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Bone Spurs

Bone Spurs

bone spurs - Judy -
What causes bone spurs? My 82 year old mother has them in her legs. She also has no cartilage in her knees and is looking to knee replacement as she is in a lot of pain when she walks. Is there anything that can be done to help her, other than surgery?

Re:bone spurs - Timothy Long - []
Someone like your grandmother who has bone spurs and degenerative joint problems may need to raise their intake of calcium and other bone building nutrients. It would also be important to be sure their stomach can breakdown and assimilate these nutrients. Low stomach acid is often a problem. If so, plant enzymes as found in Therazymes are the right thing to take, not hydrochloric acid digestive pills. Low vitamin D can also be a problem. Calcium that cannot be utilized well, as well as degenerating bones can cause bone spurs or calcium buildup in the soft tissues of the body. This can be seen as tarter on the teeth, gall, liver and kidney stones, etc. Magnesium is often needed. Making sure the pH of the body is correct is also important. BioNativus Liquid Calcium Magnesium will provide a balance of minerals that build bone and will help correct acid pH. I no longer like Coral Calcium. It do not like destroying the coral reefs and it is mostly calcium carbonate. BioNativus has superior forms of calcium. Every individual case may have different needs. Taking only calcium can add to the problem. A very good place to start is by doing the 24HR Urinalysis that can be purchased on this website. I am available to counsel over the phone. Everyone is welcome to email me at

Re:bone spurs - Sue Miller - knee and bottoms of heels []
What can I do or take to get rid of the pain? I take calcium, walk 5 days per week, and take Viox, but the pain is extreme ,especially my knee. Thanks. Sue

Re:bone spurs - Ashley - Chgo, IL []
I am a fifteen year old wjo has a bone spur in my right knee. I find myself in excruciating pain, but my gym teachers doesn't believe me. What ways can I stop the pain sometimes?

Re:bone spurs - Linda Barsness - Champlin,Mn. []
Please send me some info. on degenerative bone spurs in my spine.

Re:bone spurs - Lucindarae - []
Hello, I had bone spurs in the heels of both feet and tried ultrasound,cortizone,and surgery on one foot only. The spur was a result in a injury because I tore the fasha in the bottom of my foot and my body was trying to heel it. My body felt for pain when I increased calcium and found out through research that I needed to increase my intake of Magnesium as my body couldn't simulate the calcium properly and these two important minerals work together to balance. My system wasn't in balance. It took several years to get to the point were I could stand for a number of hours but am pain free now. AW, the wonders of Magnesium! Hang in there and good luck.

Re:bone spurs - norma miletta - pittsgrove, n.j. []
could you please tell me what the symptoms are for spurs in the knee. thank you

Re:bone spurs - Jennifer - Cypress, Texas []
I have a bone spur in my right knee. What can I do to get rid of the pain. I am a police officer and I have to be able to run. I don't have time/years to try treatments. What do you suggest? I need help fast.

Re:bone spurs - Ginger Anderson - Wyoming []
I a have heel spurs and also degenerative bone spurs in my spine. I would like to know how much calcium and magnesium to take and what kind to take.. I been taken a chelated calcium. I am 49 years old female please help if u can. thanks Ginger

Re:bone spurs - Ginger Anderson - Wyoming []
I like also info. on degenerative bone spurs in spine please too Thanks

Re:bone spurs - Sandy Peyton - Decatur, Ga. []
I'm a 54 year-old man with spinal bone spurs. What do you suggest?

Re:bone spurs - Alice Torzewski - 7171 Hwy Q Custer Wi []
Right kne bone spurs.What can I do? 67 years old.

Re:bone spurs - E.P. Harris - Nashville, TN []
Bone spur in leg at knee. Are there any treatments beside cutting it out? I do not want any long recovery unless absoutely necessary. I want to keep dancing and hiking.

Re:bone spurs - dory - []
what to do for bone spur on forehead - can it be removed what type of specialist?

Re:bone spurs - Josh Messerschmitt - Lincoln, NE []
Please check into Robert Barefoot's information. He proves that CORAL CALCIUM is the way to go! Removes bone spurs and helps prevent numerous diseases...Very Interesting!

Re:bone spurs - Laura - Oklahoma []
I had a heel pain for more than 20 years. It had gotten much worse recently. I believe it is (or was) a heel spur. In January I changed from 2% milk to whole milk. One month later, the pain was noticably lessened. Now, I can't make the heel hurt. I learned that if you don't have adequate natural vitamins A and D, you can't make use of your calcium. Simply switching to whole milk made the difference for me. I thought I would gain weight, but I lost because I wasn't hungry all the time.

Re:bone spurs - Kevin Leitner - Chicago []
I had a bone spur removed from my knee (femur) 3 weeks ago. Do bone spurs always grow back? What can I do to prevent it from growing back?

Re:bone spurs - Debie Heron - Ontario []
I have bone spurs in both feet and I am in terrible pain constantly.I have tried medication and cortisone but to no avail. Could you please tell me how much calcium and magnesium I should take?

Re:bone spurs - jim - PGH-USA []
I have bone spurs on my spine. Any suplements that would help

Re:bone spurs - Pat G. - Wisconsin []
I have no cartilage in large toe joint and also bone spur on top of joint. Pain is terrible when walking. Is surgery the only answer? I have always sought after herbal remedies and would appreciate any advice for help

Re:bone spurs - ellie - california []
I am 12 years old. My right knee (tibia) has a bone spur shown on the xray. Dr. has me on cruches and a brace and gave me meds for the pain. What should I do?

Re:bone spurs - Audrey E Ritchie - Calgary Alberta [ianaudr@shaw,ca]
I have spurs on both knees and they are very painful especially when I go to bed or when I sit down to rest. I tried excercise and it just made them worse. I have never been a milk drinker but I did take calcium capsules. Then I had a bone density test a few years ago and I was very low in calcium but I already had the spurs.I was told by my orthopedic surgeon that he would not operate as they will grow back. I get very little sleep and would like to know what I can do. I am 69 years old. I need help Audrey

Re:bone spurs - Betty Jordan - Gray, Kentucky []
My 79 year old father has 2 bone spurs in his right knee - the doc said the cartilage is messed up also. It's very painful. Is there anything that will help get rid of the pain?

Re:bone spurs - Brandie - Hastings, OK []
My husband has suffered with knee pain until recently. We discovered coral calcium!!! It has been the best thing in our lives since. My husband did not like to take prescriptions and had a surgery to repair his knee only to have pain that the doctors said would always be there. Wrong!!!!!! Coral calcium relieved his pain in 5 days. Please, please give it a try, it just might work.If you have any questions feel free to email me, I'll help as much as I can.

Re:bone spurs - linda - SO. ILLINOIS []
I have a bone spur on my left knee. I am in terrible pain, and can barely walk. what can I do to relieve the pain until the spur is removed.

Re:bone spurs - jacqui - louisville, kentucky []
I am looking for a natural remedy to relieve the pain of spinal bone spurs.

Re:bone spurs - CJ - Dallas, TX []
I have a bone spur in my knee. The pain is constant to the point that is affecting my work-out. I really don't want to have surgery. What would you recommend to control that pain and disconfort?

Re:bone spurs - Caroline Fischer - Germany []
Hii My mother is 53yrs and has constant servere knee pains, what do you sugest I do?

Re:bone spurs - jim - s.c. []
My wife has been diagnosed as having a bone spur on her right knee. What can be done?

Re:bone spurs - Teri - CT []
I have had 2 heel surgeries for bone spurs and last week, I slammed my kneecap into a steel railing. They found that I had cracked the bone spur on my knee. IT took months to heal. Should I bother to have it surgically fixed?

Re:bone spurs - Brandie - Oklahoma []
Everyone is asking how to treat bone spurs---is anyone getting answers? If you want an answer refer up to Mr. Longs original reply. I have been using calcium to treat many different ailments. With alot of success!!!

Re:bone spurs - antonella courtney - london on []
I have a bone spur in my left knee and would like to know how to either remove it or eliminate the discomfort that it causes. Is surgery the only route or will it come back again if surgically removed? Please advise.. Thanks! Antonella Courtney

Re:bone spurs - arlene stovall - calif []
my 6month old grandaughter has spurs in her stomach(hurst spurs).what is the cause and remedy.

Re:bone spurs - Mike goddard - Nashua,nh []
I am 40 year old male that has had 3 operations on my right knee and now i have pain on my right side and i believe it is bone spurs ,now i can not walk with out pain,i am thinking of knee replacement as last option,I was wondering if of removing the spurs would help.the cap seems fine it just the soft tisue that is to the right is hurting real bad. Amy thoughts would be helpfull. thanks

Re:bone spurs - mary ann jackson - warren, mich []
if i take coral calcium for bone spurs in knee, how much per day?

Re:bone spurs - Beth - []
Is it possible to get a spur in your hip? What are the symptoms? I know there is pain involved, but does it have to be constant, and can bone spurs give intermittent pain? Anything else of this possibility would be much appreciated.

Re:bone spurs - Iris Berry - Loluisiana []
MRI shows spurs pressing into soft tissue surrounding spinal cord. Help ASAP

Re:bone spurs - Jerry - Texas []
I recently had xrays which showed spinal bone spurs. I would like a nutritional approach to curing this. If you have a solution, please email help ASAP! Thanks.

Re:bone spurs - dan - Vancouver
some say calcium, some magnesium. Try one, then the other, then both, a few months each, and see what happens. Get vitamins A and D, as well, because calcium needs these for proper use. Some dietary fat and organic acidic foods (buttermilk, sauerkraut, etc.) help assimilation. Magnesium, in proper balance, might flush out excess calcium that might be deposited on spurs. coral calcium is irrelevant without necessary co-factors. Those having success with it may be getting those factors with the rest of their diet.

Re:bone spurs - - []
Everybody! Listen to me please! My wife is diagnosed with a bone spur in the heel what causes her a terrible pain. What I would passionately recommend you is a simple remedy- before every meal take two teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar diluted in a cup of water with little raw honey. Take that on a regular basis. Do not expect the results before 2-3 months. You'll notice many positive side effects(incl.improved sleeping , better and more frequent bowel movements, brighter appearence). The ACV has a proven quality to dilute and expell the acidic crystals built-up in the tissues and joints. Be persistent, stick to that and we will enjoy the victory! Les Brisbane, Australia

Re:bone spurs - marlene - phila []
I have some arthritis in my left knee with bone cysts spurrs My job involves walking constatnly I am 52 y o What can help


Re:bone spurs - Timothy Long - []
It is possible to get a bone spur anywhere. It is also possible to avoid getting them and to get rid of them naturally. Read all the above posts to learn more.

Re:bone spurs - rose - kalkaska michigan []
doctor says knee replacement now taking viox 50mg healspur with infection had surgery for that what do i do

Re:bone spurs - Phyllis Williams - N4505 Little Badwater road []
I have degenerative cysts in my arms and the docter told me they were not avasive, but I would have to have a cat scan evey year to watch that they don't, is there anything I could do to getrid of these,

Re:bone spurs - Tammy - WVa []
I have knee spurs.How much coral calcium should i take.

Re:bone spurs - Elaine Ramsour - Buena Vista, Co []
I have very painful heal spurs and I have worn orthodics nothing helps

Re:bone spurs - Derek - UK []
Bone spurs on right elbow. Possibly working too hard at the gym. Also I find when my bones are knocked that they damage easily and I get new tiny spurs on my finger joints. I also have great problems processing fat in food. I get gout if too much is taken.

Re:bone spurs - Misty - Texas []
I have been suffering with pain that feels like I am walking on rocks barefooted. It's hurts all the time even when laying down. Could this be heel spurrs? If so now what do I do? I am 30 years and have small children I must look after. Thank you

Re:bone spurs - kiya - newyork []
I've had a constint pain in the heals of both my feet on and off for a year or so. I dont know for sure if this a heal spurr,but the pain is there everyday and when I sit down and get back up I can barely stand. I cant sit down all day I have a family to take care of what should I do?

Re:bone spurs - dee - ohio []
i was recently diagnosised of bone spurs on the spine what does this mean and what problems can i expect? thank you

Re:bone spurs - alicialongoria - TX []
I had a spur in my knee and painful. I heard of a shot with magnesium and other ingrediants, do you know any thing about this?

Re:bone spurs - Laurie - Wisconsin []
Received results today from my xray that my knee pain is due to degenerative joint problems and I have severe bone spurs to the tibia beneath the knee cap. Any advise to releive pain.

Re:bone spurs - Sharion - Singapore []
Any advise about knee spurs and foot spurs. Thks!

Re:bone spurs - Eugene Pierce - North Carolina []
I have had multiple heart attacks so I have approximately 75% heart function. I am a diabetic. Now, I have degenerative heel spurs and hammer toe deformities. The heel spurs are hurting so bad that I am experiencing extreme pain in my foot and my leg/ankle when I walk. It has come to to point that it hurts when I try to sleep. I am 50 years old and unemployed for 14 months with no medical insurance with 2 children living in the home. Any medical advise will be appreciated...Thank you...

Re:bone spurs - john - topeka kansas []
i would like some information on heal spurs if you have any? thank you

Re:bone spurs - Leesa - Evansville IN []
I do not have bone spurs, but I have rheumatoid arthritis and the back of my heels are beginning to degenerate. My achilles tendons do not have a whole lot to hold onto. Does anyone else have anything similiar?

Re:bone spurs - Catherine - South Pasadena []
I recently was told I have a big bone spur at the base of my spine. I feel the pain in my groin(not my back). It is a very severe stabbing pain. The doctors thought I had a hernia, then they thought I had a tore muscle, etc. until I insisted on xrays which showed a bone spur and bone loss in my hips - I have been a vegetarian most of my life and fairly active. I am menopausal 47 years old. I do not have insurance and wonder if there is a non surgery approach to take since I don't have money for surgery. I have used holistic medecine since my 20s. I heard about EZorb? Is this a good thing to take and what do you think of the Bone-Up formula. I have been afraid to take calcium supplements because I am afraid of getting stones. I had a bone density test that was dramatically different from 2 years ago which was very good. My doctor says I have osteopenia and recommends the calcium. SHe says it can be reversed? ALso, my doctor thinks my new thyroid medication(I have been taking levoxyl for one year) may be a culprit. I read also studies of synthroid show some women have 19% loss with long term use . My thyroid tests are now normal. Is it necessary to keep taking 100 mcg once a day to maintain? I have lost almost 20 pounds just taking the medication and worry I am getting too much and maybe that is contributing to the bone loss. My doctor is always amazed that i read so much articles and try to understand... says he needs to remind me that he is the doctor! But I am wondering what I can do for my part.

Re:bone spurs - Joseph Cortes - Monrovia, California []
I have a 80 year old mother who has been diagnosed with spinal bones spurs in her lower back. She has a hard time sitting. Doctors don't see any help for out side of surgery. She does not want surgery. Is there any thing else I can do.

Re:bone spurs - scot - maui, hawaii []
i've heard of a powerfull ultra-sound that can break up bone spurs in just a few treatments; i think this may have been on tv - 60 min or 20-20, does anyone know anything about this?

Re:bone spurs - scott noel - ATLANTA []
I think I have a Bone Spur in my rigfht shoulder. What is a Bone Spur and what treatments are available? Is surgery involved?

Re:bone spurs - Tegan Morley - Australia []
I am 14 years old and have spurrs on both of my knees, I play a lot of sport and am in a lot of pain but my doctor doesn't know anything about spurrs and says that they don't matter and they are not the cause of my pain but still can't give me any reasons for the pain. Could you please give me some info on what's the cause and how do i stop the pain or should i have them removed? - Can they get worse as i get older?

Re:bone spurs - Valerie S. Brown - New York, NY []
I have heel spurs in both heels and I am a waitress so this is a real problem. I just got today a pair of shoes called mBT rockers. by Swiss Masai. That back heel is cut off at an angle so as to have you rock forward off the heel, as in walking in sand on an uneven surface, as the women in eastern Africa Masai where they carry baskets on their head. They have great posture and do not walk on their heels as Americans do, like a cowboy with hard pressure on their heels.I got them at the Eneslow store in New York or 924 Broadway @ 21st. Broadway (212) 477-2300 (800)ENESLOW (outside NYC) Fax (212) 477-2156 or Little Neck, NY (718) 357-5800 Fax (718)357-0531 and the shoe comany Masai Barefoot Technology Swiss Masai U.S. LLC, Hailey, + 1 208 788 0883 United States and Canada or These shoes are great also for diabetics who do not have their toes since the balance is forward. You have to get use to the shoes because your gait will change your posture and spine alignment and work muscles you have not visted in a long time. There is a brochure and a CD to help with getting use to the shoes. I just got them today and am hopeful. I will start with the apple cider vinegar and raw honey because that seems to help a lot of my problems. I will get a BDT and start with more coral calicum and my present calicum/mag. intake. The shoes have a lot of different styles and sandals. This shoe store will also custom any shoes you have now with a doctor's prescription, by cutting open the bottom of your shoes and put in the rock sole between you shoe and the present bottom. Enjoy!!Thank You for all of your input.

Re:bone spurs - Matthew Yamamoto - San Luis Obispo, CA []
My 57 yr old father has been having having really bad pain in his right knee. He has bone spurrs in both of knees(actually his tibias, which were caused by Osgood-Schlatter Disease). Is this normal? The pain came very suddenly one day. He does not remember doing anything to hurt it either. His knee is sore the touch, but he said that it is fine when he is walking. I find this strange. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Re:bone spurs - Lisa Ritter - Newport, NC []
I am 37 years old and have been suffering on and off with terrible pain in my right foot. The pain is located under my toes on the ball of my foot, and has recently started to affect the toe next to my big toe. Could this be a bone spur? This has been going on for about 4 months off and on. It will hurt for serveral days to weeks, and then stop. I am on my feet alot so I thought that it was the insides of my shoes or the shoes themselves. I bought new shoes and also tried insoles in my old shoes. All that did was make the pain worse.Could you please let me know what the sympthoms of bone spurs are and what I can do if I do have one. I know I have bone spurs in my neck. I don't know how long I have had them. I recently found out as a result of being in a car accident. What can I do for them?

Re:bone spurs - K - usa []
I recently found out I have a bone spur on my spine L7 I between the region of the base of my neck to my shoulder blades. I also have several bone spurs on my ankle due to a traumatic injury. What can I do besides surgery to remove these?

Re:bone spurs - debra mgonsalves - clayton california []
i have beern told that i have some bone spurrs on my right angle. its very painful and swollen leaving for the doctors right now for the second time because of the swelling i cant walk without a crutches. how do they develope and how do they get riid of them?

Re:bone spurs - Vic. Grona - Pitt Meadows B.C. Canada []
I have what appears to be heel spurrs in both feet , extreme pain , hardly can walk as the day progresses, can you help please , thankyou Vic.

Re:bone spurs - Peggy Sutton - Texas []
I have a bad bone spur on the heal of my left foot. I can hardly walk. I am only 50 years old and this crippling experience is causing not only physical pain but also mental. Please help. Thank you, Peggy Sutton

Re:bone spurs - mary - heel and feet []
i cant walk help

Re:bone spurs - johnny ray veanueva - spring, texas []
I have tremendous sharp pain in my right knee. It has been one month that xrays proved I have bone spurs in both knees. I am asking for any suggestion to clear my pain, and as last resort to have surgery. I would appreciate your quick respone. Thank you whoever you maybe to reply back to me on my email. god bless you and everyone.

Re:bone spurs - Ken - New Mexico []
Are bone spurs possible in the hip area? I thought my pain was a result of degenerative osteo arthritis in the hip. He says possible spur. It has decreased my ROM significantly. I'm still very active but would like to be able to run again. Any suggestions?

Re:bone spurs - Ken - New Mexico []
Are bone spurs possible in the hip area? I thought my pain was a result of degenerative osteo arthritis in the hip. He says possible spur. It has decreased my ROM significantly. I'm still very active but would like to be able to run again. Any suggestions?

Re:bone spurs - Sarah - Louisiana []
My left knee has been feeling weak. I knocked the knee cap out of place almost 30 years ago. Why it is just bothering me? It might have to do with the job I have. I purchased a knee support that seems to help me. It has metal hinges and they haven't broke after several weeks. I can suggest to you where to get one or find more out about it.

Re:bone spurs - Jana Langley - Electric City, Wash. 99123 []
I work on concrete 8 hours a day and my feet hurt so bad. An suggestions on how to get rid of the bone spurs?? I just bought a pair of Z-Coil shoes and they give me some relief, but I need more. I'm taking enough calcium thinking it would help. Thanks, Jana Langley

Re:bone spurs - norma kirkland - Perth Australia []
Can I avoid surgery for bone spur on 5th vertibrae causing severe to light numbness down left arm and hand. Would an osteopath or chiropractor be able to help. Also have some compression of catilage. Am taking glocosomine.

Re:bone spurs - Ann Lafleur - Ontario Canada []
I have a left heel spur and also archilles tendonitis, and a right knee injury due to a fall at work...the pain is excruciating and I am on my feet at work 8 hours a day. any help or ideas...thank you

Re:bone spurs - Marge - Lima, OH []
I have heel spurrs. Does what I eat effect them or start them? Is there something I can eat to help get rid of the pain?

Re:bone spurs - Carolyn Patterson - Nacogdoches, TX []
My right heel is very sore. Have had problems on and off, but recently, very painful. I would like to go the natural route for relief. I currently use ice packs and have tried all types of insoles. The pain goes up my leg also. I recently purchased a pair of Featherspring insoles. Seemingly the pain had gotten worse. Can you give me any advise? Do you recommend the vinegar and honey recipe, or do you agree that extra calcium will help?

Re:bone spurs - Bessie Miller - Stroud, Oklahoma []
I have found out that I have bone spurs in my right knee, it is so painful I can't use it for walking or doing much of anything, the swelling is worse on some days but pain is horrible, my doctor has tried napyson but has failed to help, will I have to have surgery to get some relief? I am 72 years old, take calcium daily and my blood work is good, can you tell me what I can do to give me some relief.

Re:bone spurs - Sherry L. - Ringgold, Ga. []
I have a spur on my right heal. It has been hurting about a year. I have tried the cortizone shots. I am 52 years old and I know I need to lose weight. I take the magnesium pills, and calcium. I just started taking coral calcium. I read that whole milk is better so I am going to try that too. If anyone has any other advise please let me know.

Re:bone spurs - Caroline M. - Reading, PA []
Those in severe pain, give some seaweed pills a try and see if it helps. (I can't stand the taste of seaweed, but you could also try eating it). If I take 3 capsules of Sea Vegg, my heel spur pain is relieved for 12-24 hours. If it begins to hurt, I take 3 more seaweed capsules. It works better than Advil, Tylenol, etc. I'm not sure why it works, but it does!

Re:bone spurs - Shelia - Ashland []
I have spurs on my spin, severe pain, any help would be greatly appreciated 59 years old

Re:bone spurs - Brenda Virtue - Airdrie, Alberta, Canada []
I have bone spurs on both knees and on the bottom of my feet and both heels. I resolved most of the pain in my feet by wearing shoes with good arch support and by having orthotics made by a podiatrist. But now I am dealing with spurs in my knees and it is extemely painful. I do have arthritis in my knees and have been taking anti inflammatory meds. I am going for cortizone injections this week which will alleviate the pain for the short term. I am looking into surgery that is done with a lazer and requires very little recouperation time. A colleague of mine had the procedure before xmas and was back to work within a week and experienced no pain after coming out of surgery. She has been able to cut back most of the meds she was on. I take calcium and magnesium daily and glucosamine with chrondroitin. They help the arthritis but not the spurs. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Re:bone spurs - Brenda I. - Harrison, Ar. []
I have a spurr in my left heel. It is very painful. I was taking med. for it and it didn't help to much. What can I do?

Re:bone spurs - Tracey - Gainesville, FL []
Besides chiropractic, how do I heal the spurs pressing into the nerve of my lower spinal area? What other alternatives do I have? Will they ever go away? Sincerely, Tracey

Re:bone spurs - gaida - australia []
hi have spur in my foot & it hurts 24hours & i've took in each feet injection "courtison" but after 1month the pain came back as before & i've asked lots of doctors & people about it, what i would like to know is that true if i take b12 injection 3times a week for 3 or 4 weeks it helps & is it true that magnesium help??? i really appreciate ur reply. thanks

Re:bone spurs - Amy Klein - Nebraska []
I have bone spurs growing from the bones in my forehead growing towards my brain/my eyes are failin me, I have severe head. Al the time, But all I get from 4 differemnt doctors is they are not causing my pain in my head.Also these are not headaches. But head pain.An I also have q pineal cyst growing in the middle of my brain. They all still believe that either of these causing any of my head pains. Can any one explain this to me?

Re:bone spurs - matt - tennessee []
i have a bone spur and its big see i poped my shoulder back in june and i was wondering how long it usally takes to get a bone spur

Re:bone spurs - KELVIN - NEW JERSEY []
i have a cracked spur on my knee what should i do

Re:bone spurs - D.J. Royals - Oklahoma []
I have a bone spur in my neck that is pressing on a nerve causing a shooting pain down my arm. What can I do?

Re:bone spurs - S.R.FLOWERS - PENNSYLVANIA []
I have a heel spur in my r/foot.I got a series of 4 shots from the foot dr. but it has not help.what can i do the the pain.I work at the VA Medical,am on my feet alot.I take 600mg of calcium for my bones,I am 58 y/o female.Am i taking to much calcium,please can you help me.Thank You

Re:bone spurs - Ashley - Tuscaloosa, AL []
Xrays show early minimal degenerative marginal spurring. What does this mean?

Re:bone spurs - Anthony - Toronto []
I have two bone spurs in my hip. So painful that I cannot work or walk. If I do walk, it's with a cane and in severe pain. Can they be removed by laser or is surgery the only option? I'm so desperate for help. Thank you to anyone who has any advice. Thank you.

Re:bone spurs - Ginny - Cranston []
I'm 41 yrs. old, a runner, and work 40 hrs. a week standing, and walking on concrete for 8hrs a day. I've been diagnosed with a heal spur to the left heal. I have orthotics, I've had cort. shots, I'am still in great pain, and It's killing me that I'm not able to run. Please help!! The Dr. has suggested shock therapy, (not covered of corse) does anybody know anything about this??

Re:bone spurs - Ginny - Cranston []
I'm 41 yrs. old, a runner, and work 40 hrs. a week standing, and walking on concrete for 8hrs a day. I've been diagnosed with a heal spur to the left heal. I have orthotics, I've had cort. shots, I'am still in great pain, and It's killing me that I'm not able to run. Please help!! The Dr. has suggested shock therapy, (not covered of corse) does anybody know anything about this??

Re:bone spurs - lulul - oregon []
hi i am young and diagnosed with osteoarthritis, bones spurs and DDD and DJD in my cervical spine. can you recommend some products please? :)

Re:bone spurs - Betty - Mechanicsburg, PA []
I have much inflamation in my shoulder eg. cysts, bursitis, rotator tendonopathy, all due to bone spurs. What are my options and how to I prevent more?

Re:bone spurs - Phyllis Arredondo - Santa Clarita, Ca []
Ihave a sister that has spurrs on both heels and is in alot of pain. Her doctor has given cortoson shots and she is still in pain. What can she do to ease the pain?

Re:bone spurs - Dennis Harrison - Cementon, NY []
The site will be monitored on a daily basis, so input with improper wording or innuendo will either be edited (I reserve the right to do so, but ONLY for improper specific words – not, in any way to change a meaning; basically I want this site to remain a serious discussion forum and CLEAN). Obviously I cannot tolerate and will delete/modify, but also cannot not take responsibility for improper communication or meetings between members of the forum, etc. Did you break a bone or fracture a spine? – how did you do during recovery? Was your recovery normal, fast, slow, or miserably very, very slow (or non-existent). What medications were you taking (no matter how well you recovered)? Where you (especially) taking a Cox-2 inhibitor (such as Vioxx, Celebrex, etc.) or a Cox-1 inhibitor? How about a biophosphate such as FOSAMAX? – and which were taken at the same time? Was the healing very slow and the recovery miserable? What other prescription medications (or natural remedies) might you have had? Or maybe you had recovery problems and there is (are) indication(s) that it was a different medication inhibiting your recovery? Lastly, perhaps you were taking any of the above WHILE recuperating and you did great? Again, what was the medication and details of your successful and timely recovery? I would like to hear both sides. Actual, real life details and history are best. Speculation by some-one who does not have a genuine interest in this is not useful and will be discounted. I am not a physician, and all of the following is not medical advice. Furthermore, information relative to Merck and its actions are currently alleged, not generally nor finally proven. Information on any other companies, directly or by reference is not meant to be an allegation of any kind, but a way to communicate and help one understand the “whole picture”. While the drugs within their categories (Cox-1 or Cox-2 inhibitor) are very similar in many ways, the NSAIDS (either Cox-1 or Cox-2 inhibitors) are also all different – even if minor, and it cannot be casually predicted that since one impacts a certain way, the other one(s) will also. However, if you or some-one you know has a fractured bone and/or spine, in the past or now, that is SLOW in healing or NOT HEALING, and you take (or took) a Cox-2 inhibitor (Vioxx, Celebrex. etc. also known as specific NSAIDS) you should REALLY, really visit my BLOG - The same goes for the more common (now a days - as once was, since the removal of some Cox-2 inhibitors such as Vioxx) NSAIDS, termed Cox-1 inhibitors (such as Naproxen, Feldlene, Voltaren, etc. which are termed non-specific NSAIDS) . However, the alleged issues do not appear to be as significant as with Vioxx, Celebrex (etc. newer Cox-2 inhitors that are (and might be) easier on the stomach. I guess it can also simply come down to this - and in shorter wording. if you are recovering from a broken bone, fractured spine, etc. and whether you are doing well or having delayed healing, if you could let me know (via BLOG or email) about the recovery history AND what medications you are taking, – it would be very useful (my goals are below). I am trying to work the statute of limitations, on a National basis. Obviously, that is a major goal and difficult achievement. I am not a lawyer, and cannot represent anyone legally by any means – I am just hoping that an injunction can be ordered, or whatever it takes to get the statute extended another 6 months, so others can place their lawsuits. Obviously, I would only encourage serious lawsuits that you have great faith in, not something so obviously marginal and that did not impact you. Without some help, I will probably not succeed. If I get enough input I probably can if legally possible. Also, with enough input, quite possibly another approach, that of formal and real reasons for not meeting the date may allow individual extensions (that would seem to have a reasonable chance - but only if I get input). You will (or may) be shocked at what you read (i.e. the Vioxx bone inhibiting information and my alleged complaints against Merck) and my sad tale of spine/bone “recovery” which, allegedly, was dramatically and negatively impacted by a Cox-2 inhibitor (Vioxx). Thank You. Sincerely, Dennis Harrison

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I have recently been dignose with shoulder spur caused by calcium deposit. what are cause and how do I get rid of them

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VIOXX – (allegedly) more than breaking hearts… Merck may need to look behind its shoulder… a lawsuit filed may be the FIRST lawsuit of its kind – alleging that Vioxx inhibits, delays, and even PREVENTS bone/spine healing. Allegedly Merck ignored warnings and it should have been suspicious regardless. The statute of limitations is (mostly) ending. Several thousand likely don’t have a clue… Also, another Cox-2 inhibitor (Celebrex) still exists! Current users must become aware of this alleged (Cox-2 inhibitor) issue(s). Also, one cannot help but wonder about concurrent use of Cox-2 inhibitors and bio-phosphates (like Fosamax) in the past/current. BOTH interfere, with the natural healing (Vioxx) or regeneration (Fosamax) process. Fosamax lawsuits are accelerating. More detailed and alleged information is on Vioxx Blog or email history via or . February 02, 2005 - HSS Physicians Review Literature on the Safety of COX-2 Inhibitors…COX-2 inhibitors effect fracture healing and spine fusion… Journal of Bone Mineral Research 1999 Jun;14(6):969-79…initial immune response is crucial to fracture healing… The Plaintiff alleges that Merck skillfully, artfully, and successfully planned and created From Dennis Harrison on 2006-09-15 16:24 - Permalink

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A few years ago I was to an orthopedic surgeon and was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis - heal spurs. He sent me to a physical therapist. The physical therapy did not seem to effect the serious pain I was in. The physical therapist did suggest a night time sleeping splint. I had the pain in both feet, but one was much worse. I was skeptical to think this night time device would be of help. What it does is hold the foot in a slightly pulled back position. After you look at these night splints you might think, ohhh that is nuts I could never sleep with that on... well.... the pain was so great I was willing to give this a try. Within a few months the pain was totally GONE. I was thrilled to have a non-surgical way to take care of this problem. I would not just suggest one go out and order the splint. See your doctor and make sure just what your problem is, then ask them about the splint. If it's suggested through your doctor, it might be covered by medical insurance.

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What do you think of the cinnomon treatment for high cholestroland how would you take it. Please Advice. Also I will talk to the doctor about the spint.

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Perhaps you would be willing to help me. I have recently developed tender heels, and feel sure they are bone spurs. What dietary changes and/or natural remedies should I try? I have a low income , so expensive vitamins may not be a viable option.

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what should i do for bone spur on forehead - can it be removed what type of specialist?

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My mom (76 years of age) has spurs on her knees and bad knees. She is in constant pain but does not want surgery. Is there anything she can do naturally?

Re:bone spurs - William Petrocy - HIP [BILLPETROCY@YAHOO>COM]

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what can you do for the pain of kneed spurs, I am a hairdresser, and need to work...any quick fixes? im currently using blue emu rub, which isnt doing much,,thanks for any suggestions Denise

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I have spurs in both heels and work in a factory,I am always on my feet and have tryed most treatments with out any releaf.Could you please help me get rid of this pain any help would be grateful. kim

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I have a bony prominence on the back of my right heel/achilles area. Is that a bone spur? Does calcium and/or magnesium really work? I play racquetball and hope to be able to continue. Thank you.

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Wow! I am surprised that so many persons are suffering from very painful bone spurs! I have two bone spurs in one of my fingers and my hand surgeon wants to remove them. I really don't want to have surgery, so, I did a bit of research and found that Dr. John Christopher's BF and C (Bone, Flesh and Cartilage) product can remove bone spurs. Persons who use it take it orally and also make a tea from the capsules and soak a washcloth in it and lay it over (or around the finger, or?) the finger for an hour 2-3 times a day...there are persons who said that BF and C really does work. I am going to buy some and try it and I am going to add to it the recommendations here by Timothy Long. I am also wondering if magnets (using only the bioNorth side against the skin) will remove bone spurs? Anyone know?

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i received a fracture to my patella and also received a tear to my meniscus a year ago.ive lived with the the pain till now and i am now having it I am told i have degenerative spurs in the knee.Are the spurs coused by me not addressing the the tear or the fracture?I have no other joint problems.Thank You

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i too would like nutritional and supplement info in spurs in spine and hip! thanks

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I have been diagnosed with bone spur and spinal stenosis in c6 c7 range. Do I need surgery.

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My wife recently had her known foot bone spurs become problematic, and am reviewing this thread for additional answers (we have not tried anything other than brief medical and chiro so far). In my own experience: Around the early 80's, I had severe pain in my elbow when making the mistake of fully extending my arm. Doctor said it was tennis elbow (based on my then age of 30) and did nothing for it. This continued for about five months, when I decided to try using a strong magnet on it (pole used unknown) after ordering one. I used this for about 10 minutes and hesitantly tried my elbow. Much to my surprise, the pain was absent, and has been absent for the last 31 years. Most likely a tiny, but painful, bone spur was involved. I imagine with perserverance, one could help a bone spur with magnets which are strong enough...but I also imagine in most cases it would take awhile. Consider using visualization also (used in conjunction with the magnet in my case), as more and more of the medical community are recognizing that using the mind to affect the body is a valid mechanism and not only a psychological effect. For visualization, simply visualize the spur and tissue around it, and the blood vessels serving that tissue...then visualize the blood dissolving and transporting the problematic calcium spurs bit by bit away from the tissue and spur, and absorbing or ridding the body of the them. Sounds hokey, yes, but hokey does work at times. For the pain issue, you might try visiting We have purchased their very interesting CD series and utilized the technique for various pain. They use tapping energy meridians in conjunction with affirmations very very successfully. My wife is diabetic with peripheral neuropathy, and the neuropathy causes her tendons to tighten, pulling away tiny bits of bone, causing the bone spurs. It may or may not be possible to remedy this, but we intend to try whatever others find useful, as the doctor says she may lose her foot...and I think that is not the best "remedy." The recent exacerbation came from aqua aerobics class (bouncing off the bottom of the pool portion) at a fitness center. We get older and wiser, but not necessarily smarter. Just getting started! Good luck to all.

Re:bone spurs - Carla Esslinger - on top of right foot in the middle []
I am trying to find out about two bone spurs on the top of my right foot. I wondered if they did laser on spurs now? Thank you.

Re:bone spurs - mary - [snowflake622@gmail,comss]
i have chest pain /shoulder pain an back pain they are getting worse,i spent all i had on stress test they claim tha it not hartatcck

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So many desperate people here in pain. Please do try Ezorb. You can find it on the internet. After two years of suffering from heal spurs, tennis elbow (both arms), shoulder bursitis,chronic back pain, popping aching knees, just everything hurt-- I came across Ezorb on line. I was really skeptical because I' spent so much time and money searching for relief-- all sorts of creams, supplements, herbs, magnets, heel inserts, exercise programs,and pills. Just nothing was of significant relief. Then this winter, I launched myself off my porch stairs on a patch of ice. I dislocated my shoulder and cracked my hip. I'm 58--not good. I wanted my life back! Every day was a challenge of pain and exhaustion; every night's sleep broken by pain. I could not keep living on desperation and Advil. Anyway, I tried the Ezorb on a lark, figuring if it didn't work, it couldn't hurt, and I'd get my money back. WHAT I DID NOT EXPECT WAS MY LIFE BACK. It works!It really works! Not suddenly, but gradually. I was just walking up some stairs and noticed, "Hey, this wasn't so hard today! I can sleep on my side again! And then just sleeping! Everyday seems better with my whole body feeling both liquid in motion and solid too at the same time. This is on the level of a miracle to me. I am taking the double dose powder in oj. I've only been using the stuff about four months and the relief is profound. Nothing else I have tried touches these results. Apparently, many others have had great results. Check the web page. I know it seems somewhat expensive, but one dollar a day! You could blow more than that on a cup of coffee or a quart of gasoline (Ha Ha!). The list of conditions that this light-weight calcium helps is impressive. Hard to believe that bone and joint metabolism effect so many functions and are related to so many chronically debilitating conditions. I'm sitting here rejoicing and writing this, thanking God for being without pain again. My body feels unified and whole--as it did when I was younger--much younger! Please, all the suffering people here, try the Ezorb for a couple of months. If I can get it, I will use it for the rest of my life.

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i f pain in my heels. pls help

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I have been told my body does not assemliate calcium proberly. I have degenertave disc disease L4&5, 2 in middle of back and worse in my neck. Also I am told I need both hips replaced. Don't know what come first, the back causing me to walk different freezing up my muscles knee to pelvic or the hip spurs causing me to walk in such a way it did more irritation to my back. I know I have osteoarthritic as my hands and fingers are also in pain constantely.I am so opposed to surgery I am praying for a mericle and some to tell me how to get rid of the calcium spurs you call bone spurs and how to rebuild soft tissue in hips and the disc's between vertibra's. Please respone. I need help now. Please

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very bad heel spurs in right foot,my foot feels like it is half asleep all the time from the big toe up my leg to my knee,my hip is also in pain

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Thanks for the first piece of the good news - The pain in my heal can be bone spur. I can't afford the time and/or money to have surgery. Second part of the good news is for me to try digestable calcium. I'll keep you posted how it goes. I tried fish oil for another complaint and have not had any of that trouble since.

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spinal bone spur information. very very painful and debilitating. what can you do about them? i just started taking ezorb, and im also taking metazyme. what do you suggest, can these really be healed?

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Big spur on my left hip. I'm in a lot of pain as it also is restricting the motion. Cannot even sleep properly. Any advise on how to get rid of the pain without surgery is appreciated. Thanks for your help

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will swinging a golf club four days a week cause bone spurs on the spine.