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Herbs to Prevent Onset of Disease

Herbs to Prevent Onset [of] Disease

herbs to prevent onset od disease - nicole -
Hi: I have hypertension and am on norvasc. Recently,I found out my cholesterol is high (262),and I am a diet controlled diabetic. I have become obsessed by the thought of having a heart attack at 30. I need help bad,and I'd like to try herbs before I end up on medications for life. Any Suggestions? Thanks, Nicole

Re:herbs to prevent onset od disease - Timothy Long - []
I dont know your history, so this is general advice for anyone with high blood pressure or diabetes: Begin with your diet. Cut out all junk food, all sugar, all processed foods, all caffeine, all alcohol. Eat organic foods. Drink plenty of water. Exercise daily -- brisk walks for at least 30 minutes. Get off all synthetic supplements. Be sure you are using the right oils and fats in your diet, like Olive oil, and that you have cut out soy, canola, etc. There are articles in the Health Library you can read on this subject. Try magnesium. Be sure you are not using regular table salt. Investigate using Celtic Salt. When you have done all this, come back and tell us the results, and I will help you more.