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Ears Clogged Wax

Ears Clogged Wax

ears clogged wax - Eric - Minnesota []
I can't hear very well especially last few months totally blocked. I noticed this a few y ears ago. Ear candles don't seem too good at this point maybe dr. Caused by allergies loud concerts/music? What about using grapefruit seed drops? any advice helpful thanks

Re:ears clogged wax - Timothy Long - []
Ear candles work best after using ear drops. Get some at health store. I've used hydrogen peroxide to clear infections in ears.

Re:ears clogged wax - Jennifer - []
There are numerous factors which can contribute to ‘blocked ears.’ If it is wax, and other methods do not work, I know people who have had success going to a doctor and having the wax flushed out with high pressure water.
Allergies may also be a contributing factor. You may be creating mucus back in passageways connecting to your ears, which can impair your eardrum’s ability to distinguish sound clearly. If you suspect this is the case, then you might look into Thera-zyme TRMA (Trauma), which is good for mucus and fluid/infections in the ears.


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