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Discomfort eating fat, gets dizzy etc.

Discomfort eating fat, gets dizzy etc.

Discomfort eating fat, gets dizzy etc. - Omnia - Washington
My mother has been experiencing symptoms very similar to GallBladder dysfunction. They are: Severe chest pressure and gas after she eats anything with a minuscule amount of fat, followed by severe episodes of dizziness, racing heart, shakiness, wildly different blood pressures in a short amount of time... When she first ended up in the hospital, she had an angioplasty because of strong cardiac history. that ended up very clear, and her heart is in great shape for a 56 yr old woman. She then had multiple blood tests coming up negative in elevated white blood cells, any roaming infection, only showed a small drop in Potassium because she had stopped eating anything that could make her "react". She swallowed a camera to look at her stomach and was checked out from her other end as well. Everything is clear and in fine working order. She "seems" to be in perfect health since now she has been checked everywhere from her neck down. She has lost over 20 lbs, and is closing in on being too much underweight. Her family practice MD says it must be some kind of virus. We think that is "DR. speak" for he has no clue! PLEASE has anybody ever heard of such an odd disease?

Re:Discomfort eating fat, gets dizzy etc. - Timothy Long - []
The ignorance of many medical doctors is mind blowing. Listen to your own commonsense. It sounds like a digestive problem, and as you say, a gallbladder problem causing problems with digesting fats. You need to support your digestion by taking digestive enzymes. They need to be taken at the start of meals. Thera-Zyme HCL with Thera-Zyme Bil is what I would use. Though start with one at the beginning of each meal. If all is well after a few days, you can take 2 of each per meal, taken with the first bite of food. Be sure her bowels are moving daily and easily. If not, use Mag O7, nothing is better for constipation. After a few weeks following this advice, begin using Premier Gallbladder-ND along with Liver-ND in water together as stated on bottle. After about 6 weeks, do a gallbladder-liver cleanse. Look for information on my website. Though before doing this I suggest you have a phone consultation first. It is important to work closely with a practitioner.

Re:Discomfort eating fat, gets dizzy etc. - -
Omnia Lipase is the enzyme that helps digest fat. Most overweight people have low levels of lipase in their body. A digestive enzyme product with high Lipase activity would be helpful to your mother. Most digestive enzyme products are very low on Lipase activity. I would recommend a enzyme formulation that has 5,000 LU of Lipase or more for you mother. This should be very helpful to her. Don't just take my word or anyone elses for that matter, do some research and find the best enzyme you can. I think you'll be glad you did.

Re:Discomfort eating fat, gets dizzy etc. - Tama - California
I had galbladder stones and all the symptoms that you just mentioned, I had when I was having problems with it. I would suggest to have her galbladder ultrasounded.

Re:Discomfort eating fat, gets dizzy etc. - sheri - nj
i ve been having strange rib pains and elevated lipase levels but drs tell e nothings wrong im scared there is i feel vert tired and just down


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