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Frequently Urinating

Frequently Urinating

frequently urinating - painkillas - US []
Why do I urinate so often at night? 4-5 times late at night even if I don't have anything to drink before bed. And it only happens at night when I sleep.

Re:frequently urinating - uncontrolable -
yes, i to have this man, but more all throughout the day, my freinds can drink all they want and usually pee mayb once when im over their house but i, on the other hand go 3-4 times and soemtimes more often than that, whta could this be???

Re:frequently urinating - Timothy Long - []
Too many carbs, especially sugars can cuase this. Cutting down on carbs and sugars and using Therazyme Pan, which is a specially formulated digestive enzyme will help. For a month you best also use Therazyme Urt to take away the inflammation.

Re:frequently urinating - jodi - illinois []
when i lay down at night i start feeling like i have to pee, and i go like 4 or 5 times a night,


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