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Feet/Leg Circulation

Feet/Leg Circulation

Feet/Leg Circulation - Joni Walker - Irvine, California []
I have spider veins throughout my ankles and sporadically on my legs in clusters (inside leg, closer to knee area and also outside of lower leg). What would you recommend for supplementation? I recently had foot surgery and had to be off of it for 6 weeks, seems to have improved slightly. I have ready much about horse chestnut - would this help to improve? Also, just to note I do not have varicose veins, only spider veins @ 50 yrs old. Thanks much.

Re:Feet/Leg Circulation - Joni Walker - Irvine, California []
I am currently taking a multi-vitamin, but do you have one supplementation to recommend through your e-store? Also, need to consider taking an anti-oxidant. Please advise when you can. Thanks!

Re:Feet/Leg Circulation - Timothy Long - []
I would use Therazyme Vascular and Circulation for 3 months. I would also use Premier Pregnenolone, it is great for spider veins. And do sitz baths with your feet: a tub of hot and one of cold. Move your feet back and forth between them each evening. Put epsom salts in the hot one. Call if you need a better explanation and would like a more individualized answer. 1-888-337-0511


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