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Green Food Powders

Green Food Powders

Green Food Powders - Anne -
What is a good green food powder? I dont like taking commercial multi vitamins. The green drinks I have tried taste terrible. thanks!

Re:Green Food Powders - Timothy Long - []
All our customers love NanoGreens. It is by far the most complete green food powder we have found, as well as the best tasting by far. There is some stevia in it for a sweetener. A lot of the ingredients are certified organic. It tastes perfect in just water, though you can mix it with just about anything. Visit our online store to read all about it. You are also correct about commercial or synthetic vitamins. They are not worth your money and are even harmful to your health. I don't recommend, nor will I sell commercial/synthetic vitamins. "Let food be thy medicine!" We do have one other excellent green supplement I highly recommend, see Premier Greens Powder and Premier Greens Caps.

Re:Green Food Powders - Terry -
I LOVE nanogreens! I tried one of your samples and couldn't get over how much better it tastes than other greens mixes. I take it every morning now and have noticed a dramatic increase in energy. I have 5 rambunctious dogs and now I actually look forward to walking them!

Re:Green Food Powders - Jennifer -
NanoGreens is a good natural source of Vitamins A and C. It also supplies a massive amount of phytonutrients to the body. These phytonutrients help detox the body and fight free radicals. Providing the body with a long-term supply of powerful antioxidants has been shown to help prevent many of the symptoms of aging (wrinkles, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, etc).


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