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Blocked Lymph Nodes

Blocked Lymph Nodes

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Blocked Lymph Nodes - Steve -
Hello again, Dr. Long.. I have a friend who has seen a naturopathic doctor recently and was told he has blocked lymph nodes. I've never heard of such a thing. What do you suggest he do to 'unblock' the lymph glands?. Thanks much!..

Re:Blocked Lymph Nodes - Timothy Long - []
To clarify, I am not a doctor, I am a naturopathic health practitioner. I need to know more to tell your friend what he can do. Though look at Thera-Zyme TRMA and Premier HCL Detox Kit. These products can be very beneficial in clearing the lymph system. Your friend likely needs to clean up their diet and the way they prepare food, as well as improve their digestion. Begin with the Urinalysis Kit with Consult. I can help your friend resolve his lymph issue with the help of this very valuable inexpensive home test.

Re:Blocked Lymph Nodes - claudia -
Yes,I am also wondering what might be learned about a sluggish lymphatic system. I am surprised more research is not done in this area. I have been very committed to good health and with the exception of controlling my stress, I consume natural foods, supplement with whole food vitamins, exercise, meditate, etc. Yet, I have been dealing with swelling in my legs for nearly 15 years (and I am 35). Traditional doctors tell me I have leaky veins and "deal with it" but when I have tried Pycnogenol, Kombucha Tea and other natural remedies, I have experienced 'complete' but temporary cure - sometimes lasting 6 months, but it always returns. I am concerned that if I don't resolve my issue, I will create a breeding ground for cancer or other disease. If anyone has recommendations other than 'jumping up and down' to stimulate the lymph...please let me know. I am really committed to cleansing my system. Thank you, and blessings!

Re:Blocked Lymph Nodes - laurie - mi
need advice on how to unblock lymph glands

Re:Blocked Lymph Nodes - Jennifer - FL
I've had this problem several times. Basically, the main "drains" get clogged and then the entire system starts to back up. This can be due to many things, underlying infections, allergies, parasites, etc. The best way to "unclog" the lymphatic system is to arrange for a "lymphatic drainage" with a health practitioner. They use a machine with light and sound impulses to liquify the matter that is causing the problem. If you can't get in right away you can apply warm moist compresses to the swollen glands. Also, you can try to manually stimulate the "drains". They are located a few inches "southwest" of the innermost part of your collar bone. If you run your finger from the collar bone in the southwest direction you will find an indentation on each side of your chest. The drains are located directly under these indentations. Press on them several times and do this several times a day.

Re:Blocked Lymph Nodes - Pamela - Oregon
Hi Dr. Long I have a very small, bump on my face next to my ear (next to that little flap is at the opening of the ear). Over 3 days, I applied moist heat and am currently drinking approx. 40 oz. of fresh carrot/spinach/ celery juice daily. I am off of sugar and flour. I am taking 2,000 mg. vitamin C, vitamin D & minerals. I can move the bump from side to side or up and down by pushing it...after 2 weeks there has been no definite change. What do you suggest? I am in very good health. I appreciate any help you can give. Thank You, Pam

Re:Blocked Lymph Nodes - Carol- - CA
Thank you, Jennifer for that help. My lump is under left armpit.

Re:Blocked Lymph Nodes - chris - leicester
i have a lump on my left hand side of my face its painful comes up can u help