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Facial Sweating

Facial Sweating

facial sweating - Tim - Hilo []
I sweat a lot and blush a lot, mostly on my face in social situations. Tried maxim, but didn't do anything. Are there any solutions for this other than the surgery's. Any herbs, vitamins or even medications that could help with this. Thanks

Re:facial sweating - Timothy Long - []
Yes. Call and I will be glad to help you. Timothy Long 1-888-337-0511

Re:facial sweating - Dee - London, UK []
Maxim has proved very successful for my underarm sweating but not with facial, being the real issue here. It is ruining social enoucnters! Any help anyone - I don't want to have surgery, ever!.

Re:facial sweating - paul - london []
please help im meant 2 b goin abroad soon and my facial sweating is really gettin me down and i feel i dont want 2 go like others i dont want 2 resort to surgery