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Cervical Hyperplasia

Cervical Hyperplasia

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Cervical Hyperplasia - Melissa - USA
Last summer, after 4 months without a period and 1/2 dozen negative home pregnancy test, I went to my MD for a checkup. He had trouble obtaining an adequate tissue sample from my cervix, and I ended up going back 3 times after the first visit before he was successful. The fifth visit was to have a biopsy. I was told that I have cervical hyperplasia and low progesterone levels. I took progesterone for ten days to induce my period and was told to do so each month if my cycles did not return to normal. Well, after that first month, my cycles did return to normal and have been that way up until this month. It seems it is starting over again. I've not been able to find out much about the condition and I'm wondering if anyone would be able to provide me with some info on cervical hyperplasia. I'm 29 years old, soon to be 30. My husband and I have not yet had children, but we both would like to begin soon. My mother had cervical cancer. She was diagnosed at 31; her sister at 30. I've not read anything which stated that cervial cancer was hereditary, so I am also curious about that. I'm fairly concerned about my fertility. Thank you and sorry so wordy.

Re:Cervical Hyperplasia - Barb - CA
Melissa get you some Progest-E Complex. It is the Best by Dr. Peat. You do need progesterone, but you cannot get pregnate without progesterone in your system, it sounds like you are Estrogen Dominate. Take the Progest-E Complex, it is an all natural product. Also get your Thyroid tested. Very important I cannot stress this enough. Hope this helps, you need no more Estrogen , you have more than enough now.

Re:Cervical Hyperplasia -TimothyLong-
Barb is correct. Dr Peat's natural progesterone Progest E Complex is very helpful for cervical hyperplasia, as with so many female hormonal imbalances and health issues. It is also very important to clear excess estrogens and estrogenic like compounds (xeno-estrogens) from the body.