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Body Image & Self Esteem

Body Image & Self Esteem

Body Image & Self Esteem - Bela -
Hello to any readers out there.
For my whole life I have been struggling with self esteem issues. It just feels like I am never good enough for myself. As a teen I dabbled in the world of anorexia and still find myself harboring a dangerous wariness of food. I am not ugly, nor am I overweight (average, I would say). I just can't seem to feel satisfied with myself, inside or out.

The media puts such pressure on females to adhere to this perfect aesthetic standard. However, I know better than to place the blame on external factors. I know that the problem lies within and that I am in desparate need of a mental "makeover" so to speak. I just have no idea how to get there.

Has anyone else here struggled with self esteem issues? If anyone has ANY useful advise, please let me in on it. I just can't live like this anymore. God blessed me with the gift of life and I'm squandering it all away with doubts. Please help!

Re:Body Image & Self Esteem - Timothy Long - []
Bela, You certainly are not alone. I would say most people suffer from some form of self-esteem issues. I certainly know I did for years. I was a very anxious and self conscious person, suffered from an eating disorder and depression, and had a severe blushing problem. In healing myself I learned how to help heal others of all kinds of self esteem issues, eating disorders, weight problems, body image, depression, anxiety, blushing, and many similar issues. I have been helping people clear these issues very successfully for many years. Today I use a lot of EFT and other energy psychology methods because they work very fast, are very effective, and give lasting results. I want to encourage you to ask for help. With the right help you will learn quickly how to live in peace and have a much easier life. For more information on EFT and my healing and counseling services, visit I work with people all over the United States, Europe and other countries by phone or Skype. My work is the same by phone or in person. One last thing, I very much agree with you that much of this problem is contributed to by our media and advertising, and the heaviest burden is put on women. From the time they are little girls are being brainwashed in perfectionism and unhealthy ideas about diet, health, weight and body image. This has a devastating affect on many people's lives. Though the opportunity exists to transform all this and to help others do the same. I hope you choose to set yourself free. I would love to have the opportunity to help you.