars (Take plant digestive enzymes at the beginning of your meals, Therazyme Pan would help tremendously). If you do not have a good culture flora in your digestive system, again you will crave carbs and sugars. Too much fruit will throw your sugar balance off. Be sure to eat whole fruit and not concentrated juices. These are general ideas that most likely apply to you. Be well, Timothy, Long Natural Health, 888-337-0511


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