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High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure - wriella -
does the dr have any herbal remedies for border line high blood pressure

Re:High Blood Pressure - Timothy Long - []
There are many natural remedies, though every individual case may have a different need. You are welcome to call my office to set up a telephone consultation and I can help you know what to do. 888-337-0511

Re:High Blood Pressure - Timothy Long - []
With high blood pressure I would be interested in diet, thyroid function, and digestion. To begin, I would try extra magnesium. Try tuarate, sulfate, or citrate.

Re:High Blood Pressure - sskn baba - mumbai - India []
kindly provide info. on diet in hypothyroidism in females.

Re:High Blood Pressure - pat - virgin islands []
what are some natural remedies for high blood pressure.

Re:High Blood Pressure - rosa - manitoba canada []
What is cellfood(deutrosulfazyne)? Is this product safe to use, and does it have any side effects?

Re:High Blood Pressure - -
Things that can help lower hypertension: 1. Proper diet & weight loss 2. calcium & magnesium 3. Garlic 4. COQ10 (pre emulsified) 5. Olive leaf extract. 6. Hawthorn. 7. Eliminate coffee consumption. 8. Exercise

Re:High Blood Pressure - Pmla - rockaway, new jersey []
i have been getting scintillating scotomas in my eyes for around 6 years.....around five years ago, after seeing an eye doctor, he told me that it was a migraine without the headache! I do not completely buy that, and have come to think that it might be related to something vascular......i do not check my blood pressure regularly, however over the years when it was checked, i think it was high once, and then when checked again, it was o.k......however, my potassium was low around 4 years ago when they diagnosed me with meniere's.....any feedback....thank's a lot

Re:High Blood Pressure - Lela Griesch - Big Sandy, Tn []
what can i take for hi blood press. & cholestrol

Re:High Blood Pressure - Jennifer - []
Oral Chelation is the process of using supplements to remove (chelate) heavy metal buildup from the body. It also increases blood flow and cleanses arterial walls of calcium plaque and other debris. Unlike surgery, oral chelation reaches every blood vessel in the body. This promotes healthy blood pressure and cholesterol. It takes a number of months to do, but it is by far one of the best detoxes one can do for the body. Even common culprits such as cigarette smoke, drinking water, seafood, pesticides, antiperspirants, some medications, aluminum foil, dental fillings, skin-tightening creams, antiseptics,and many many more can cause unhealthy heavy metal buildup in a person.

For more information, see Extended Health Oral Chelation/Longevity Plus II

Re:High Blood Pressure - Jenelle - []
As mentioned above giving support to your cardiovascular system.. This includes having a balanced diet (of course exercise). One product that we have that can supplement are the NanoGreens 10. Honestly, anything that supports your cardiovascular system and heart is great - CoQuinol, Calcium is extremely important, magnesium, trace minerals etc. Studies have shown proper Magnesium and Calcium intake can at times lower blood pressure up to 10%.