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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome - Mary - Merseyside
After many years I have been diagnosed with CFS. I have helped myself a lot over the years through trial and error but would welcome any advice. Thanks.

Re:Chronic fatigue syndrome - Timothy Long - []
CFS can have many causes, and combinations of causes. It is something you do not have to live with. I take a naturopathic approach in order to find which systems of the body need to be supported and strengthened. With chronic fatigue we often are looking at a carbohydrate/sugar digestive problem, lack of healthy bowel bacteria or yeast, a sluggish liver, weakened adrenals and possibly thyroid. There can also be a viral or bacterial condition. Often a lack of nutrition, quality protein and proper quality fats and oils. Each person is different. There can be other factors besides these. I have good success in helping people heal CFS/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms. Again, most health problems, despite the labels doctors have given them, are curable with good naturopathic advice, diet and lifestyle changes. Often there is emotional depression as well which needs addressing, see I can also be reached at 1-888-337-0511

Re:Chronic fatigue syndrome - Laura - Suffolk, VA
Hillary Johnson's book, Osler's Web (about the discovery of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the struggle to get it recognized as a disease) has a footnote in it that says that biopsies taken of muscles of patients with CFS showed that they were high in lactic acid and low in oxygen...apparently something was wrong in the mitochrondia (energy system of the cells)and it takes us longer to recover from any activity. At the time I read this I was practically bedridden with CFS and a low-grade fever. Anything I took to boost my immune system made me sicker. It was a Catch-22: my immune system was already in overdrive trying to kill something it could not reach. After reading the above footnote, I immediately ordered a product called "Vitamin O" and changed my diet to alkaline (fruits & veggies, alkalyzing tea, etc.). Only 3 doses after beginning to use the Vitamin O product, I began to see an improvement. Very slowly, but surely, I was able to do more and more and my fever abated. Another big improvement occurred when I discovered that CFS had left me allergic or sensitive to certain food additives...specifically FD&C Yellow Food dye #5 (and possibly #6), Nitrates and Nitrites, MSG, Nutrasweet (aspartane) and possibly other artificial sweeteners, something in white bread...ALL THINGS NONE OF US SHOULD BE EATING ANYWAY!!!!(If God didn't make it, don't eat it!) At the time I collapsed with CFS I was a water aerobics instructor and swam 1/2 mile several times a week. After I had been on the alkaline diet and Vitamin O for several months and was feeling better, I started back at the YMCA to slowly build back up my stamina. Although I was literally exhaused after trying to exercise (I started out with only 10 minutes of slow swimming for one month before adding just one more lap every two weeks)I noticed that I WAS able to increase my endurance. It took me 11 months to build up to the full 1/2 mile swim. If I tried too hard too soon, I would relapse. I feel that I am now fully recovered, although I limit my aerobic exercise to 1/2 hour (I can swim 1/2 mile in that time.) Another study that I read years later verified my approach: They found that patients with CFS that forced themselves to exercise, although prudently, were actually better off 2 years later than those who "gave in" to the disease and layed around.

Re:Chronic fatigue syndrome - leharik - estonia
Hi, Please email me if you would like to receive a copy of my book that describes how i healed my cfs.