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Difference Between IBD and IBS

Difference between IBD and IBS

Difference between IBD and IBS - Byron -
Do any of you know the difference between IBD (Colitis with my case) and IBS? I see that they're both associated with similar symptoms but I can't seem to find any significant distinction among the two. Furthermore, is it true that colitis is absolutely uncurable, and thus life-lasting? Replies and/or comments would be appreciated to either both or one of my questions. Thanks

Re:Difference between IBD and IBS - Priscilla -
Dear Byron, I don't know the difference. Sounds the same to me, but with different initials. Colitis is considered incurable by people who don't know what to do with it. Usually it is due to a milk allergy. If you had some difficulty with your Mom, you might have decided to reject dairy products, because Mom represents milk, nurturing and that stuff. Milk allergy can irritate the colon and small intestine, and the meridians that govern those organs might be holding the vibrations of disappointment and frustration. Even though it is out of date, your body may be processing it as thought it thought this situation were still in current time. What you might do is to release the cord coming from her that you have at the third chakra, go down into a meditative space and reconnect with your anger, and then trace the small intestine meridian several times. Good idea to stop dairy until you feel you have cleared the issues. Priscilla

Re:Difference between IBD and IBS - Byron -
Priscilla: You said it's incurable for people who don't quite know how to bo cured. I don't quite understand what you imply by that. From what I've heard, seen, and researched, IBD (Colitis) is absolutely incurable, but the key is treatable; that you can somehow control it by medication. However, the disease is something you'll have to live with for the rest of your life. Isn't this a correct assumption?

Re:Difference between IBD and IBS - Timothy Long -
Quite frankly, the medical establishment loves to name things and create medications for each thing they name. There are so many varitations and names for what amounts to the same thing. As a naturopath I look at it this way: Wrong diet and digestive problems lead to all forms of intestinal problems and numerous other illnesses. Dont get caught up in the names. Get back to the root of the problem. DIET. And often there is an emotional, mental, or spiritual factor as well. Number one, clean out of your diet all junk food, soy, beans, sugar especially, caffiene, excess breads and pasta, spicy foods, too many milk products, alcohol, and for now, raw food. Also clean out of your life, 'junk people', drugs, anger, envy, greed, selfishness, fear, etc. As far as supplements go, I see great success with Thera-Zyme IrB (Irritable Bowel), Thera-Zyme Pan (Pancreas), Thera-Zyme SmI (Small intestine). Cut out all other supplements for now. If you were my client I would take a close look at everything you are eating and drinking, and fine tune your diet to meet your individual needs. I would also help you deal with the stress in your life. I am talking generally here, to be of real help, I need to work directly with each individual who has this problem. When someone tells you 'Colitis', 'IBS', 'whatever' is "incurable," go elsewhere! If they say they dont know how to heal it, then THEY dont know how!


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