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Cancer of the Esophagus

Cancer of the esophogus

Cancer of the esophogus - Carol -
I have a friend, 75, who has cancer of the esophagus. He is having trouble getting food down and keeping it down. Does anyone have any ideas about the kinds of foods, solid or liquid that he could ingest? The danger is that he will waste away due to poor nutrition or choke on food that can't go all the way through.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Barbara Sue~ -
Carol I know there are many drinks that he could buy,that are fortified with Vitamins, but I believe the best thing to do it buy a Good Blender and mix up food for him so he can drink his food. My Sis had her mouth wired shut and she drink every meal through a straw for months. She would just add broth to meant that was chopped up very well, and you can also put in afew cooked eggs , add to it whatever he likes. Just makes sure it is thinned out with Broth, Water, Milk, or Juice. Also call the Health Food store the can also help you. God Bless Sincerely, Barbara

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Carol -
Thanks, Barbara Sue. My friend is in danger of choking on food because the cancer is blocking his stomach. The solids or liquids reverse direction because they can't get through to the stomach. He can get protein shakes down, but he is rapidly losing weight and I'm worried that he will get dangerously thin. I'm thinking that some physio-emotional work might be in order. He has been a very resisting type personality. Not able to "stomach" the way things are. Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Timothy Long - []
Try a good meal replacement powder like Therazyme SRB, a greens supplement like Quantum Greens Mix, and Noni.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - -
Ask the doctor about a feeding tube. That is what is keeping my mom alive during and after treatment. Her doctor wants her to keep it for two months after treatment. She gets cans of Jevity Plus. Good Luck, God Bless.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - - William deBoer []
I had half of my stomach and all of my espophogus removed. I am now taking chimo and radiation for the cancer cells that could not be removed surgically. I was taking ensure when I could not eat solid foods. It is a meal replacement. Since the surgery I can eat anything now. I was operated on by Dr Young at St Joe"s Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario. May 29,2001.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - sherrie - south carolina []
I have a daughter who has had esophogus problems since she was 14. Recently they wrapped her stomach around her esophogus in an attempt to stop the acid reflux. She now has diarreah and when she attempts to eat, she feels bloated. What can she eat? Is there a recommended diet?

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Lisa - Kentucky []
my dad had cancer and had the surgery. Before that he coudlnt eat. He could only hold down milkshakes. We would blend them with Carnation instant breakfast and ovaltine malt. The doctor said the best thing is to drink Boost Plus. to get the calories and proteins he needs. He lost over 50lbs.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Lisa - Kentucky []
ensure plus was the best thing to use to replace meals. My dad is going through chemo and radiation now and is doing great. He can eat anything now except spicy foods. They took his whole esophogus. He had surgery in Louisville, Kentucky by Dr. Gerold Temes. He is great and very personable.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - LINDA HOLLANDER - ny []
My son has sever stenosis of the esophogus and is facing numerous endoscopies over the next year, If the treatments are not effective he may need to have the esophogus removed and replaced with a peice of his colon. I need information on this type of surgery.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Lyndsay Barbour - Radford, Va []
Sorry about your friend! i am 22 and my dad just died at the young age of 49 from this terrible disease!! he was diagnosed in stage 4 which only gave him a 15% survival chance!! if found early, this can be avoided!! he had trouble eating and the only suggestions i have that helped him was milkshakes!! his chemo also shrank the tumor so he could eat solid foods..maybe after treatment your friend can eat too!! hope eveything goes well!! god bless you and your friend! :)

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Pam - Florida []
My mother died of cancer of the esophogus at the early age of 49, 12yrs ago. My father-in-law just found out today that he has a tumor at the top of his stomach on his esophogus. They did a biopsy and we are waiting the results. When my mother had this cancer there wasn't much hope and radiation was her only option. My question is: What are some of the newest proceedures and what are the odds? I am so scared, going through this again.Thanks

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Rose - Phila []
My 51 year old husband has just finished chemo and radiation following an esophojectomy (removal of his esophogus) Nov 2001. He can now eat almost anything he wants although his appetite isn't like it once was and has gone from 213 to 166 lbs. He was operated at Univ of Pa by Dr. Rosato and used a feeding tube to supplement his meals following his surgery, but even Ensure tended to give him diarrehea. This was all caused by Barretts Esophogus/Acid Reflux. This is an awful cancer and wish you the best.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - tracey - new jersey [munks61]
my mom, age 72 has been diagnosed with esophogas cancer. Food was always getting stuck in her throat and she finally decided to seek help. We are now in the process of finding out the stage of the cancer and what treatment is available. Meanwhile were very frustrated trying to find something somewhat solid to get her to eat so she can stop starving. The puddings , yogurts, and meal supplement drinks are just not helping her extreme hunger and as everyone else, she is getting so thin and week.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Todd - New Haven []
My 76 yr. old Father was just diagnosed with this esophogus cancer and they propose removing the entire esophogus after agressive chemo and radiation.Is this common procedure?Where can I find any more information about this disease?I'll be speaking with the oncologist this week and I'll want to ask all the right questions. Thank you in advance

My mother-in-law is having difficulty swallowing and may be facing a GED TEST. Can you give me more information on this and explain the procedure. We have been to a therapist and had some swallowing tests run and her gastroenrologis will view these tests and decide if the GED is necessary. Would appricatiate any info on this. Thank you.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - gloria shapiro - Pgh.Pa. []
My esoophogus was removed because of cancer. Operation was successful, but I have terrible acid reflux, causing dry mouth and burning tongue.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Rachelle Marlowe - Missouri []
My grandfather was diagnosed with cancer of the esophogus, and also in his lymph nodes. He has lost over 40 lbs. And absolutely can not eat meat at all. He actually has problems eating almost everything.He takes liquid vitamins that are called "Oxy-Gen" and he says that it helps, give him the vitamins and protein that he is not able to get through foods. Maybe some of you should try it. And if anyone else knows of anything please let me know

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - susan caie - Burlington, Ontario []
My husband just found out his Dad has cancer of the esophogus and it has also spread to his liver. They said it is inoperable but he will be given chemo in 2 weeks in London. We have no idea how serious this is yet. Can anyone tell me please. Thanks

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Frances E. Moreno - Sacramento []
My doctor found cancer in my esophogus..and he says he has to operate, but if its small enough, he could just try radiation ...first..Is there anything else that I could try before having the operation? My doctor wants to operate by the 10th of Dec. It is now, Nov. 21,2002...Please give me some choices.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Lim - Singapore []
My dad is 69 and had cancer on his lungs and liver. He had went for biopsy on his lung and was told by the doctor that his cancer over his lungs is in the advance stage and suggest to go for chimo. The third day of his treatment, he is behaving adnormally. He is having diarrohea and after going to the gents, he just walk out naked. Are all this the side effects? Are there anything that I can help to prevent or are there anything worse than taht will happen in the later stage?

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - gubi -
Hi Lim, I feel sorry for you and your dad. There could be several explanations to you dad's behavior: 1. He could possibly have metastases in his brain. 2. He might have had stroke. the above 2 possibilities can be examined by Catscan. 3. Is your dad taking pain medication? if he takes narcotics, he might be one of those people who experience a paradoxical effect to these medications, and should be taken off them. Up to a certain level of pain, there are other alternative pain killers available. Anyway, you should discuss this issue with the doctors, and see what they offer. Re:Cancer of the esophogus - MaryKay - Detroit []
The doctor found abnormal cells in my husbands esophagus and plans on removing it.The cells weren't cancer so why should it be removed. I'm afraid he will have more problems by getting his esophagus removed instead of some other treatment.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Gubi - Israel
Hi maryKay, Firdt thing first. Get a proper diagnosis from the doctors as to what exactly your husband has. It could be a benign growth, it could be precancerous cells etc. You must find out precisly what it is before you make any decisions. Don't let the doctors rush you into making decisions regarding biopsy, surgery etc. In many instances,operating and removing the growth, may only metastesize these cells even further. One good idea is for the two of you to do some research on alternative treatment using books and the internet, and then make a decision. Best of health, Gubi Re:Cancer of the esophogus - paula - thumb of michigan []
my friend was just diagnosed with cancer of the esophogus. the treatments suggested are in a series of 7 days each at a cost of 2500.00 per treatment. she has no medical insurance. her husband is retired. she went to social services and was told she could not get any medical help. do you have any ideas?

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Becky Loupe - Independence,LA []
My father-in-law has cancer of the esophogus.They already removed most of the esophogus now he has a bag on his neck that every thing goes in. I need imformation on the surgery that they do with the colon to make him an esophogus.How well does it work and how well is the chance he will be back to normaland will he be able to eat and drink normally.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - eddie - riverside []
I've hade vary symtomes (ie I can't eat, and if I do I feel bloted, and when I feel like that I have to through up becacuse the pain is to much, and when I do through up it's mostly blood. Every brief I have read is catastrophic, but in my eyes because I'm only 25 years old and I'm suffering thru these symtomps. I'm not asking for a hand out pr some onte to have symphathy for me, I just would like to know on an averegae how much time I have to spend with my son, without having any treatment. I would like to have him with me everyday but sometimes I don't feel to swell. "kaiser" said their's nothing wrong with me, but they also said that my arm my arm wasn't broken when it was. Please, someone Please response so that I can stop breaking promises to my son, and be there wether I'm in pain or not.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Michael Principato - New York []
My mother (age 79)has Cancer of the esophogus. Besides putting in a PEG (tube in her stomach) the doctor also put in a stent to keep my mother's esophogus from closing up completely. It's helped her a lot because she can now drink a lot.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - charles hofsaes - 300 john ochs dr saddle brook ,nj []
it feels like i had a pill stuck in my upper stomach for the last 3 days . no pain but when i eat there is some discomfort. I just drank a glass of OJ and it made me double over.This originally started when i swallowed 2 Glucisomie-condroutin capsules 3 days ago and they felt like the water did not get them down???? going to Dr tues.advise TY!

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Tami - Iowa []
My father was just diagnosed with cancer of the esophogus.The doctor put a stint in the esophogus so that he can swallow liquids and eat soft foods.The doctor told him and my mother that if he has chemo he could live 5 to 10 years longer, but my mom will hear nothing of it and doesn't want him to even try to prolong his life. How can I talk my dad into having these treatments?

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Sue DeHart - Somerset, KY []
a 50 yr old man is diagnosed with cancer of the esophogus. The tumor was approximately the size of a baseball. My question is: Why can this tumor not be removed surgically? Can this turmor be removed at such a crucial stage since the tumor has enlarged with time. Sincerely, Sue

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Howard Markson - Phoenix Az. []
I have just been diagnosed with Barrett's esophogas, and am looking for a natural treatment and remedy aside from just diet and medication everyday. Thanks!

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Sandy - North Carolina []
My dad has been diagnosed with cancer in the esophogus. The doctors say that when he gets into radiation, that it's gonna make his esophogus so inflamed that he might not be able to eat. they want him to eat anything that has alot of fat and protein so he won't loose alot of weight. Any suggestions? Besides meal replacement drinks? thanks so much!!

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - ruby - az []
my husband has esophogus and taking chemo what we don't understand where the dead cells go

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Peter - Michigan []
I am reading these for a friend who just was diagnosed. He has had a feeding tube inserted since the cancer had closed the esophogus. I am saddened to not hear positive statements. Two thoughts. If cancern cannot survive in an alkaline system it would make sense to move the body in that direction. Strained fresh carrot juice from organic carrots 8 oz. at a time moving towards 64 oz. a day may be an approach to consider. Check out and testimony of George Malkmus who was sent home to dive 30 years ago with colon cancer. It may be a useful resouce to consider for those wishing an alternative approach. My friend is currently investigating this. If it provides success I will personally let all of you know. Would appreicate any positive testimonies of restoration.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Susan - Pittsburgh []
My uncle died after getting operated on for esophogal cancer. Never quite recovered after the surgery. My co-worker almost the same age also had surgery and lived fairly well for two years. I'm having trouble swallowing and getting food down the first time - awful acid reflux no matter how much I try to watch what I eat, how much etc.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Brian - Kansas []
My dad is 77 and after 2 rounds of chemo, there was little or no change in his esphogus cancer. It is also in a lymph node in the stomach. The Dr does not think any further chemo will be of much help, and the benefits of radiation he thinks will be limited. Because of his age, they have ruled out surgery. He is very healthy for his age. Any suggestions on what more we can do to fight this disease?

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - -
find for the treatments for diarrehea Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Carolyn - Indianapolis []
My mother has cancer of the esophogas and she is drinking Ensure/Boost. They are loaded with so much nutrition.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - mark - waxahachie []
iam 33 years old and was just got my results back from the biopsy that they did while doing a upper came back possitive for barretts esophogus.any advise would greatly be appreciated.thank you

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Lorena - []
RE Linda Hollander:) Hi, I had a esophogial bypass when I was less than three years old and am now 43. Hang in there Mom there are wonderful new technologies out there and if mine can last 40 years your son has an excellent shot:) My original work was done by Brody Stephens at UC San Francisco.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Helen - Boston []
have barrett's esophogus for three years, just had a gastric bypass to reduce the acid have never felt better. I have been feeling really good on my healthy life style. Would any one recommend anything else to do maybe natural, or wholistic etc any information will be looked into thank you God Bless.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - anita palmer - new jersey []
to linda hollander: my dad just recently had his esophogus removed. it's a tought thing to go through, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. to anyone who has had the esophojectomy, i was wondering if you could contact me so i can see of some of his symptoms and problems post surgery are common. thank you and God bless you all. keep the faith!

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Antha - Mississippi []
My mother in law was diganosed with Luekemia on May 13, 2005. She has under wen ther first round of Chemo but is having a hard time with her esophogus. Could this be a side effect of the chemo or what. She can't eat and she is losing weight and she refuses to take pain medicine because she feels that if she takes the pain medicine she would be too week to fight the cancer. What do we do?

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Don Sellers - Wichita []
I had an esophojectomy (60 percent removed) four years ago. I feel good much of the time, but still have pain quite often, usually part of every day. I would like to correspond with others in my situation to see how you are dealing with it.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Judy Lauber - Newport, MN []
My husband had an esophojectomy 18 months ago. He can eat almost anything, but my concern is how much nutrition he is actually getting. With his stomach pulled up to replace his esophogus, it is not functioning like it normally would. The food seems to go thru him too quickly. He is having severe back pain and I am concerned that he may have a calcium deficiency. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you Judy Lauber

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Luella - Sturgis, S.D.
I am a new DX. of needing the esophogus removed.Happy to find you.I'm scared!! Had Heller 26yrs ago and learned to live to S&S.Just got home from Mayo this evening. 12-1 is surgery with 9-12 days in patient and 1 1/2 month recovery. I'm 68 and work full time as an LPN .Not a good pt. myself!!Prayers, please. Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Casey - Oklahoma []
My mom has recently been diagnosed with cancer of the esophogus. She's 63 yrs. old and has already lost a considerable amount of weight. She's quit sick at this point. Her primary physician thinks the cancer has probably spread to her lymph nodes and liver. If this is true, I wonder would chemo and/or radiation be of any help. She doesn't want to go through the hell of these treatments because she doesn't think they will benefit her any. Has anyone had or know of anyone whose had any luck with these treatments at this progressed stage of the disease? If so, please inform. Thanks much, and I will pray for you all.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Casey - Oklahoma []
My mom has recently been diagnosed with cancer of the esophogus. She's 63 yrs. old and has already lost a considerable amount of weight. She's quit sick at this point. Her primary physician thinks the cancer has probably spread to her lymph nodes and liver. If this is true, I wonder would chemo and/or radiation be of any help. She doesn't want to go through the hell of these treatments because she doesn't think they will benefit her any. Has anyone had or know of anyone whose had any luck with these treatments at this progressed stage of the disease? If so, please inform. Thanks much, and I will pray for you all.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - carol - Toronto []
I have recently been diagnosed with Barrett's Esophogus - I have not yet had an Upper GI scope but am scheduled for January. I am scared and looking for any information regarding this test and also in need of any lifestyle (diet) changes I should be making. Thanks very much and good luck to everyone going through treatment.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Jack - Red Bluff, CA []
I am 67 years old. I was diagnosed with esophogeal cancer about 5 months ago. I had 38 radiation treatments. I have been told that the cancer has spread to my liver so surgery and possibly chemo would not be the answer. I feel o.k. except for the difficulty eating. I eat several types of soups that are somewhat thick like split pea, tomatoes bisque and creamy chicken by Wolfgang Puck. I find that the only solid meats that I can eat are chicken livers fried in onions and filet of salmon. I make an omlet with cheese in it for breakfast. It tastes good, goes down well and gives me some protein. I am about to consult another oncologist to find out if chemo will help. Also, if my eating gets worse I may try to find a doctor who can put in a stent. It is amazing how well I feel and how well I am doing considering that the doctors say that I am "so sick". I guess the rest is up to God.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Martha - Tn []
I have been diagnosed with Barrett's esophogus and my surgeon is talking about putting two electrodes in my esophogus to determine the amount and frequency of acid reflux. Anyone with info/experience please advise. Thanks. My prayers are with all.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Marne - Ithaca, NY []
I was diagnosed with Barrett's Esophogus in 1998. I have had repeated edoscopies and have had been told the disease is in a pre-cancerous stage. I have been having nausea which is yellow bile when I throw up. I had complications with a gall bladder operation. I have developoed severe migraine headaches and often feel light headed and bloated with diarreah. Is any one else going through this?

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Cheri - Michigan []
My dad is 69 and has just been diagnosised in Stage 4 Esophogus cancer. It had spread to his liver by the time he had any symptoms. He has experienced a large amount of gas leading to continous belching, Does anyone have any suggestions to relieve this? The doc's just tell him to take Gas X but that really doesnt help at all. We are set to start Chemo and Radiation in just two days. I'm really concerned, does anyone know of anyone who has responed well to this type of therapy when its no longer surgical. It seems everything I read is so grim.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Nancy - Pennsylvania []
Need suggestions for food supplement for an esophogus tumor patient. He is rapidly losing weight and the ensure is not working. Please help with suggestions

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - donald holdren - panama []
doing the right but is there a right way if i can not find help here i will go to preu there is a cancer hosp. there called goder i have fold on the internet open for adv. thanks don h.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Janie - Colorado []
I will be 45 this August and have had reflux since 1979.I have taken every powder pill and potion changed my diet etc..I recently had an upper GI scope and was diagnosed with gastritus/Hiatal Hernia and Barretts. I am getting a ph and motility test next week and then will discuss the findings w/the Dr.My blood work and biopsy checked out fine thank God ! Good luck to all you I know how painful this is plus all of the can't haves. Coffee,Choc,Wine all of my favs!!!

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Terri - New Jersey []
My father has just been told that he has a tumor at the bottom of the esophogus. He has been having trouble eating and drinking due to the narrowing of the esophogus. The doctor has suggested putting a stent in to push the tumor back so that he can get food down. We are waiting for the results of the biopsy. He is 79 years old and want to know if anyone else this age has had radiation or kemo and what the results of this were. Is it worth it?

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Beth - Mississippi []
My mother had throat cancer and now has Cancer of the esophogus. The tumor is so large that they feel radiation and chemo will be a waste of time. They will be operating in a few days to remove the tumor. My concern is she is 81 years old, only weighs 100lbs. and has a compressed immune system because of the previous cancer. Does anyone know of a successful patient in my mothers shoes?

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Barb - tennessee []
My father just had surgery to remove his esophogus 7 months ago. He now can not eat or drink very well. He wishes he could die. He is also loosing wait more and more. He has lost 65 pounds since the surgery. He refuses to have the feeding tube put back in. Could anyone know what he can do? Could some foods be better at putting on wait than others? Can someone please tell me?

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Lynn - Colorado []
I recently got diagnosed with mild esohogitis. There is a small ulcer. The doctor gave me information on the surgery where they wrap the stomach around the esphogus. I have tried the traditioanl methods of the proton pump inhibitors. and am just going to the over the counter products now. Does anyone know of a way to heal this ulcer in the lower esphogus above the stomach. Foods? Natural alternative. I am 44 and would like to heal it if at all possible.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - beth tibbetts - 23518 []
My Dad is 73 and tomorrow we find out if he is in stage 3 or 4 of this horrific disease. My Mom and Dad have been together for over 50 years and I just can't imagine one without the other; My Dad is very assertive and I believe will give it all to get better; is the surgery to take some of the colon and replace with espophagus new? Also, with this cancer in this stage shouldn't he be on radiotherapy and chemotherapy instead of just chemo to start?

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - cc -
I have a dear friend whom has the same challage. He has given it to the lord as well as started juicing. He has a feeding tube. Check your ph every time you urinate. This is very important! He is now between 7 and 7.5. Read the ph miricale akalize or die...great diease can grow in a ph body! Check out cancertutor .com and give your self and bring back your faith to the lord...remember fear not for i am always with you...God Bless Re:Cancer of the esophogus - cc - []
I have a dear friend whom has the same challage. He has given it to the lord as well as started juicing. He has a feeding tube. Check your ph every time you urinate. This is very important! He is now between 7 and 7.5. Read the ph miricale akalize or die...great diease can grow in a ph body! Check out cancertutor .com and give your self and bring back your faith to the lord...remember fear not for i am always with you...God Bless

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - cc - []
I have a dear friend whom has the same challage. He has given it to the lord as well as started juicing. He has a feeding tube. Check your ph every time you urinate. This is very important! He is now between 7 and 7.5. Read the ph miricale akalize or die...great diease can grow in a ph body! Check out cancertutor .com and give your self and bring back your faith to the lord...remember fear not for i am always with you...God Bless

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Karen - Calif []
Carol, My Mom 79 has lung cancer & is currently going through radiation treatments. She had a feeding tube put in before treatments started as a precautionary measure due to location of mass. After only 9 treatments she is experiencing difficulty swallowing and we are going to start using that feeding tube. Thank God we had in put in! Jevity is costly but worth it. Maybe your friend could also try Carnation Instant Breakfast if solid foods are out of the question now. Hope this helps.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - jk - illinois []
My husband was diagnosed with cancer of esophogus...had gastric pull up done robotically at UIC...what a continuity between stomach and esophogus....had a stroke during surgery....had serious vascular issues before surgery....most likely a poor candidate for the surgery, however, we were not informed of that not mobile, unable to swallow even saliva....he has a whole in his neck and anything he swallows comes out that suffering from severe vascular issues.....before submitting to surgery look at all possibilities and go to a facility that helps you see the whole picture.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Adeline - IN []
I have recently suffered a severe spasm of the esophgus. Has anyone out there suffered the same?

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - dondi - wichita []
hang in there . . .

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Cris - Illinois []
This cancer is ruthless. My best to all of with loved ones or if you yourself have been diagnosed. My Mom passed away on Dec. 11th, 2006 after a 2 year battle. I have lost faith in the medical community but have also found that hospice is a wonderful option when things are grim. Very hard on the family but it's all about your loved one's wishes. My prayers to all of you. Don't lose faith. :)

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Dorca - my regth breast []
I stated chomo on june 4 I will get some thing for the side effect

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Michelle - CT []
I have just been diagnosed iwth Barretts Esophogus. I have been put on Protonix two times a day. I have started researching foods I can or cannot eat and have found nothing. Can anyone direct me to a diet for this? Maybe acidic foods and beverages to avoid? I am also looking to see if anyone has any information regarding treatments that are more than acid reducing meds. I have been on them before and they have done very little so I am very concerned. Any help is more than appreciated!

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Elvia Robles - Lasara, TX []
Herbalife products are wonderful. The meal replacements provide alot of nutrition. Add protein to the shake. It is a great meal replacement. The aloe vera juice does wonders to the stomach. These products will help all those with difficulty swallowing.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Ashley Fox - Tipp City, Ohio []
Hi, my grandfather was diagnosed with esphogus cancer a couple of months ago and it is also in his lymph nodes. His doctor is treating him with kemo every week in small doses ( he gets the 4th week off every month.) Recently he has been complaining the food "balls up" in his mouth and that he is not able to chew and swallow it. He has lost quite a bit of weight and is now having a very tough time getting around, almost as if he forgets how to walk. What can he do to gain strength back, what is the best thing for him to eat since he is having such a tough time with food? He is very stubborn and refuses to try baby food and things of that nature. Please anyone let me know what you think!!!!

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Marie - Puerto Rico []
Carol, my mom was just told she has cancer of the esophogus and she has lost alot of wieght the only thing that she can sometimes ingest is a can of Ensure. The only real way that he is going to be able to eat is by having the Cancer removed or having a feeding tube put in. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH AND I HOPE THAT EVERYTHING WORKS OUT.

Re:Cancer of the esophogus - Heather - Shreveport,Louisiana []
Hi. I am 31 yrs old &on feb.22,2008, i had a complet esophonjectomy done. I have no esophogus and my stomach was pulled up for my food to go straight from the throat to the stomach. Thank God that mine was not cancer, but I can relate to a lot of yall on here. My problem is I continue to loose weight and my thrpoat at the clavical keeps closing and blocking me right back up 100%. My oncologist has had to go back down my throat and remove scar tissue along with dilatation to open me back up to be able to eat again and this happens about every 3-4 weeks. Im down to 107lbs and diabetic on top of it all, but I am thankful everyday that God still has a purpose for all of us survivors. If anyone is going through the same thing or might just want to ask some questions, email me anytime... Don't give up, its not easy, but God never puts anything on us we can't handle..God bless and keep the FAITH.....