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Fluoride Health Effects

Fluoride Health Effects

Fluoride Health Effects - Priscilla 
Has anyone observed or documented anything about the clinical effects of fluoride treatments or fluoridation? I read John Yiamouyiannis's book, Fluoride, The Aging Factor, and wonder if anyone has had any experience with it or has additional information, or can advise about how fluoride residues can be detoxified. Priscilla

Re:Fluoride Health Effects - Timothy Long -
Very important Priscilla! Thank you for bringing this up. Everyone should avoid Fluoride like the plague. See our water filters to take fluoride out of your water. Also, see Premier XenoStat to clear xeno-estrogens.

Re:Fluoride Health Effects - Priscilla - California
We have finally found a way to release fluoride, it is DMAE. It works! Fluoride contributes to chronic fatigue, causes interstitial cystitis, disrupts the connective tissue and allows incorrect calcium deposits to occur, slows down mental capability and fogs memory by blocking the glutamate transmission, lowers initiative, and causes premature aging and wrinkling of skin. When you give this to little kids, you are setting them up for future osteo arthritis, fractures, and bone and liver cancer. Don't do it. Fluoride does not protect the teeth.Give them DMAE to get rid of it, supplement with molybdenum and silica to strengthen the teeth, and stay off refined sugar. PK

Re:Fluoride Health Effects - Tronya - Oklahoma
Does anyone have any suggestions on resources for the effects of fluoride on teeth? I am a Denistry student needing info for a presentation. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

Re:Fluoride Health Effects - Lanette - Virginia
I recently read two wonderful books that contain information on Flouride. Cancer, Why We're Still Dying To Know the Truth and Health Wars. These books are both written by Phillip Day and they are available from Credence Publications. I would strongly suggest that they be read by everyone. You can order them on the internet from England.

Re:Fluoride Health Effects - Victor 
I need info on the effects of Fluoride

Re:Fluoride Health Effects - Erik - Nashville, TN
How often and how much DMAE do you recommend taking? The bottle lists 1 capsule (100mg) per day... is this too much?

Re:Fluoride Health Effects - Jennifer 
Here are some links to Newsletters and Literature on Fluoride:

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Re:Fluoride Health Effects - Shoma - India
I desperately need a hypoallegenic toothpaste, without balsam of peru, cinnamac, euginol and geraniol. I need Help