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Coroboma (lazy eye)

Coroboma (lazy eye)

Coroboma (lazy eye) - Monique - Ventura []
My daughter was born with Coroboma (I was told its a form of lazy eye). A couple of years ago we patched each one of her eyes for about four hours each a day. Shes near sided in one eye and far sided in the other eye. Due to this she has been wearing glasses ever since I can remember. My question is, is there anything else I can do for her. Maybe get her on some Nutritional Supplements and or Alternative healing methods. I just feel that having her wear glasses and taking a multivitamin just isant enough. It is discouraging when I take her to her Opthamologist and he says there hasnt been any break through or any updated news on Coroboma.

Re:Coroboma (lazy eye) - Timothy Long - []
I am sure that good nutrition can always help. I have a very good product on the Premier label to strengthen all eye problems called OcuVen. I would raise your minerals and nutrition.