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Gall Stones and Progestrone Cream

Gall Stones and Progestrone Cream

gall stones and progestrone cream/ - Stephanie - Rifle, Colo.
I've been diagnosed with gall stones and did the olive oil cleanse. I've just seen my Dr. about dysfunctional uterine bleeding. he said all hormone treatment to help the bleeding would increase the gall stones. I am pretty sure I'm Estrogen dominate, and want to use the cream. will it make the stones worse?

Re:gall stones and progestrone cream/ - Timothy Long - []
You dont want to use progesterone cream. You do want to use natural progesterone Progest E Complex. We send directions with it. You also want to clear estrogens and xeno-estrogens from your body. See Premier XenoStat. You also want to use Premier Gallbladder-ND along with Premier Liver-ND. Afterwards you want to do a gallbladder/liver flush. For more information call or email. See our web store and contact page.


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