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GERD in Infants

GERD in infants

GERD in infants - Sandy - PA []
My daughter is 6 mos. old and for the first three mos. of her life, she arched her back, screamed, passed a ton of gas, etc. when feeding. She was constantly hungry, but it was a 1 hour chore to get her fed because she would continue to refuse the bottle (formula fed). I've always suspected acid reflux, but the dr. has yet to diagnose her. Her earlier symptoms disappeared when we switched from milk-based to soy-based formula. When she turned 3 mos. old, her spitting up had gotten worse and continues to be. The best way to describe it is that it flows out of her like a river. 3-4 hrs. after eating, she's still throwing up. A second pediatrician suggested she may have delayed gastric emptying and wanted her on erythromycin (sp?) She is seeing a ped GI spec. on October 7th, but wanted to ask if there was a natural cure that anyone knew of. Please help... I'm tired of doing laundry. :)

Re:GERD in infants - Timothy Long - []
Your daughter most likely needs probiotics and digestive enzymes. Along with food/formula that suits her. Colostrum would be best form of probiotic. Please contact me for more information.

Re:GERD in infants - hiba shaikh - iselin,nj []
Hi, My daughter was born on 26feb2005. Her birth weight was 7.4. Her name is hiba shaikh. since her birth she's been a poor eater. She had acid reflux for first 6 months. She takes a long time to digest food. For 1 week in every month she has good appetite and takes adequate formula and solids and for the rest of the month she has no appetite. she doesn't like to eat. She is formula fed. She takes similac advance with iron. She weighs only 15.9lbs. Pedaetricians are of no help. It was good talking to you. I had literally lost hope. Which formula do you suggest me for her.Would you mind giving me price of thera-zyme dgst. Any high calorie products could you recommend for her.