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Birth Defects/ Oral Chelation

Birth defects/ Oral Chelation

Birth defects/ Oral Chelation - Raymond -
I just wanted to share that in todays world, where so much of our food, water,air, household products, etc. are polluted with chemicals, and these chemicals are a major cause of genetic mutation and birth defects, that taking oral chelation (and eliminating harmful substances and drugs as much as possible) is the best way to prevent future birth defects in your children (and grandchildren and so on). Having a child with cerebral palsy or autism or one of so many other problems is one of the most difficult things imaginable, especially when it can often be avoided.

Re:Birth defects/ Oral Chelation - Timothy Long - []
Thank you for this message. People have the power to avoid disease in themselves and their children. They have been greatly misled by our medical, scientific and governmental authorities. We need to get the toxins, chemicals, estrogens, radiation etc out of our food, air, water, and bodies. We cannot do it 100%, but we can do a lot. We now have in the US the knowledge, organic foods, water purifiers, and supplements to accomplish the enjoyment of good health and prevention of disease. It is a wonder more people dont take full advantage of it. On this website there is a wealth of information in our health library and in our natural health store. The Extended Health Heart Detox chelates toxic metals and chemicals. Be sure to use the Extended Health Liver Support detox first.