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Food poisoning from Peter & Paul's at a

Food poisoning from Peter & Paul's

Food poisoning from Peter & Paul's - Anthony - Toronto area, Ontario, Canada []
On May 26, 2001 Ilena and Nick Greco had their wedding reception and dinner at the Manor, catered by Peter & Paul’s. Later, some wedding guests felt dizzy, nauseous, had severe diarrhea, and severe vomiting attacks and stomach cramps. Some people were sicker than others. I was rushed by ambulance to Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto after collapsing, unconscious and vomiting and was temporarily blinded during this attack. I was in Emergency for about 30 hours. I was treated, tested, and kept in the hospital for 5 days. For the first six hours I thought that I would surely die. I did recover, and after IV, drugs, ultrasound scans, CAT scan, and MRI Brain scan, I was cleared of any possible heart or brain injury and sent home to rest and regain my strength. This turned my life upside down but I was glad to be alive. Although more than one year has past, at times, among other things, I still experience tiredness, fatigue, and low energy. For details of my emergency please go to this web site I appreciate any advice that you may have to offer. Thank you, Anthony DeFazio