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Fused Vertibrae

Fused Vertibrae

fused vertibrae - michael - london uk []
can anyone give information on fused vertibrae

Re:fused vertibrae - Brandie - OK []
What kind of information are you looking for treatment or explination?

Re:fused vertibrae - Tanya - Providence, RI []
I have been doing a bit of research myself on "Fused Vertebrae"... Have you looked at the autoimmune disorder, Ankylosing Spondlyitis? I seem to have symptoms of this disorder (classic) after sugar ingestion. It's one of the prices I pay for ingesting it when I know I'm intolerant. The pain and rigidity in my spine, however, may be from the instant inflammation/pressure that develops from the sugar.... Give me a holler back.

Re:fused vertibrae - - Kent [Kate@e-ed.orgouk]
My mother is in REAL pain. Doc says vertibrae wearing - just pain-killers -up to 12 mega strength one per day - she is dizzy. 83 and this is not good. Help.