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Calcium Causing Headaches

Calcium Causing Headaches

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calcium causing headaches - maxcat -
For the past four years, ingestion of calcium in any form , in foods or in supplements, has led to a headache. It is almost always on one side of the head, and it feels as if my head is becoming congested. Pain will go into the eye. I am so sensitive that even 80-100 mg of calcium will have this effect. Has anyone ever encountered such an effect? Calcium is such an important mineral that being unable to take it is troublesome.

Re:calcium causing headaches - jason -
A couple of questions come to mind. First, do you get this reaction when you eat Calcium rich foods, such as dairy products, almonds, leafy greens, broccoli, etc.? What forms of Calcium have you taken? Have you ever had your level of Calcium checked, such as with a hair analysis or Urinalysis (as per Dr. Howard Loomis)? The only people I have seen that may have gotten a headache from taking Calcium are those that were deficient in alkaline minerals (primarily Magnesium and Potassium). Hope this helps. Jason

Re:calcium causing headaches - Timothy Long - []
Good answer Jason, thanks. I want to add that adequate Vitamin D and Magnesium are very important for the body to utilize the calcium and bring it into the bone. It is not a good idea to just take calcium. Taking calcium is over-hyped and many people do not need it, though most people I work with need magnesium and vitamin D. See Premier Magnesium (glycinate) and our Cardiovascular Research Magnesium Taurate, these are both excellent well absorbed forms of magnesium. And see our Premier Vitamin D3 Serum and Pure Encapsulations Vitamin D.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Timothy Long - []
Also, I would avoid aspartates and oxides.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Diane - Long Beach, CA
I recently had my thyroid and 3 parathyroid glands removed. I am taking both thyroid and calcium supplements (2000 mg daily. In the last two days I've had a horrendous headache on the left side of my head. Could it be that I'm taking too much calcium? Or, not enough thyroid (65 mg. daily is my current dose)?

Re:calcium causing headaches - Brandie - OK
I recently started taking calcium and it gave me a headache also. I continued and the headache gradually got better. I was very deficient in calcium and I think that it was sort of a shock to me system to finally get something it really needed. Now I haven't even experienced a migraine since I got over the beginning headache. I was a chronic migraine sufferer.

Re:calcium causing headaches - -
To maxcat I too had the same reaction to taking calcium supplements. I had pain almost constantly on the left side of my head. The pain was on my temples when trying to sleep at night. After reading your statement, I stopped taking Caltrate and immediately the headaches vanished. Thank you so much! My GP had not made this connection, so I was very happy to have found help another way!

Re:calcium causing headaches - margaret - indiana
I have had sick migraines and found when I quit taking calcium/d/magnesium, my headaches left. I started taking Caltrate and the headaches came back, feels like an axe in my head behind my right ear. My dr. says it is the magnesium. My dr. gets headaches when he drinks dasani bottled water, he checked it out and there is magnesium in the water. Hope this helps someone out with headaches.

Re:calcium causing headaches - elizabeth - Ohio
Wow!! I am so glad to hear that others have had this same reaction to calcium and headaches. I was beginning to think that I was nuts!! I get the headaches when I take calcium in ANY form. Any suggestions??? I know that I must be calcium deficient because I rarely can intake calcium without the ferocious headache!!

Re:calcium causing headaches - Patricia - New Jersey
I have osteoporosis in my left hip (PREmenopausal)therefore I have been perscribed Fosomax once a week as well as 1800mg of calcium/day. This is my first week of taking both supplements and I have a screaming headache radiating from my left temple to my frontal lobe. Does anyone have a remedy since I must take the calcium in order to increase bone mass. Also am on 250mg of synthroid due to hypothyroidism (although I still have my thyroid, it virtually does not work). ANy suggesting would be greatly appreciated.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Mel - Gering, NE
Started taking a calcium supplement. I have headaches all the time. But have been able to get rid of them with migraine excedrin. Could not get rid of this headache. Until I quit the supplement. My wife also gets the headache when she takes calcium supplement. Anybody have any idea how we get our calcium without supplements or milk. I am exteremely allergic to milk.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Jonelle - Utica, NY
I have been a migraine sufferer since I was about 10 and was diagnosed 3 years ago with classic migraine with aura. I get the visual disturbance before the onset and would get one of these terrible headaches maybe once a year. 7 months ago I became pregnant and have suffered with terrible heartburn. Because of the pregnancy, I am only allowed Tums. There are days when I have to take 6-10 tums over a day's time to make the burning subside. I have had 3 horrible classic migraines in the past 3 months and am now wondering if they are being triggered by the high doses of calcium as I never have taken Tums previously in my life. Hope to get some feedback and good luck to everyone.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Elizabeth -
Jonelle: Hang in there. It helps me to know there are alot of us who cannot take the supplements. I am trying different things but haven't found any answers yet. Hopefully we can get some answers sometime.

Re:calcium causing headaches - LeeAnn - Culpeper, Va
It all makes sense now... Lol!

Re:calcium causing headaches - eva - santa fe
Just try drink raw goat milk and eat raw cheese. They have a lot of enzymes. They do not cause headaches.

Re:calcium causing headaches - gigg - CA
I have been preventing migraines for several years now after reading about supplementing with some B vitamins and calcium and magnesium. The material I read stressed to take twice the magnesium as calcium. Most vitamin supplements do the opposite. They do twice the calcium to magnesium. I think the problem is that there is a delicate balance to these two and you need to try to experiment a bit to see what may work for your body. Also different types of calcium will be absorbed in the body differently. I take 50 mcg of vitamin B-12 and between 100 - 200 mg of B-6 (careful about taking that much for very long) The magnesium I used to take roughly 300 mg and only 150 of calcium. Recently increasing my calcium significantly so I am experimenting now with the proper balance with magnesium and the other minerals to find the right mix.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Dana - Melbourne
I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroditis prior to diagnosis i have been suffering with headache for 3 weeks and is still not improving please help

Re:calcium causing headaches - Barbara - Texas
I'm so glad I found this discussion. I've been having terrible headaches since I've begun taking calcium supplements. Will try to reduce the amount & see if that helps.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Jari - Minnesota
So that is why I am getting these all day headaches. Thanks to all of you. Because now I don't have to suffer with them anymore. I will find other ways to get my daily supplement of Calcium, one that doesn't require taking those "give me a headache" pills.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Paige - Melbourne Florida
I have just started taking calcium supplements because my fingernails peel. I have been on a multi-vitamin for a couple of years but it hasn't done anything for my nail problem. I read the bottle and found it has very little calcium and someone recommended taking a calcium supplement. I just started taking it and only half the recommended amount and I have had headaches and I never have headaches. I drink milk and eat dairy products and never have this problem. Why would a supplement do this? I will stop taking them and see what happens but the only thing I have changed is the supplement. It is a mystery to me. Any thoughts?

Re:calcium causing headaches - Nancy - CT
I too began to take calcium supplements and got horrible headaches. I finally realized that when I stop taking the supplements the headaches go away. I get a terrible headache on the right side of my head. I thought I was crazy, since everyone is always saying how important it is to take calcium supplements. I am relieved to hear that others encounter the same thing as I do. Thank you.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Rosaline - TX
I am 10 weeks pregnant and have suffered from migraines for years. I have a headache nearly every day now. I too am taking calcium supplements as I can't tolerate much dairy products. Today I found this site and now I think the headaches are worse because of the calcium supplements. I need the calcium for the baby but can't cope with the headaches. Has anyone else been in my position and what helped them?

Re:calcium causing headaches - randee - california
I have read in some places we should not take supplemental calcium. We get plenty in our diets. It is the magnesium we need. There is a book called Perfect Bones by Pamala Levin. I am not advocating any products. The book helps us understaned some of the dynamics of bone building. There are also some tests that tell bone turnover rate. I've heard that the bone scans are not always totally reliable.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Kate - colorado
I googled "calcium suppliments headache" and here I am. I'm 44, I was given fosamax and told to take calcium after a dexascan. Soon after starting I had terrible chest pain and stopped the medication but continued the calcium. I got killer headches and started on a downward slide. Soon I was diagnosed with a parathyroid adenoma. I was scheduled for surgery. My urine output increased and I was spilling large amount of calcium in 24 hour collection samples.--So I was given a diuretic to take. I stopped everything and am finally starting to feel good again - not spilling calcium and no more headaches. I don't know what to do about my bones - I'm afraid of all calcium suppliments; I've tried all kinds.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Kate - colorado
spelling mistake - supplements - very late - thanks to anyone with information to help

Re:calcium causing headaches - Serena - Alberta, Canada
Hi, I am trying to take calcium supplements for my health, but I too experience a headache that lasts a few hours every time I have my supplement! I don't experience this when I have dairy products so i'll have to rely on those. The calcium I was taking was 600 mg, with 200 iu vitamin D included as well. It is from an oyster shell source it says on the bottle. Maybe my body can't tolerate it from that source. Anyhow, nice to know i'm not the only one who experiences this!

Re:calcium causing headaches - Connie - New Hampshire
Just discovered inadvertantly that a Cal/Mag/Zinc Supplement made by Healthy Ideas has been giving me excruciating headaches for months now; soon as I stopped taking this, no more headaches. Anyone else tried this brand? Bottle has no address or phone number for company;purchased it at local grocery store. Would like to have it analyzed if I knew where to go.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Anna - Wellington, NZ
I also get headaches with calcium/magnesium tablets and magnesium straight tablets. Will be checking levels out for signs of deficiency to see why there is such a bad migraine reaction. Thanks for the sharing of notices.

Re:calcium causing headaches - -
Well not only have I heard that supplements are horrible for you, but I have also heard that too much Calcium is too. It is only countries in North America who suffer from Osteoporosis, which many of us are so afraid of getting. But it is also North American countries who drink MORE MILK and consume more dairy than ANY COUNTRY in the world. Drinking milk from an animal is not natural, therefore taking in that much calcium is not natural either. That is why I think we're getting headaches - our body is trying to tell us something. And yes, just eat foods rich in Calcium if you have a deficiency. If you are just worried about getting Osteoporosis, I wouldn't. Osteoperosis is caused by TOO MUCH Calcium. The more mik you drink, the more calcium your bones absorb. And the more calcium they absorb, the more calcium your bones will expel. When your bones do this, it creates little holes in your bones, eventually making them fragile - hence, Osteoporosis. Highest Osteoporosis rates in the world - America. Highest milk consumption in the world - America. Diets rich in green vegetables (preferably raw), lots of fruits, lots of raw nuts (Brazil nuts are KEY), and whole grains will provide you all the nutrients you need. I follow this advice daily and I have not gotten sick OR had a migraine for 2 and a half years!

Re:calcium causing headaches - Ang - Alberta
I have been taking calcium,magnesium and zinc by Lifetime. I have also been having terrible migraines. The aura and all. Going to try and quit my supplements. Hope it works for me too. I never thought calcium as the culprit. Interesting.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Ang - Alberta
It's me again. Guess what? I stopped taking the calcium, magnesium and zinc as I mentioned and I haven't had a migraine since. It has been 2 weeks. Can you beleive it!? I am shocked!!!

Re:calcium causing headaches - moa - ireland
I also suffered from headaches when taking Calcium Caltrate supplements however I have just started taking Floradix Calcium Supplement( liquid drink) and thankfully no headaches!

Re:calcium causing headaches - Carolyn MD ND - New York
Found your forum and intrigued by this thread. I wrote a book on magnesium with a section on magnesium as a treatment FOR migraines. It may have to do with the types of minerals used. When my clients have trouble absorbing or metabolizing calcium and magnesium I tell them to drink nettle infusion. Here's a link that mentions nettles and how to make it. Nettles alone have improved bone densities in clients with osteoporosis.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Rhonda - Ontario, Canada
I also get a headache verytime i take calcium tablets and i get it just above my right eye and temple, then it follows with a feeling of getting sick.Anyone else?

If calcium intake is causing headaches, try these products to improve your body's ability to absorb and utilize calcium!

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Re:calcium causing headaches - carrie - Minnesota
Whoa-Now thats so many people with the same problem. The first time I found a correlation with headaches and minerals was with Chromium- now calcium also. Possibly Iron too but am afraid to try it because I dont want a another headache Only one answer given here- possibly infused nettles. Anybody have any ideas- I'm low on iron and calcium. I know the iron has helped my sleep. Maybe we arent drinking enough water?

Re:calcium causing headaches - Roni - Brooklyn
I have had migraines all my life, but recently, when given large doses of Magnesium for restless leg, they have become daily and wake me up in the night. I have stopped the Magnesium but have continued the headaches. I also take Cal supplements. Any suggestions?

Re:calcium causing headaches - brynn - provo utah
About 2 weeks ago I increased my intake of calcium becuase I had a complete hysterectomy and after 10 or more attempts to take estrogen and getting violent migraines, I went off of it. The doctor said I needed to take 1200 ml a day of calcium. Again, migraines. I'm done with both, and headaches are gone. I might break bones later on, but the quality of life is a lot more important to me. Anyone who disagrees, has not ever had migraines.

Re:calcium causing headaches - patti - texas
I just started magnesuim caltrate with calcium again and both times have had horrible migraines and tension like headaches. Going off today. I usually suffer 1-2 migraines a month not all day and everyday like this stuff makes me feel. Thought I was the only one.

Re:calcium causing headaches - judi - nc
Calcium caused headaches may be hyperparathyroidism. Have your PTH and calcuim levels checked.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Rich - Ireland
From taking calcium supplements I get headaches on both sides of my head. Also, my head feels kind of congested and I can't seem to think straight. It's really strange. I guess it's just another example of why you shouldn't take supplements. Your body just wasn't designed for them.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Marshmallow6 -
To Kate, i am having similar problems with calcium, did you end up getting your adenoma removed and are you better now? if you dont want to discuss on this site could you please email me? thanks!

Re:calcium causing headaches - Marshmallow6 -
ps i really need help!

Re:calcium causing headaches - Deedee - Florida
I can't believe what I am reading after stumbling on this site!! After slipping on a wet tile floor and having total hip replacement surgery, my doctor did a follow up on a bunch of tests and decided I have osteopenia (if not treated turns into osteoporosis). He increased my calcium to 1500 mgms per day and I am having an awful time with daily headaches. There are too many people responding to this for it to be a coincidence. I will stop the calcium and see what happens.

Re:calcium causing headaches - C. - Atlanta
Calcium supplements will give some people headaches. I took 1 pill of 1000 mg. of a calcium supplement, and within about an hour, I and had the most horrible headache I had ever had in my life. My head hurt so bad that I soon began throwing up. I called my aunt, and luckily for me, she knew that calcium supplements can give people headaches. She told me to stop the calcium supplement, which I did. Two days later (after many tylenol pills) the headach was gone. I never have headaches, so I know it was the calcium supplement. However, I need the calcium to help lower my blood pressure. Does anyone know what type of calcium supplement won't give me the headache?

Re:calcium causing headaches - Shelly Whitlock - Dallas TX
I took TUMS and got headaches. But I didn't tell anyone because no one would believe me. Most of the vitamins I try to take give me a headache.....

Re:calcium causing headaches - CeeCee - NY
I was having severe headaches that lasted all day.. I finally figured it was the calcium supplements that I was taking.. stopped the calcium and stopped the headaches.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Becky - Charlotte
After reading these posts I had to ask for help. My daughter has no working parathyroids due to 3 surgeries due to an arterial tumor, and is being directed by her surgeon to take 3000 mg of calcium a day. Her calcium is normal as of yesterday (9.1) but she's having extreme headaches, muscle aches, and hasn't felt good in weeks. Is there any alternative for her to get the calcium that she needs without taking the pills? We've tried Tums and calcium pills w/vit. D. She's only 15 and has basically withdrawn from her life due to this. Any suggestions would be truly appreciated. Her surgeon thinks there's no connection between the two and how she's feeling but I don't agree.....

Re:calcium causing headaches - Suellen - Wichita, KS
I have also been getting severe headaches when taking calcium, especially on the left side. The headache is coupled with sinus pressure and stuffiness on the left side. I've been taking a caltrate-type supplement and also taking Natural Calm magnesium supplement. Can anyone give me any insight as to why calcium would cause these headaches - they're just awful. Would love to hear from you. Thanks!

Re:calcium causing headaches - Tom - California
Becky in Charlotte: No parathyroids here either! But enough about me. Here's the ticket for your daughter. The trick is not only to put calcium into the blood with supplements but to make the CA usable. Divide the 3000 mg of CA into three doses per day, 8 hours apart. Take magnesium with the CA (250 mg.) each time; for better assimilation still, take a zinc tab and a potassium tab. Optional: take a multi-mineral supplement as other minerals help with calcium assimilation. These steps are not controversial, just best practices. Get a prescription from an endocrinologist for 50,000 Int'l. Units/day [sic!] of Vitamin D (Calciferol). The critical parts above are keeping CA circulating by spreading the dose, replacing the parathyroid function with massive Vitamin D (This is not optional. Forget about the small amounts considered normal recommendations for people w/o parathyroid damage.), and the magnesium, to help absorption. Note that you are asking the surgeon a question that may make him/her uncomfortable. Further, the surgeon might say that if he were not an endocrinologist. One more thing: the symptoms suggest possible hypothyroidism; have the endocrinologist order a blood test. Looking at it another way, the CA is not causing the headaches -- the surgeon is right. And your daughter would be worse off without the CA supplement. However, the surgeon's recommendation appears to have been incomplete, but understandable, as surgeons are not normally endocrinologists.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Natalie - IL
I can't believe what I am reading! I have suffered with migraines for 6 years! The unbearable pain everyone is describing is exactly what I have! I thought it was stress related. I'm a teacher, and I never get a migraine in the summer! =) But I've had one every day for for a month now, and I realized I had bought a new multi-vitamin. I couldn't figure out why my migraines were 10 times worse than ever! I know for me stress definately triggers them, as well as lights. I have not had any dairy products for 3 days- and NO headache! I'm done with multi-vitamins. Why aren't doctors talking about this!!!! No Dr. has ever mentioned this connection. I have been suffering and crying for 6 years. I hope I have found the answer. Now- what do I do about not being able to take in calcium? Thanks for the info!

Re:calcium causing headaches - gwynne - nc
I have exactly the same symptoms. The headache over the left eye that feels like congestion. I am allergic to dairy, but I cheat once in a while and the headache is awful. Even more concerning is that I get it with calcium supplements and even with foods such as spinach and cauliflower. I am so worried about what the future holds with almost no calcium in my diet. Doctors just look at me like I am crazy when I explain this.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Sue - Pennsylvania
Wow! I suffer from migraines and have started going to a chiropractor and diet guru(?). He suggested a calcium supplement and the first day I took it, I had the worst headache in years. No more calcium supplements- I eat healthy enough... Nice to know Im not alone!

Re:calcium causing headaches - Dorothy - Arizona
I was googling headaches and calcium and found this group. Have just been suspecting the cause of my headaches. The answer to not being able to support bones without it may be proper treatment of hypothyroidism. Natural dessicated thyroid contains calcitonin which does manage that. Many people find synthetic Thyroid hormone inadequate, resulting in bone loss, overweight and/or much else.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Jodi - Ohio
I started taking calcium a few weeks ago at my Dr's advice. I used to take some made from oyster shell and they made me very sick. I am sensitive to any seafood. So I tried another kind this time. After about a week on the suppliments I started having very bad headaches. All on the right side of my head. I thought it was sinus issues. On my own I decided to stop the suppliments just to see if it made a difference. My husband was studying the subject and found this site. I hope I stumbled on a solution on my own that this site has substantiated. Today is my first day off the calcium so I will let you know if it works for me.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Ann - New Jersey
Has anyone ever tried just elemental magnesium, without the additional calcium? I was told that it was the calcium that caused the headache not the magnesium. I am wondering if I should just get magnesium by itself. I know that calcium is already added to a lot of foods, and pretty easy to get without the supplementaion.

Re:calcium causing headaches - S. Sakuma - Los Angeles
I was shocked to realize that taking calcium gave me headaches. I tried the usual: citrate, carbonate, etc. The only form I'm able to take is calcium orotate. It's more expensive but it's more easily assimilated than the other forms. Magnesium in any form has never caused a headache for me. I take about 340-400mg regularly and calcium orotate sporadically since I believe I'm getting enough CA through food. I'm also taking silica (horsetail herb) and zinc. It seems that strontium and Vitmin D3 (2000 iu or more) work for building bones if you are worried about bone loss.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Rob - New Zealand
I have had severe headaches for the past 4 weeks, had all test done blood and CT head scan but nothing found. Never had headaches in my life. Been using Calcium/Mag for 4 month no problem but because could not get the usual calcium I changed brands to Cal/Mag/zinc after 2 weeks use I started to get headaches, it continued and by the process of elimination I came to the conclusion that this brand of Calcium supplement was causing it. Stopped using it and within 3 days was clear of headaches.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Bobbid - Ohio
I had my thyroid removed a week ago and the Dr started me on over 3000 mg a dayl...this will lessen as my parathyroids start to function, but the headaches are horrendous.. I took at least 10 tylenols yesterday.In the hospital I was getting IV's of Calcium, HELP!!

Re:calcium causing headaches - Mallory - California
I can't believe it! I've been taking calcium +D supplements on the advice of my doctor for a month and have had headaches every day for the past 3 weeks on the right side of my head. Yesteday I went out of town and forgot to take the calcium -- NO HEADACHE! Like most of you here, I need to find a calcium supplement I can tolerate. Good grief!

Re:calcium causing headaches - Jennifer - Idaho
I was so suprised to find this information. I get migraines but hadn't had one in several years. Suddenly, I found myself with 3 in one month. The only thing I could think of that I had changed was my calcium supplement. I was taking "Green Calcium" for awhile without any problems. Then I switch to a cal/mag whole food supplement and starting getting migraines. I am glad that I found this information and rest easy knowing that if I stop the cal/mag supp my migraines will stop as well. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences.

Re:calcium causing headaches - Karen - Georgia
I'm So glad I found this. I too googled calcium and headache. I have tried calcium supplements before and thought it was causing headaches, but thought I was crazy. My oncologist GAVE me some right off her desk 3 days ago, because I told her I couldn't take calcium, they were gummy vitamins. I took a few each day and I have yet to get rid of my headache. I haven't had any today at all and will not take them again. I too, am worried about bone loss and have osteopenia as well. But I cannot function with the pain. (rt temple, bad congestion, and back of head)Awaiting a refill of imitrex just to get rid of the migraine.

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