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Genital Herpes

Genital Herpes

Genital Herpes - Donna - Ohio
Any suggestions for genital herpes

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The following information was taken from Timothy’s 4/3/07 Newsletter:

Dr. Marshall's Solution: To rid your body of herpes use a Premier HCL Detox Kit and Premier Olive Leaf Immune. Continue on the Olive Leaf Immune (Olive Leaf Extract). To completely neuter the virus, you may need to stay on the Olive Leaf Immune for a year. For the first few months, or if the virus is showing signs of being active, use 8 to 16 caps a day. When the virus is dormant, and after the first few months, you can use 6-12 capsules a day. This process is not inexpensive and takes time, but there has been good success in clearing herpes. If there is any sign of an outbreak along the way, raise the Olive Leaf Immune and do another HCL Detox.

Re:Genital Herpes - David--herpes cure - Brooklyn, New York []
Apply pharmaceutical hydrogen peroxide to your genital area. H2o2, which is the chemical equation for hydrogen peroxide, kills herpes. There are different types of hydrogen peroxide--food grade and pharmaceutical grade. DON'T EVER DRINK HYDROGEN PEROXIDE especially pharmaceutical grade because it contains heavy metals. Food grade hydrogen peroxide can be taken internally but must first be diluted to a 3 percent solution. It can severely burn the esophagus and stomach and skin if taken incorrectly and can even kill. Apply the hydrogen peroxide to places on your genitals that contains the outbreaks. Apply 4 to 6 times a day for about two to three days. It will kill the virus. Contact me for additional information.

Re:Genital Herpes - david - brookly, new york []
note, always consult a physician before starting any new program for assisting in relieving symptoms. Again, just apply the hydrogen peroxide topically. Research hydrogen peroxide first before using and discuss it with your Doctor prior to use.


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