Food Allergies

Food Allergies

Food Allergies - Raymond -
For two weeks, I could not figure out why I was feeling like I had a cold that I could not shake, with fatigue, continous mucous, etc. Finally, I asked myself - have there been any diet changes. I realized that I had begun eating strawberries almost every day for lunch (with yogurt) for exactly two weeks. As soon as I realized this, I felt better. I remember when I was very young, about 4 or 5, the night after eating strawberries, I awoke covered with hives from head to toe . I did not eat them for many years, but gradually I began to eat them and did not notice any problems. I blame the resurgence of the allergic reaction on 2 things: 1. eating them almost every day 2. now that my body is more cleaned out than when I was younger, I am more sensitive to things, that is, my body lets me know right away what it doesn't want...I feel so relieved to have figured out the cause.

Re:Food Allergies - Timothy Long - []
A lot of people are allergic to strawberries. I believe it is rated one of the very worst foods for toxic pesticides.

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Also, improving your digestion is the number one way to stop reacting to foods. See all our digestive support supplements.

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Re:Food Allergies - Priscilla -
Dear Raymond, (This isn't about food allergies in general, but just strawberries.) If strawberries don't carry a negative emotional agenda for you, and they were organic so pesticides are ruled out, the allergic-like symptoms might be due to a shortage of molybdenum.We have found that non- allergic strawberry sensitivity usually clears up with Mo-zyme, from Biotics Research.

Re:Food Allergies - Lexi - []
Hey. I ate quite a few strawberries and I was fine. Then later on in the day I ate one strawberry and right when I bit it my toungue started burning like. I looked in the mirror and it looked like I had little ulcers all over the sides of my toungue. It made my throat hurt to talk too. It has happened maybe twice before but I didn't think much about it. So do you think it was the strawberries? I guess it seems pretty obvious that that's what it would be..... ???

Re:Food Allergies - -
I am researching to find out what it is I need to know. In the year of 2000 I experienced a bout of stomach problems that left me wanting to double over in pain at 2 AM almost every morning. I tried gas-x thanks to my boyfriend thinking it was gas but since that didn’t work, I had to try something else. I called my physician and was seen for a variety tests such as an ultra sound to look at everything, an MRI and tests to rule out an ulcer. The MRI was last in the tests and it seemed that the barium given at the time calmed things down. They said they couldn’t find anything but figured it was an upset stomach...I noticed that my stomach was knotting up every time I was stressed so I eliminated stress as much as possible. I had to change my diet. I lived off of salmon, salads and non-caffeine soda and I would have flare ups if I had a burger, or fries or caffeine. Pizza now is a serious no-no. (heartburn city) Now my diet is so limited. I can’t even have cheesecake or fettuccine alfredo. What to eat? I have been looking for a diet that actually can be full of needed nutrients that wouldn’t leave me with heartburn; I have my share of that already. Milk in the morning with cereal sends me into cramping episodes and I have to eat somehow. What do you eat for breakfast and does this sound like irritable bowel syndrome. Is it brought on by stress and how come they couldn’t figure it out with the tests they did? My best friend says that I have to eat bland foods. What foods? I know to avoid caffeine, fast food and ice cream but what can I eat that will not leave me hungry? I have tried eliminating meat-diarrhea again and I have tried the no- carb diet to a point but they both seem too unbalanced as I have taken a nutrition class and understand the basics.

Re:Food Allergies - Louise - Long Island NY [Daisylou@optonline,net]
I ate 2times straberries my tongue hurts very hot bumps on tongue

Re:Food Allergies - - []
After eating 4 or 5 strawberries I could not talk above a whisper for about 3 or 4 hours. Could this be an alergic reaction to strawberries?

Re:Food Allergies - Cari - []
I had strawberry preserves on toast this morning for the first time in a while, and today was also the first time in a while that my top lip has swollen up. Could I be allergic to strawberries?

Re:Food Allergies - Ronnie - Canada []
I went out picking strawberried with my mother the other day and have been feeling ill ever since. My whole body hurts, I'm sick to my stomach, My head feels detached I have no energy and can't figure out why I am so exhausted. Any ideas? I also cleaned all the berries we picked. I have no visable rash... but I had a lot of exposure. I've been tested for allergies befor but nothing was positive could this just develop mid-twenties?

Re:Food Allergies - yohal -
Seems like strawberries are evil little deamons.

Re:Food Allergies - Janelle - Australia
Damn straight they are!!

Re:Food Allergies - Donna Miller - Citrus Heights, CA []
I have food allergies. I'm allergic to corn in any form. I am also allergic to malted barley flour which is added to most flours. I also cannot tolerate milk. I get stomach aches, bloated, distended intestines, headaches, and ulcerative sores in my mouth. I also am realizing I am allergic to chocolate, and I love chocolate! I don't tolerate peanut to well, but I do better if I eat ones from a health food store as they don't additives on them. My grandson, Dale, is severely allergic to peanuts. He cannot even smell them. He has to carry a needle around with him, to inject himself if he has a reaction. Allergies are not fun especially when they deal with food we would like to be able to eat!

Re:Food Allergies - Irene - Omaha, Nebraska []
I have been eating strawberries for a week and I got a terrible itchy rash on my neck. I thought it was some new makeup. I quit using the makeup and continued eating the strawberries. The rash got worse. So it was the strawberries. I am also affected by potatoes of any kind and tomatoes, they really affect my joints. If you have joint problems stay away from the nightshades. (potato, tomato, peppers, and eggplant. red peppers ok and sweet potato ok.)

Re:Food Allergies - Sandi Lawrence - Richmond, VA []
I have noticied for some time that every time I eat strawberries, I just don't feel well - usually my stomach is bothered the most and I feel I am very restless at night. My tongue burns and it goes on and on. I have just about decided that as much as I love them, strawberries and tomatoes are just not for me. I would appreciate any information regarding the effect of these two fruits on the gastrointestinal tract. Thank you ever so much.

Re:Food Allergies - Joan Kavcak - Florida []
I have broken out with an itchy rash and I believe it's from eating fresh tomatoes from a friend's garden. I also have cramps and diarrhea. Could this all be a reaction from the tomatoes?

Re:Food Allergies - Karen Hardy - United Kingdom []
I also think Im alleric to strawberries as everytime I eat them I get a very sore throat (only on one side) which lasts a few days. This has happened a few times now so gonna keep well away from them now!

Re:Food Allergies - - []
What remedy works best to rid myself of them. I too suspected eating too many strawberries

Re:Food Allergies - esther - kenya Africa []
when i peel a pawpaw,or smell it as when its fresh or touch its milk, i start sneezing,running nose,my eyes swells and i become totally sick.wat can i do?please help.

Re:Food Allergies - linda epps - []
research salicylate sensitivity to find out about strawberry allergies

Re:Food Allergies - Jennifer - Hillsboro []
My daughter who is 9 is allergic to wheat,milk and strawberries so bad she cant even be around the smell. Which scares me because they are always in stores whaat can i do but avoid going in certain doors that i know berries are at certain entrances. Please help.

Re:Food Allergies - Theresa - Iowa []
When my son was younger he broke out in a rash when eating fresh stawberries. Many years later - this week he was eating strawberry preserves a couple days in a row. He broke out in a bad itching rash all over his body. The only thing we could think it could be was the preserves. The next morning the rash was almost gone.

Re:Food Allergies - Francine - Oregon []
Many times an "allergic" reaction is actually caused by food intolerance. Avoid eating a food category you are intolerant to and the allergies subside. I was tested by a naturopath who did the Carroll Food Intolerance Test. I refrain from eating the foods I'm intolerant to and it has made a remarkable difference in my health. It even saved my life. You can find great information at about the testing, and there's lists of food categories and derivatives and a list of foods with hidden ingredients. It's my main source of information for avoiding foods that could potentially cause me problems.

Re:Food Allergies - Bev - []
I have this rash on my top lip and the front of my neck. Could it be from eating strawberries? No rash inside of the mouth or throat. I can't figure it out!

Re:Food Allergies - JH - London, UK []
I suffer from occasional Angina and I suspect that eating more than 7 or strawberries can precipitate a mild sttack when I am otherwise well.

Re:Food Allergies - JH - London, UK []
I suffer from occasional Angina and I suspect that eating more than 7 or 8 strawberries can precipitate a mild attack when I am otherwise well.