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Cultured Soy

Cultured Soy

Cultured Soy - Steve - Ohio []
Hello Dr. Long, I've been hearing from two complimentary medicine health Dr.'s that have stated that, yes, soy UNCULTURED is dangerous and should never be ingested. However, CULTURED soy from what all the research shows is that it is safe and even benefital for people to use. Of course, we're speaking here of the organic non-GMO verisons of soy also here. What is your take on this?.. Thanks much, Dr. Long!..

Re:Cultured Soy - Steve -
I forgot to mention that one of the two forementioned physicians listed in my first thread has a radio talk show program on AM radio saturday mornings as well.

Re:Cultured Soy - Timothy Long - []
Yes Steve, that is what I have been teaching my clinets for over ten years. For years even most natural health doctors thought I was out of my mind. Nice to hear I am sane after all! I teach to avoid all soy that is not cultured or fermented. That means tempe, miso, natto are fine, though only in moderation. Soy is toxic to body for many reasons. It is estrogenic, inhibits thyroid function, is allergenic and disturbes digestion. There are a number of posts on this board, and articles in my Library on this web site that make this clear. And yes, choose organic non-GMO versions of soy.