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How to Decide to Self Medicate

How to Decide to Self Medicate

How to Decide to Self Medicate - Tina -
Hi, With so much different information and conflicting views on every subject, how do you learn to self medicate intelligently without inducing harm to yourself? In Nov. I had a very heavy period, and after a endometrial biopsy, I was told I had simple hyperplasia, my doctor put me on Aygestin 5mg. to take for 10 days starting on day 14 of my cycle, this was to be done for 3 cycles, then a repeat biopsy, well I was delayed by 2 months on my last cycle, which resulted in 2 more cycles of Aygestin, then my period, then another biopsy, so now the biopsy report says that I have proliferate endometrial cells, my estrogen is high, my progesterone is low, and I am not ovulating. She (my doc) now wants me to take 6 more cycles of Aygestin, then repeat the biopsy, when I told her I wanted to take a natural progesterone, she said she could not help me with anything that was not FDA approved and tested. So how do I figure this all out myself. Also she says my thyroid level is fine, but I suffer from chronic depression, am constantly tired, am 20 lbs, overweight, have migraine headaches about twice a month, have not motivation, and absolutely no sex drive. Any suggestions, I am not aware of a natural healthcare professional in my area and if there were, could probably not afford one, since my insurance won't cover. I would like to take the natural progesterone you have but am worried that the condition of my endometrial lining will not get better, and this is a precurser to cancer. Any suggestions would be appreciated. God Bless, Tina

Re:How to Decide to Self Medicate - Priscilla -
You can make choices in your own behalf. Find Dr. John Lee's book "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You Menopause" and read what he suggests. If your progesterone is low, that's big clue that you might find Pro-gest cream, or other natural progesterone creams, helpful.He says that progesterone shortage can be the cause of cervical hyperplasia, and it might clear up if you decide to try it. You may be in a position to inform your doctor, in this case, and she might be very glad to know about this. It is over the counter, available in health stores. The FDA is not really against progesterone cream, but since it is not a pharmaceutical, the FDA is disinterested. If it can benefit you, that's what would matter most to you, and to your doctor. Good luck. Priscilla.

Re:How to Decide to Self Medicate - Judy -
I, too, recommend Dr. Lee's book. He also has a new book for those premenopausal: "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About PreMenopause." In 1994 or '95 I would bleed for 30 days. I went in for a biopsy and had hyperplasia (excess estrogen). The doctor prescribed Provera, a synthetic progestin which I took for about 7 days and after reading Dr. Lee's book and read of the harmful side affects possible, went to ProGest. I never went back for my six month biopsy because ProGest took care of the problem. I've been using it ever since. Read the book and you will learn a lot about your body and what natural progesterone can do. Dr. Long tells about it in a previous post. He also has a natural progesterone in his catalog, I believe, by the man who got Dr. Lee started in his research.

Re:How to Decide to Self Medicate - Judy -
P.S. Dr. Long talks about natural progesterone under the post, THYROID. Very interesting. We are fortunate to have him answer questions for us. Dr. Lee also has a website: He lives in my area and I went to hear him speak. He says we have to be our own health advocates. And it is women sharing with women that is spreading the word about natural progesterone. Now with his books more are becoming aware of the benefits to counteract PMS, endometriosis, fibrocystic breasts, heart disease and osteoporosis, and other hormone-related problems.

Re:How to Decide to Self Medicate - Timothy Long - []
I agree it is past the time that people stop following their doctors and government agencies blindly. We all need to be our own health advocates. Of course it is wise to consult with doctors and health professional that know more than we do, I certainly do. On the subject of Provera: It is a synthetic medicine that tries to immitate natural progesterone and does a lousy job of it. All women would be wise to say no to Provera and use instead natural progesterone. By this point, if your doctor does not support the use of natural progesterone, get another doctor!!! Furthermore, progest creams can help, especially with minor needs, but my experience follows Dr Raymond Peat's advice, use his Progest E oil orally. Only 20 to 50% at most of the progesterone in cream is absorbed. Plus you are taking in many other ingredients, many of which are inadvisable. With Progest E you are sure to get what you put in your mouth, and Vitamin E is the carrier, which you need as well -- that is it. Cost wise, it is also a far less expensive way to get your progesterone. And one last major point, you can trust the ingredients in Dr Peat's products. You have to be suspicious of just about everything on the natural health supplement and medicine market these days.

Re:How to Decide to Self Medicate - connie - []

Re:How to Decide to Self Medicate - Applpie -
Well watch out for alot of the alternative substances--there is WAY too much quackery out there and these various creams are part of it. The FDA doesn't have the authority to regulate these substances because Congress hasn't given it. I like herbals, etc but have been totally burned and have actually seen all the reports that come into the FDA on these many products. Tremendous side affects and adverse events. I myself have experienced very negative affects from SOY. My thyroid antibodies went through the roof so I discontinued it.

Re:How to Decide to Self Medicate - Becky Gustafson - Rochester MN []
I have been diagnosed with:Tendenitis in both ankles,wrists,shoulders, plus in my right hip,and my neck/chronic fatigue syndrom/chronic kidney infections/chronic yeast infections/Fibromyalgia/ Irritable bowel syndrom/Attention Deffecit hyperactivity Dissorder(ADHD)/Chrnic Migraines/and an anxiety Dissorder.I have found natural products that have changed my life!!! maybe these can help you also.Maybe you should also talk to your docter about Fibromyalgia,as your symtoms sound very familliar.Please email me if I can help or for more info.I know how you feel,there are many people dealling with this.Hopefully I have opened a door or two . sincerely: Becky

Re:How to Decide to Self Medicate - sally - england []
hi there, i am a very "happy a nd healthy" 49 year old who just doesnt feel herself. i had a blood test 6 months ago which did not show any problems ,but i feel depressed and absolutely have no energy or sex drive and have a constant bloated abdomen and have put on half a stone FOR NO MEDICAL REASON . i am used to being a size 12 and hate this weight gain. can anyone suggest any medication that can help . thank you sally

Re:How to Decide to Self Medicate - diane - []
would like to know how to you nhrt with a history of hypothyroidism and estrogen positive breast cancer.after all this have gained 15lbs every year and I feel as if I'm going nuts in body and mind.

Re:How to Decide to Self Medicate - M.S. Wright - Maryland []
I have used natural progesterone for sixteen years. If you are worried about it read Dr John Lees book "What your Doctor May not tell You about Menopause". It will help you understand and stop worrying.