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Gout - Rose - Tampa, Fl []
Hi Timothy, Just wanted to say thnak you for always trying to return my calls. I really do appreciate it. I have a question about GOUT. My husband has recurring Gout attacks. It's geting worse. He is on a low purine diet and has ben told his Kindey's are not working too well and his Uric acid levels are pretty high. I think 14-15. Can I gice him the Therayme formula for Kidney's to start? ANy suggestions? He does the cherry juice and celery as well. It seems to run in his family.

Re:Gout - Timothy Long - []
Therazyme Kdy can be very helpful. Also correcting pH (lowering acid) with Premier Coral Legend or Coral Calcium, or with BioNativus Liquid Minerals. I would like to speak to your husband about his diet.


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