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Dogs - Barbara -
Can you please tell me what you would recommend to our Dog to make him healther. He has some Skin problems do you know anything that will help. It is not his food because he is on a Special Diet because years ago the food he was eating he was allergic too.Corn is a big no no with Dogs anymore, causes many problems. Thank you, Barbara

Re:Dogs - Ruth - Fl
I feed my dogs Nutro Natural Choice. They have done really well on it for years. Make sure he is parasite free. No worms here for 18 years. Fleas an occasional problem and ticks in season. But other than that they have been living 14 & 15 years. Got one here 16.

Re:Dogs - Shannon - CA []
I feed my dogs Canidae. It has been great!!! They have beautiful skin and aren't on any flea medicine and have no fleas. I did tons of research on dog food and this food is the best I could find without going to heavy on nutrients(such as Innova)which can also cause problems. You might also want to try adding brewer's yeast to his food, I do that on occasion.