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Gynecomastia, male breasts

Gynecomastia, male breasts

Gynecomastia, male breasts - Paul -
I'm 20 years old and since I was 12 I have gynecomastia, so I'm a male with breasts. My breasts became bigger and bigger in these years to the actual c-cup, and now I have to wear a bra... I don't want a surgery, so what can I do???

Re:Gynecomastia, male breasts - Timothy Long - []
I would guess you need the surgery. But first, you need to learn about estrogens in the food, products and environment, and avoid them. THis problem is becoming very common due to all the estrogenic compounds in our food, water, beauty products and environment. See Premier XenoStat in my E-Store. I suggest you use it. And cleanse your liver. See Extended Health Liver Support Formula.


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