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Demerits of Soy Products?

Demerits of Soy Products?

Demerits of Soy Products? - Lawrence - Nova Scotia []
I have been using a variety of soy products in my diet during the past three years. Recently I read that, while soy producers claim that consumption of soy "slashes your cancer risk, reduces your heart-disease risk, and alleviates menopausal problems," they may actually be wrong on all three counts! Reportedly, soy pumps you full of estrogen-mimicking compounds (which can depress the thyroidal function and make you gain weight). It also contains an acid that blocks one's absorption of calcium. Osteoporosis prone, are you? Please post your take on this contradictory appraisal of soy.

Re:Demerits of Soy Products? - Jim B - dania beach, fl, usa []
I ran across the same info, did extensive research on the subject, and concluded that soy is like sooo many other scams pulled off due to big money, lobbies, "political" dealings, etc... just like flouride, aspartame, to infity ad nauseum... and of course the world is overpopulated and is run by hypocritical jerks who are on all kinds of deleterious medications... I do not mean to be negative, just realistic, you need to beware, especially if it has anything to do with the FDA, the pharmacuetical industry, the medical establishment, et al... NO I AM NOT PARANOID !

Re:Demerits of Soy Products? - Alicia - GA []
I've heard the same about soy hype being all propaganda and that soy has an amino acid chain too long for a human, even a pig, to digest. This of course means that other organs are compromised to get this foreign agent out of your body.