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Hyperhydrosis? - Tara - FL []
Since puberty, I've always been a heavy sweater. It is usually in the armpit, hand and foot area though. I've tried some of the so called antiperspirants made specifically for hyperhydrosis, but they don't work. It is quite embarrassing for me, being that I am female. Could it be hormonal, or even thyroid problems. Is there any herb out there that I can use to stop the sweating? Thanks

Re:Hyperhydrosis? - BH -
I believe it is due to hormones, and it could be possible it is a thyroid problem, so you need some blood test to evaluate those, if it is your Thyroid.The test are easy and very valuable information for you. It would be good for you to take a good Probiotic also, would not hurt you in anyway and also helps puts back Good beneficial bacteria in your system.You need that daily. I have also heard that using products with baking soda (plain baking Soda may also work)in them do help.Like shaking a small amount of Powder with Baking Soda in your shoes, and using it under your arms.I have also heard that people need to do a Liver cleanse and that is suppose to help alot. And maybe do these things also......."Not my advice BELOW I found it on the internet." Drinking 8 glasses of water makes good sense to me.">>>>>>>>BH ............ Hot baths with Epsom salts, plenty of water each day, plenty of fiber. Avoid carbonated drinks, sugar, and any other known "vices" in your diet. Lastly, see what you can do to reduce the stress in your life essential to your health in so many ways.

Re:Hyperhydrosis? - BH -
Sorry meant to add this....I would ask, or wait and ask Dr. Long what a good liver cleanse would be.

Re:Hyperhydrosis? - Timothy Long - []
BH has given you some good advice. Only that thyroid blood tests are very problematic. A good practitioner can give you better advice using tempuratures and pulses and doing a symptom survey. The best natural deoderant I know is a liquid roll-on with mineral salts as the main ingredient.

Re:Hyperhydrosis? - Sarah - Baarie, Ontario
I too have Hyperhydrosis. And it could be a thyroid problem with you, but most of the time its just your sweat glands are working over time. Im actually considering getting Botox under my arms, but its a very expensive procedure and I would ahev to get it done every 4-6 months.

Re:Hyperhydrosis? - Teri - Oregon []
Try Maxim - it's a deoderant type product that worked very well for my daughter who perspired under her arms excessivly. Available on line for $13.95

Re:Hyperhydrosis? - Robert E. Lee III - Dickson Tennessee []
I too Have severe facial sweating. It has gotten pretty bad as I have gotten older. I am 25 now, and man It can be difficult at times. I have facial and underarm sweat. People acuse me of being an alcholic,nasty,crazy. It has really pushed me into a social shell that really sucks!! I need some help with this please I live in the Nashville area, If you know someone here, please E-Mail me..

Re:Hyperhydrosis? - raul brown - united kingdom []
is these products in the uk?

Re:Hyperhydrosis? - lilly - nj
is maxim better than Certain Dri, Secret and or Ban?