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Copper? - Barb -
I have read that a defiency of copper can cause quite a few problems.Is this true? The most important thing I heard about Copper was that it can cause a person to go hyperthyroid, if you were low on it.I have no idea if this is the truth or not. What does Copper do for our body?

Re:Copper? - Timothy Long - []
Copper imbalances can cause premature graying of hair and skin problems. There are often cases of too much due to copper piping in water systems. Taking too much zinc not balanced with copper can deplete our copper, so people that take a lot of zinc need to watch that problem. Shell fish are a good source of copper. And hair analysis is one of the best ways to know if your minerals like copper are too low or too high. Too much copper can cause high anxiety and depression, and interfere with neuro-transmitters like seratonin.