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Can Pregnenolone Help All Hormones

Can Pregnenolone help all Hormones?

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Can Pregnenolone help all Hormones? - Barb -
From what I have read on your website, I get a strong impression that Pregnenolone could possibly replace Hormones that we are lossing as we get older? If that is true would it also make a persons Body make progesterone, estrogen,and tegesterone that are missing as we get older, and do it safer than DHEA since pregnenolone is a colestrerol....(sorry about the spelling). My Doctor wants me to take Estrogen replacement. I am not going to do this. I think Estrogen is dangerous but the Doctors tell us that we should replace Estrogen to keep our Heart and Body healthy after we are in Menopause....But from what I am reading here pregnenolone seems to make all hormones that are needed in our bodies and would do it safely.What is your Honest opinion on what I have ask you. Thank you so much for your information here and for answering me when you have the time. Barb

Re:Can Pregnenolone help all Hormones? - Timothy Long - []
It is my honest opinion that estrogen is very dangerous and causes cancer. Telling women it is good for their heart is a crime. One day when women are better educated on this subject, the medical establishment is going to pay a very high price for pushing estrogen on women all these years. I would not use DHEA either, though it is safer than estrogen. Pregnenolone is the mother to all these hormones, and yes your body can use it to convert into DHEA, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, etc, as the body needs. However, addressing thyroid and diet/nutritional concerns is the very first and wisest approach. I would like best to see no hormones used to correct hormone imbalances. In my practice I use the naturopathic approach. I correct basic diet and nutritional imbalances. I help the body to heal and balance itself. Stress reduction, resolving emotional and spiritual issues is also of high importance. Measuring and replacing hormones is primative. It is bad science. And is causing a lot of cancer and disease. It is also very important to detox your liver and gallbladder. See Premier Liver and Gallbladder supplements. Also see Extended Health Liver Support Formula.

Re:Can Pregnenolone help all Hormones? - Barbara Sue -
Thank you Dr. Long I do take thyroid medication already and if I am reading this article correctly that you wrote , you believe that Pregnenolone can replace all the hormones that our bodies needs.That is Wonderful News! Dr. Long is there a Differance in Good and Bad Grade's of Pregnenolone or are all Pregnenolone products equal? Sorry so many question, you know I think you are Brillant. Can you please answer this what make a Women start growing hair above her upper lip, once she has gone through menopause, no periods at all anymore,is it a imbalance of Hormone's and to much Tesgesterone like a Man's bodie produces? I myself believe it is a imbalance of a Women's Hormones and feel that since we are making much less Estrogen, if any, and we are tesgestrone dominate, because we start losing hair , getting hair on our face. Thank you so much for your Time and Wonderful advice. Barbara Sue~

Re:Can Pregnenolone help all Hormones? - Timothy Long - []
Dear Barbara, Pregnenolone is a safe way to help correct hormonal imbalances in men and women. Thyroid and diet are also very important factors to consider in all hormonal imbalances. So is the health and function of your liver. Hair on the upper lip occurs in some women with hormonal imbalances, especially later in life. It is the imbalance we are concerned with, not too little estrogen. Usually there is not enough progesterone. You can also apply Progest E externally to the site where there is too much hair. Every women's body has individual needs so I cannot be more specific here as to what to do. Also, please do not refer to me as 'doctor' because I am not a medical doctor, and it can be misleading for some people. Thanks.

Re:Can Pregnenolone help all Hormones? - Timothy Long - []
Oh, I forgot to say, no, all pregnenolone is not created equal. I forget all the details, but much of it is not pure. This is true of so many supplements. I recommend Dr. Marshall's Premier Pregnenolone. Read about it in my web catalog.

Re:Can Pregnenolone help all Hormones? - Pat - KY
I believe that Hormone Replacement Therapy is dangerous, However, My doctor is recommending that I start taking pregnenolone as it is a natural substance according to him. I have a tendancy toward blood clots and have been told by numerous researchers and doctors not to use HRT. Is Pregnenolone different and would there be some monicum of safety in my taking it. I have been diagnosed with autoamune disorder and a reverse T3 thyroid problem. What are your thoughts on this? Anxiously awaiting your response. Thanks you.

Re:Can Pregnenolone help all Hormones? - Diana - Michigan
I also am not taking estrogen replacement and looking for an alternative but will pregnenolone make my already thin head of hair fall out even more?

Re:Can Pregnenolone help all Hormones? - Timothy Long - []
Please read the article on Pregnenolone by Dr Raymond Peat in my Health Library to put your worries to rest concerning pregnenolone and other natural hormone replacement, including progesterone and estrogen.

Re:Can Pregnenolone help all Hormones? - louise - grand junction, co.
What are the symtoms of autoamune?

Re:Can Pregnenolone help all Hormones? - Elizabeth - Oregon
I am not clear on what you reccommend to women who are taking thyroid medication. I am taking armor thyroid (60 mg) but just started taking Pregnenolone. I stopped the thyroid medication as I assumed this product would also help the thyroid. I have noticed increased energy levels and clearer brain function but I also notice my heart pounding at times. Any thoughts? Thanks so much for your help, Elizabeth in Oregon

Re:Can Pregnenolone help all Hormones? - lynette - beaumont, texas
this preg seems like it could be the answer to my concerns. but i have once worry, will it make my hair thin if taken as directed. i am post radical hyst for 7 years, with no relief in sight don't expect miracle, just a little relief since i am 50, work two jobs and don't have insurance any infor will be appreciated...thanks